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Premiered: 1988, on Syndicated
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Premise: An anthology of eerie stories about unearthly creatures, from the producer behind `Tales from the Darkside.'


Richard P. Rubinstein: Executive Producer

Guest Cast & Credits

Celebrity Role Episode Airdate
Abe Vigoda Dolan The Gift
Adrienne Barbeau White Magic Practitioner All in a Day's Work
Al Mancini Denofrio A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits
Alex Cord John Thunstone Rouse Him Not
Alice Playten Violet The Moving Finger
Amy Stiller Anya One Wolf's Family
Anne Meara Greta Lupasian One Wolf's Family
Barry Nelson Project Director Far Below
Belle Avery College Student Micro Minds
Betty Carvalho Old Woman Rain Dance
Billy Drago Richard The Cocoon
Bob Larkin Jack The Offering
Bobo Lewis Ma The Farmer's Daughter
Brandon Bluhm Ian All in a Day's Work
Byron Thames Paul The Match Game
Calvin Levels Luchinsky Far Below
Carla Herd Snake Lady The Maker
Carole Shelley Lorna Malcolm
Catherine Blue Gina Reaper
Charles Kay Hune Actor Bed and Boar
Christian LeBlanc Actor The Waiting Room
Christine Dunford Journalist Sin Shop
Christopher Shaw Brother Roy Sin Shop
Clifton James Nolan Leavings
Curt Lowens Grim Reaper Reaper
Dan Butler David A New Woman
Danielle Ferland Barbie Mr. Swalabr
Darren McGavin Hubert Portrait of the Artist
David L. Lander James Self Their Divided Self
David McCallum Fever Man Fever Man
David Sage Lawyer Cellmates
David Spade Teddy Small Blessings
David Spielberg Tom Talk Nice to Me
Deborah Harry Dr. Moss Desirable Alien
Deborah Van Valkenburgh Career Woman Household Gods
Dennis Christopher Corporate Raider Hostile Takeover
Doug McKeon Tyler The Waiting Game
Ed Lauter Clarinetist Malcolm
Ed Marinaro Womanizer Talk Nice to Me
Eddie Bracken Bum The Maker
Eddie Deezen Demon The Demons
Eddie Velez Belphamelech All in a Day's Work
Edye Byrde Velma Their Divided Self
Erik Holland Dr. Carter The Cocoon
Farley Granger Dr. Rutin Malcolm
Ferdinand Mayne El Viejo Cellmates
Frank Gorshin Mr. Eller Parents from Outer Space
Frankie Faison Jack The Mandrake Root
Fred Pinkard Mr. Brownell Love Hurts
Fritz Weaver Edgar Jar
Gary Roberts Ray The Face
George Hall Pa The Farmer's Daughter
George Reinholt Edward The Young and the Headless
George Wallace Old Man Reaper
Gina Gershon Ann Jar
Gregory Grove Cliff The Face
Henry Brown Actor Love Hurts
Imogene Coca Eldery Woman The Face
James Morrison Steven/Doppelganger All in a Day's Work
Jan Munroe Janson Far Below
Jeff Conaway Phil Fool's Gold
Jeff Silverman Insurance Agent The Demons
Jeff Ware Brad Household Gods
Jerry Stiller Werewolf One Wolf's Family
Jodie Markell Actor Bed and Boar
Joe Flaherty Sherwin Murray's Monster
John Bolger William The Gift
John Bolger Charles Poole The Vampire Hunter
John C. Vennema Timothy Mason Fever Man
John Diehl Horror Writer Pillow Talk
John O'Leary Innes A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits
John Saxon Actor The Waiting Room
John Scott Clough Cost Accountant Far Below
John Seitz Harris The Gift
Judy Geeson Soviet Scientist Refugee
Julie Brown Actor Small Blessings
Juliet Mills Inspector Outpost
Karen Haber Elegy Their Divided Self
