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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 12 watch on Hulu (Free)

Team Core-Tech joins Bren as he travels home to visit his quirky family. When a threat rises up in the mines below, Bren steps up to save the day, convincing his brothers he’s braver than they ever thought he could be.


Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 11

Team Core-Tech is sent into outer space to investigate an attack on the S.T.O.R.M. space station. They must fight off powerful & creepy alien Monsunos in order to get the station back in orbit.
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 10

Commander Trey’s nephew, Sebastian, is kidnapped by Petros and the Hand of Destiny, along with an important stash of Jeredy’s access codes. It’s up to Team Core-Tech to rescue Sebastian and safeguard the stolen data – STAT!
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 9

After Strike Squad disappears in a giant factory in Mechanopolis, Team Core-Tech is sent on a rescue mission. What Chase & friends discover within the cavernous interior of the factory, will put them all to the ultimate test.
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 8

Chase and Team Core-Tech attempt to intercept an unauthorized sale of Monsuno Essence, but end up uncovering a more dangerous plot, crafted by Droog. Can they fight their way past Droog’s youthful new Hand of Destiny?
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 7

A huge cast of Monsuno characters (Grandma Future, Mr. Black, Jon Ace, Strike Squad, Punk Monks, and more!) turns out in the fast-action conclusion to this mid season 2-parter.
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 5

Jinja spends her birthday in an intense Virtual Reality adventure that has been secretly arranged by her friends.
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 4

Chase’s Mom, Sofia is finally back home – but not for long. On a mission to re-establish the Library of Tebab, she and Beyal are hijacked by the Bookman. They escape only to fall into the hands of Droog. Can Chase save them?
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Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 3

TCT is captured in the icy wastelands of North Point while uncovering a Dino DNA dig site that belongs to Dr. Klipse. With Lock’s help, our heroes break free and use their newly evolving Monsunos to shut things down.
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Evolve, Pt. 2

Jul 01, 2014 Season 3 Episode 2

An intense 3-way face-off against Dr. Klipse/Tallis and Droog/Hand of Destiny, sees our heroes in way over their heads – until the Core-Tech Monsunos evolve. Team Core-Tech gets the powerful advantage they need to survive.
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