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Episode Discussion: Sonata Season 1, Episode 16

Hi all-I have to admit I'm quite shocked that CBS chose to cancel this show, especially considering all the fan support out there. I know many of you have already posted to Matt Roush's blog but also feel free to share your thoughts and opinions here too on that or last night's episode.Are you excited about any of the network's new shows? Is there anything out there that might (I said might) take the place of Moonlight? read more

Episode Discussion: What's Left Behind Season 1, Episode 15

Hi all-I'm checking in again and this time I think I have the correct link to connect you to a fellow moonlighter's blog. Try this.If all else fails, leave your comments and critiques below.Also, here is the link to Alex O'Loughlin's recent appearance on TV Watercooler. Enjoy! read more

Episode Discussion: Click Season 1, Episode 14

Hi all-Once again, I'm happy to provide a space for you to discuss the latest developments, share your thoughts on Friday's show, etc. Also, one of our fearless friends/colleagues has taken up the call to blog — follow this link.In case you missed Alex O'Loughlin's appearance on TV's Sexiest Stars, check this out. Be patient. His clip follows one for January Jones. read more

Fated to Pretend Season 1, Episode 13

Beth is kidnapped by the person suspected of murdering her boss, and Mick must decide whether to jeopardize his newfound mortality in order to rescue her. read more

“The Mortal Cure” Season 1, Episode 12

What we know:• As vampires age their scent becomes more potent with decay.• There are some vamps even Josef won’t mess with.• Coraline is a vamp again.• The Reign of Terror was really a vamp genocide and the guillotine was the weapon of choice since only decapitation and burning could kill vamps.• There is something called “the compound” which masks the traits of vampirism temporarily.When Lance, a vampire since Medieval times, shows up at Mick’s place and asks for help finding Coraline I never imagined Lance would turn out to be her brother. I also never imagined Coraline would be of royal blood and a direct descent of King Louis XVI. I always love it when shows try to incorporate real world history into their timelines so I enjoyed this new element. And not only is Coraline of royal blood, but she brought Mick into that bloodline without the permission or consent of her brothers. Oh, and now we know why Coraline didn’t die when Mic... read more

“Love Lasts Forever” Season 1, Episode 11

Beth becomes a marked woman. Josh is kidnapped at gunpoint. Mick and Beth try desperately to save the mortally wounded Josh. Beth asks Mick to turn Josh. This was an exciting episode.Mick uses the medic skills he picked up during World War II in trying to save Josh’s life. And he gave it a valiant effort. I was impressed by everything he did to save Beth’s beloved (they did say “I love you”). Not only did he think quickly on his feet by using the cigarette lighter to cauterize a wound but Mick also used Beth’s necklace to tie off an artery. Part of me really wanted Josh to live after all that effort. I know, I know. I pretty much have not been a fan from day one but that doesn’t mean a decent human being (and I think we can all agree he was as least that) didn’t deserve to die like that. But I think his death presents an interesting hurdle in the story of Beth and Mick. Because Mick wouldn’t turn Josh, Beth now blames Mick for Josh’s deat... read more

“Sleeping Beauty” Season 1, Episode 10

I don’t know what kind of hiccup in my note taking resulted in my forgetting a very important and vital fact about exactly what Beth did and didn’t know in our last new episode. Many apologies and thanks for pointing out my blunder. But I’m glad you had such a lively discussion in the weeks we’ve been away. As I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to discuss the fresh episode let’s get right to it.I’m sure you’re all with me when I say I didn’t believe for one second that Josef was really dead. They tried to fake us out by mentioning the ash — well I guess some of Josef’s vamp friends did die so it’s technically not a fake out. But I have a highly trained, highly skilled team who makes sure I’m up on all the Moonlight spoilers. Well, that’s just isn’t true but I do depend heavily on Michael Ausiello to warn me of such things and we got not a peep on this so I was sure Jason Dohring hadn’t negotiated so... read more

“Fleur de Lis” Season 1, Episode 9

Wow. You guys are amazing. I haven’t had a chance to read through too many comments yet but I want to thank you for treating Jeannine so well. I’m so happy she was able to blog on the show while I was on vacation.The opening scene packs a big punch. I’m surprised and a little disappointed in Mick, considering the state of his undress. And clearly Beth is upset too. Upset enough to stab Morgan/Coraline through the heart with stake. Normally all that would do is paralyze her…But let’s start at the beginning with some facts about Coraline:• Coraline was turned in 18th century France• Coraline was a courtesanBeth kind of grills Mick about his ex while they are staking Morgan’s apartment out. In a way I’m pretty glad Mick’s seeing Beth’s jealousy. I feel like it puts them on somewhat even ground in terms of their strange relationship. Even though Beth still seems to be with Josh (he’s been out of town for the last few weeks? lam... read more

