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Keck's Exclusives: No Ordinary Family Books Cybill Shepherd... and Bruce!

Cybill Shepherd

Attention Moonlighting fans. Cybill Shepherd is returning to ABC — and she's bringing Bruce with her.

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Before you get too amped up over a Dave and Maddie reunion, let me clarify: Cybill will be appearing in an upcoming episode of No Ordinary Family as mom to Julie Benz's character, Stephanie, a scientist who develops superhuman speed in the pilot (airing Sept. 28). Cybill's character, Barbara Crane, has a husband named Alan... read more

Burn Notice's Sharon Gless: I'm the Dark Horse in the Emmy Race

Sharon Gless

With the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards a few weeks away, Burn Notice's Sharon Gless is not afraid to admit that she's a bit nervous. Though she's a 10-time nominee and a two-time winner — both for her leading role in Cagney & Lacey — Gless, 67, considers herself ...
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Mega Buzz: New Romances on House, Bones and SVU

Hugh Laurie, David Boreanaz, Mariska Hargitay

Every week, senior editors Mickey O'Connor and Adam Bryant satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

How long can House and Cuddy actually be together as a couple? It almost seems antithetical to the character and the show. — Dave T.
MICKEY: Executive producer Katie Jacobs has made it clear that Huddy is not a ratings ploy; she intends to see it through to its logical conclusion. If the snuggly promo photos are any indication, at least initially they'll be aiming for true romance. But House will still be a medical drama and Master Gregory will still be very, very cranky. So for now, wipe those Moonlighting-related thoughts from your mind.

Will Bones and Booth really be apart when Bones comes back? — Marta
MICKEY: It's looking that way, particularly now that we know that Booth will... read more

TV Lovers We'll Always Love

Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson by Frank Ockenfels/The WB

Out of all the TV shows past and present, we narrowed down a list of the small-screen lovers we'll always love. Through their tough times, breakups, makeups and romantic moments, we hold the following pairs close to our hearts. Here's our list of the top 10 TV couples we'll forever adore — and how you can enjoy them, too, on DVD. — Gord Lacey10) Mulder and Scully, The X-FilesPeople may debate about these two, but this pair couldn't have been more in love… even if they never showed it until the end. Talk about sexual tension! Buy the DVD here.9) David and Maddie, MoonlightingIf only they had hidden their feelings like Mulder and Scully did… then the show wouldn't have tanked after they hooked up. But before that, they were the most entertaining couple on TV. Buy the DVD here.8) Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper, The Wonder YearsThere's nothing like young love, and Kevin and Winnie took fans through the flirting, the dating and the nerve-racking phases of finding that... read more

Class of '87, This One's For You!

OK, first off, how fun was last week’s interview with Joss Whedon? You guys went to town on that one. Honestly, I haven’t taken that many hits since high school, if y’all know what I mean.Which brings me to this week’s bidness. Being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to devote each of the next four columns to shows I am grateful to have on DVD. And since high school is on my mind these days—just had my 20th class reunion last weekend (and let me tell ya, we still look good!)—the first batch are all shows from back when the Bonner boys were wearing our Capezio jazz shoes, thin leather ties and trying to understand why all the Prendie girls thought their massive Aquanetted walls of hair and liquid eyeliner looked good. So for Jerry Leyden, Chuck Wurzbach, Art Hoath and the rest of the crew, I offer you the best of the Class of 1987!The Cosby Show By its third season, Denise was just about to show off her Angel Heart (and more), Rudy ... read more

In another blog on ...

Question: In another blog on, someone was bemoaning having Jim and Pam together on The Office, saying, "Did we learn nothing from the Moonlighting debacle?" Not being a viewer of The Office, I cannot weigh in on the specifics of this situation. But I'm tired of Moonlighting being cited as the reason no couple has been allowed to get together on a TV show for the last 20 years. In my opinion, the reason Moonlighting failed to work once they put Dave and Maddie together is because by that point, Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd couldn't stand to be in the same room with each other. Their chemistry was gone and their loathing was evident. After a while, manufactured excuses to maintain sexual tension take their own toll on an audience. Add that fact to everyone claiming that, post-Moonlighting, couples must be kept apart at all costs, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once the couple finally gets together, people look for what they were told was going to be there: a ... read more

I know television creators ...

