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Do you think that CBS will ...

Question: Do you think that CBS will ever be bold enough to try and break their crime procedural mold? Just look at their line-up! Every single show (except for a few reality shows and maybe Ghost Whisperer) is extremely similar to each other. They cater to one audience only, and seem extremely stubborn to change it. This season they put a couple new shows out there with a bit of a different focus, but what did they do? They canceled every single one of them! Even the one with the most charismatic, best looking star I've seen in a while: Moonlight. It had excellent cult status, with the possibility for more, yet they cancel it. In a season where all of the other networks were giving new, low-performing shows renewal just because the season was so screwed up by the writer's strike, CBS still can't take a chance, break the mold or maybe stop themselves from continuing to dig a dull, boring, same-as-usual pit for themselves. My heart is broken for Moonlight, and my puzzlement with CBS ... read more

I must say how disappointed I ...

Question: I must say how disappointed I was when I heard Moonlight was being canceled. I had only started watching it a few episodes ago, but that was enough to get me hooked. There's a series of books which I am sure you have heard of called Twilight. They of course deal with vampires and werewolves, and a human falling on love with a vampire. If it wasn't for those amazing books, I probably wouldn't have started to watch Moonlight. These books are selling out nationwide, and women especially are the ones buying them. I think CBS needs to rethink canceling Moonlight for the sake of women everywhere. We read in these books about love and sacrifice, but actually seeing something like it makes it more real for us. If they won't give us another season, they need to come up with some sort of show that would be similar to it, because more and more people are getting into these kind of vampire books. And sooner or later, some network is going to come up with something, and it's going to be a ... read more

I respectfully disagree with ...

Question: I respectfully disagree with your comments that the cancellation of Moonlight is the same old thing as with other shows. You see, before I started Googling Moonlight and checking the sites out there, I thought I was alone in my addiction to this show. But I have found there are many many more of us out there. I am a 39-year-old female application developer, and before this show I had never e-mailed or called about a program, blogged, had a MySpace account, or watched a You Tube video. I did all these things because of my love of Moonlight. I found on the Moonlight forums that this is a similar story for a great many of the show's viewers. CBS has hit a vein of viewers who have tuned out of network TV. A demographic ranging from 15 to 85 — from the USA, Portugal, Ireland, Canada, France and the U.K. — who have all posted on forums, began calling other networks, e-mailing, etc. They are buying the show from and iTunes, they are watching each episode online four or ... read more

I'm sure by now you're tired ...

Question: I'm sure by now you're tired of the hubbub and furor that the Moonlight cancellation has caused — I know it had emotionally exhausted me — but last week's final episode made me feel much better. When it ended, with Mick and Beth in each other's arms, with him telling her he loved her and that the important thing was "now," I felt a sense of real closure. I felt that my favorite show wasn't going off to the big black wasteland of canceled series without giving me, and Mick and Beth's millions of fans, a "everything's all right" ending. That made its loss much easier to take, and it raises a question for you. Did the producers and writers of Moonlight pick this type of a finale because they felt it was going to be the end of this show? Did they do it this way just in case to give its legion of addicted viewers better closure? I'd love your thoughts, and I thank you, again, for being there for all of us passionate "bite me, Mick" Moonlight lovers! Answer: I don't know how ... read more

Finale Fever: The Critic's Notebook

Steve Carell by Chris Haston/NBC Photo

As the season rushes to a close, you win some, you lose some. Take Steve Carell, who got a bonus in Thursday’s finale of The Office (one of the rare hour-long episodes that didn’t wear out its welcome) with the arrival of Amy Ryan as new HR chief Holly. I’ll miss Toby, but for as long as she stays, she’s terrific.Two nights later, however, Carell presided over a miserably and all-too-typically unfunny season finale of Saturday Night Live—sparked only by two cameos by John McCain, spoofing his age (“the oldness it takes to protect America, to honor her, love her and tell her about what cute things the cat did”) and then during Weekend Update, satirically urging the Democrats: “Do not under any circumstances pick a candidate too soon.” When SNL sticks to politics, it’s generally pretty sharp. Otherwise, the eyes glaze, and not just because it’s past midnight. (Did enjoy Ricky Gervais’ droll bit, lording it over the American O... read more

Along with millions of ...