"12:04 AM" Season 1, Episode 8

Hi everyone, Jeannine again! This is my last Friday subbing for Kara here, but I will be back in the Comments section on a regular basis, because you all are just too fun, and I'm way too addicted to the show to not come back and chat with you.Deep breath. OK, we've got a lot to talk about!The way in which the writers set up Shepherd's character in the opening scene was so great. As the scene evolved, Kurt Cobain entered my brain, and then, sure enough, Mick describes him later as having "the grunge appeal of Kurt Cobain and the press savvy of Donald Trump." It's as if the writers crawled into my head and subliminally dropped Kurt's image into it.I realize now how they did it. Did you notice that the song selection for that scene sounded a little bit Nirvana-ish? And then, we see "groupies" flooding the gates outside, and, of course, the long, grungy blond hair. Music. Style. Surroundings. Very smart.Now, once we got a good close-up of Shepherd, he reminded me more of Iggy Pop with ... read more

"The Ringer" Season 1, Episode 7

And Your Substitute Blogger Is...Hey Moonlighters! I'm Jeannine, and I'm subbing for Kara this week and next. I volunteered to help out at the last minute late Friday afternoon, so I apologize for not getting this posted immediately after the show last night. I will definitely do better next Friday, because I know to plan for it. My Moonlight BackstoryI've been watching Moonlight since Episode 1 and cheering the show on big time. I'm the Ghost Whisperer blogger here at, and I just loooove watching those shows back-to-back.I know there have been a few vocal skeptics and critics along the way as the show has been cutting its teeth, and all I can say to those people is: Never underestimate the fan base of the vampire... or the appeal of Alex O'Loughlin. I've really enjoyed watching Moonlight find its groove and become an addicting supernatural drama that's also found a way to plant its tongue firmly in cheek without being cheesy. It's got that perfect balance of dry humor, ... read more

"B.C." Season 1, Episode 6

Whatever Lola wants… Lola gets… except in this case she got dead. I liked the "vampire blood as a drug" angle. It was very interesting to see how it made Beth act toward Mick — can we say hot? To some degree, Beth now knows what it feels like to be a vampire. Well, she knows the good parts.Josef comes to Mick for help. His special lady friend has stolen a million dollars and he can’t let her get away with something like that. At the same time Beth is covering a photo shoot for an up-and-coming fashion designer — something she feels is beneath her. Her crime-reporter skills are called into action when one of the models collapses into seizures and dies. When Beth and Mick run into each other at the morgue again they realize they’re both working on the same case. We know, thanks to Josh, the investigation is ongoing and the model is the third OD in two weeks. We also learn the police can’t identify the drug.Mick tracks Lola to the VIP room at her club... read more

Arrested Development Season 1, Episode 5

Mick searches for a teen vampire who targets female escorts he locates on the Internet. Of course, the boy is actually much older and only looks like a teenager. Also, Mick tries to avoid Beth after their intimate moment when she saved his life, but she wants him to admit that there is something special between them. read more

Fever Season 1, Episode 4

A 22-year-old woman who is set to testify against an arms dealer charged with murder disappears after the safe house she is in is ambushed. Mick is hired to track her down, but when he finds her they are forced to walk through the hot desert, which depletes Mick's strength. Beth rushes to save Mick's life, but the only way to do that is for him to drink her blood. read more

Dr. Feelgood Season 1, Episode 3

Beth helps Mick track down a renegade vampire who can't control his urges to kill. read more

Out of the Past Season 1, Episode 2

A convicted murderer who knows the truth about Mick's immortality is released from prison after serving 25 years. New evidence indicates he was wrongly convicted, but Mick knows he's guilty and will kill again. Upon his release, the man targets Mick as his next victim. read more

No Such Thing as Vampires Season 1, Episode 1

Mick probes the vampire-like murder of a college student and reconnects with a woman (Sophia Myles) from his past, who is now an investigative reporter. It's soon learned that the victim was taking an ancient mythologies class taught by a man who claims he's a vampire. read more

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Premiered: September 28, 2007, on CBS
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Premise: An `undead' private investigator helps the living, instead of feeding on them, by using his acute vampire senses. His unending ordeal is made more complicated by his attraction to an ambitious reporter and by his bloodsucking bride who forever changed his life 60 years ago with one bite.



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