Karen Valentine Vicky The Young and the Headless
Kate McGregor-Stewart Ruby Mr. Swalabr
Kaye Ballard Faye Ingram Rerun
Keith MacKechnie Robert Self Their Divided Self
Kenneth Danziger Kyle Perchance to Dream
Kent McCord Tom Rain Dance
Kevin Geer Joe The Bargain
Kevin Nealon Actor Small Blessings
Kim Greist Bookstore Owner The Bargain
Kim Ulrich Madelaine The Cocoon
Kin Shriner Archaeologist Sleeping Dragon
Laraine Newman Artist Rouse Him Not
Laurie Kennedy Lucille Clay Portrait of the Artist
Leif Garrett Archaeologist Half as Old as Time
Leo Garcia Garza The Waiting Game
Linda Blair Lia La Strega
Linda Thorson Businesswoman A New Woman
Lisa Waltz Actor The Waiting Room
Lou Mustillo Greasy Man The Demons
Luis Guzman Luis Desirable Alien
Lydia Cornell Actor Bond of Silk
Marc McClure Actor Bond of Silk
Marilyn Jones Puppeteer Holly's House
Mart Hulswit Actor The Space Eaters
Marvin Kaplan Psychiatrist Murray's Monster
Mary Cadorette Sherri Fool's Gold
Mary Woronov Viki Pillow Talk
Mason Adams Doctor A New Woman
Matt LeBlanc Teen A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits
Maxwell Caulfield Spoiled American Cellmates
Melba Moore Actor The Mandrake Root
Michael Anderson Creature Household Gods
Michael Anderson Holly Holly's House
Miriam Flynn Wife Murray's Monster
Olivia Brown Actor Love Hurts
Orson Bean Dr. Hubbard The Offering
Peggy Cass Actor Parents from Outer Space
Peggy Rea Babs Small Blessings
Perry Lang Mike the Mailman Holly's House
Peter White American Agent Refugee
Philip Abbott Oliver Refugee
Philip Anglim Mack The Maker
Raphael Sbarge Alex Perchance to Dream
Richard Belzer Screenwriter Werewolf of Hollywood
Richard Borg Larch Sin Shop
Richard Clarke Actor The Space Eaters
Richard Edson PI Jar
Richard Moll Alien The Demons
Rick Aviles Mr. Vega Desirable Alien
Robert Clohessy Werehyena One Wolf's Family
Robert E. Weil Neighbor The Moving Finger
Robert Lansing Ernest Chariot The Vampire Hunter
Robert Oliveri Actor Mr. Swalabr
Robert Weil Boss Rerun
Rockets Redglare Voice of Mr. Swlabr Mr. Swalabr
Russell Johnson Dr. Jeffrey Dewhurst Sleeping Dragon
Ruth de Sosa Barbara Pillow Talk
Sarah Buxton Megan Perchance to Dream
Sasha Jenson Matthew The Match Game
Sharon Cornell Cop The Moving Finger
Sharon Schlarth Carmen The Bargain
Shelley Berman Leo Tandofsky Werewolf of Hollywood
Soupy Sales Traveling Salesman The Farmer's Daughter
Stephen Burleigh Levitt The Waiting Game
Steve Buscemi Traveling Salesman Bed and Boar
Steve Harper Paul My Zombie Lover
T.J. Castronova Joe Fool's Gold
Tempestt Bledsoe Teen My Zombie Lover
Teresa Ganzel Debbie Murray's Monster
Teri Ann Linn Linda Talk Nice to Me
Terrence Evans Matthew Ritson Rouse Him Not
Tom McDermott Thomas A New Woman
Tom Noonan Actor The Moving Finger
Tony Fields Genetically Altered Human Outpost
Tony Shalhoub Mancini Leavings
Tori Spelling Bev The Match Game
Tracey Walter Ed Hostile Takeover
Tracy Kolis Witch La Strega
Troy Donahue Professor Micro Minds
Valerie Wildman Jacqueline Half as Old as Time
Wendy Makkena Maggie Desirable Alien
Wil Wheaton Teen A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits
William Lanteau Thomas Harte Hostile Takeover

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