Question: Along with millions of others, I'm a big fan of Moonlight. Although its ratings were not great, it usually won its timeslot on Friday night. I also realize Friday is not a big viewership night, but I think a lot more people were watching Moonlight than the Nielsen ratings indicate. From what I can tell, since it's on Friday night when many people are out on the town, it seems that many viewers DVR it and watch it the next day. Then there are the viewers who download full episodes, not to mention all the YouTube videos that fans make. I'm also willing to bet that when the DVD for Moonlight comes out, it will be a big seller. Are networks taking this non-traditional viewing into considersation when making renewal decisions? It seems the wave of the future. Answer: All of these off-network factors are coming into sharper focus as the networks make tough decisions on what to renew or not renew, but still for now, the bottom line is all about how the show is performing in a ... read more

Episode Discussion: Sonata

Hi all-I have to admit I'm quite shocked that CBS chose to cancel this show, especially considering all the fan support out there. I know many of you have already posted to Matt Roush's blog but also feel free to share your thoughts and opinions here too on that or last night's episode.Are you excited about any of the network's new shows? Is there anything out there that might (I said might) take the place of Moonlight? read more

Is there any possibility that ...

Question: Is there any possibility that another network might pick up Moonlight, now that CBS has canceled it? I know that the show was on the bubble, but I was really surprised by its demise, considering all the buzz that surrounds it. I hope that you are enjoying the upfronts! Answer: Thanks, but I'd be enjoying them a lot more if they didn't throw curveballs like the Moonlight cancellation my way. My instinct, as always, is to say there's little if no chance that anyone will come along to rescue Moonlight, although as I write this column on a crazy Upfront-week deadline, there's a report that the company renting space on Sunday from the CW may be mulling over putting Moonlight into their mix. I'll believe that when it becomes a reality, but until then, no false hope from this corner ... read more

I know you'll be getting ...

Alex O'Loughlin, Moonlight

Question: I know you'll be getting millions of heartbroken letters from fans of TV shows (in addition to Moonlight) that were cancelled, but I'm writing because my feelings this season are bigger than my normal disappointment from upfronts. I actually think I'm done with network TV. I am so upset with the trend to cancel shows that don't instantly perform that I will be tuning out and going to cable. First Veronica Mars, then Jericho and finally the stake in the heart of Moonlight. It is so depressing to invest in great shows that deserve a bigger audience, but never get them because they are labeled as "quirky" or "genre" or are in "TV death slots." At times it feels like we (the TV watchers) work harder than the networks to create buzz for shows. The one network that may have succeeded in picking me up as a viewer again may be the CW. After Veronica Mars, I boycotted the station, but the loyalty the network seems to be showing to promising shows with low ratings like Gossip Girl and ... read more

The Moonlight Goes Out

I’ll admit it. I’m floored. I was wrong. I was naïve. I drank the bloody Kool-Aid and started thinking like a fan (even though I always had my critical reservations). Up until last weekend, when the prognostications started turning sour, I truly thought CBS would give its cult romantic-mystery vampire drama Moonlight a long leash and a chance to work out its kinks—the narrative ones, that is; the kinkiness of the vampire romance was actually working—with a second-season renewal, or even a midseason backup order.But no, they went and put a stake in Mick St. John, who as played by the charismatic Alex O’Loughlin had arguably the greatest potential for breakout buzz of any freshman-series character this season (and yes, I’m including the nubile fleshpots of Gossip Girl in this statement). My initial reaction, beyond despair at the thought of the unforgivingly bitter and relentlessly anguished mail that’s starting to arrive in my mailbag, was: Did... read more

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