Question: I know television creators are taught to live in fear of the dreaded Moonlighting fiasco of getting fan-favorite characters together, but doesn't the opposite hurt a show just as much? Shows like Veronica Mars, in order to keep Veronica and Logan apart, sacrifice character development (and ratings). I also know of people who are getting tired of the Jim-Pam, Pam-Roy runaround on The Office, wishing she'd finally gain a little self-confidence, if nothing else. Veronica Mars only showed the relationship's good moments in brief flashbacks. The X-Files' Chris Carter believed in the Maddie-David cautionary tale, but at least Scully and Mulder evolved emotionally season to season. In some situations, an actual romantic relationship between main characters can be just as entertaining to watch as lust and angst; that's why so many have caught on to Grey's Anatomy. Gilmore Girls went downhill because of writing and plot, not Luke and Lorelai hooking up. What's your take on it? Thanks! read more

Several of my favorite shows ...

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, Bones

Question: Several of my favorite shows right now, including Bones and The Office, are based a great deal on whether or not central characters will become romantically involved. Both have handled it differently so far, with Jim declaring his feelings and kissing Pam, while Booth's and Bones' feelings are still simmering under the surface. It seems like the relationship on The Office is progressing faster, but I am worried it will hurt the show. As much as I want Jim and Pam together, they just might be a boring couple. I have heard much talk about how Moonlighting died when the main characters finally hooked up. Did that really cause the demise of the show? Which show do you think has a better chance of creatively surviving the impending couplehood? Answer: Moonlighting's problems went way beyond the will-they-or-won't-they dilemma — including production delays and creative and ego clashes — but there's no question that the show has become a benchmark for how quickly the joy can diminish ... read more

Hey, Matt. I just wanted to ...

Question: Hey, Matt. I just wanted to get your opinion on the series finale of Alias. I have been a faithful fan from Season 1 and have written in to your column asking about Alias all the time. However, I felt the writers wrote a rather depressing ending. I mean, Renee, Nadia, Tom, Irina and Sloane all were killed, not to mention my favorite, Jack! I thought that Jack's death was totally unnecessary and mean-spirited toward the fans who have loved him from the first season on. And Irina, what's the deal? Why did they make her so evil? I mean, she saved the world at the end of Season 4 and then turned into her evil sister, Elena! It did not sync up and felt rather like a betrayal. Yes, I understand Rambaldi "changes you," but c'mon. I mean, I was happy with Sydney and Vaughn ending up together and Dixon as director, etc. But it was the finale. Make the fans happy all around; what can it hurt? I was waiting for Isabelle to run in and say, "Grandpa Jack!" Answer: For my own analysis (one ... read more

I once went to see Bruce ...

Question: I once went to see Bruce Willis and the Accelerators perform at B.B. King's club in Times Square. My friends all said I was crazy when I recalled a (possibly made-for-cable) special Willis did called The Return of Bruno, in which he played the part of his musical alter-ego Bruno and performed some of the songs from his first album. Is this memory just wishful thinking? Will I have to foot the bill for the next club show my friends and I attend? (Yes, there's money on this one.) Many thanks.

Answer: Looks to me like it's your pals who'll be ponying up for the next outing, Sean.

The former Moonlighting costar did indeed put together an HBO special, Bruce Willis: The Return of Bruno, which debuted in 1987 and was released on home video the same year. A combination of concert footage and faux documentary featuring Bruno Radolini, the fictional c read more

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Premise: The sly, hip, often imitated romantic dramedy about an ex-model and a PI who team up to run the Blue Moon Detective Agency. As the lead characters tried to decide if they loved or hated each other, the series established itself as a prime example of the `will they or won't they' subgenre so popular in 1980s TV. Filled with rapid-fire dialogue, in-jokes and some memorable parodies, this is a show, as its creator Glenn Gordon Caron said, `that knows it's on television.'



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