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Monsters vs. Aliens Season 1 episodes

The Invisible Threat! Season 1, Episode 50

A vicious robot fights with everything it encounters. read more

Bride of the Internet Season 1, Episode 49

Susan runs from an alien referred to as the Internet. read more

That Which Cannot Be Unseen Season 1, Episode 48

An evil presence in Coverton's room has the monsters seeking memory wipes. read more

When Luck Runs Out Season 1, Episode 47

Leprechaun aliens become troublesome when they stop singing and dancing. read more

Race to the End...Zone! Season 1, Episode 46

Link is disappointed when he's excluded from the government football game. read more

You Can't Breathe in a Diner in Space! Season 1, Episode 45

The diner gets transported to outer space thanks to Dr. Cockroach's teleportation experiment. read more

The Grade That Wouldn't Pass! Season 1, Episode 44

Sqweep gets a bad grade after Dr. Cockroach fiddles with his earth-studies project. read more

Debtor Alive! Season 1, Episode 43

The monsters go on a spending spree financed by Sqweep's allowance. read more

It Spoke With Authority Season 1, Episode 42

A powerful spray is made and is intended for the president, but B.O.B. gets doused in it. read more

This Ball Must Be Dodged Season 1, Episode 41

A reckless game of dodgeball is played under Monger's orders. read more

It Ruled With an Iron Fist Season 1, Episode 40

Monger takes a vacation, and a substitute named Rule-Bot arrives. read more

It Came From Channel 5 Season 1, Episode 39

Susan's ex-fiancé returns with plans to leak details about the base. read more

My Monster, My Master Season 1, Episode 38

Sta'abi seeks tutelage in combat from B.O.B. after she observes his video-game skills. read more

Ginormicat! Season 1, Episode 37

A kitty wanders onto the base and acquires Susan's powers, which cause it to grow huge. read more

The Partymobile That Invaded Earth Season 1, Episode 36

Link and B.O.B. repair an old spaceship and go on a joyride, but folks on the base think the spaceship is part of an alien invasion. read more

The Mystery of Dr. Cutter Season 1, Episode 35

Dr. Cutter visits to make upgrades on the base, but some believe she has an ulterior motive. read more

Destroy Chickie D! Season 1, Episode 34

Sta'abi sneaks out to go on a special quest, and her pals try to cover for her back at the base. read more

I Predict Horror Season 1, Episode 33

B.O.B. sees the future and envisions Coverton with a crown. read more

Prisoner of the Dark Dimension Season 1, Episode 32

Vornicarn gets in trouble and is sentenced to the Isolation Zone. read more

The Sneezing Horror Season 1, Episode 31

The alien flu strikes, so Coverton seizes this opportunity to try to swipe base secrets. read more

The Beast From 20,000 Gallons Season 1, Episode 30

A search for B.O.B. gets underway, because he's playing hide-and-seek while a meteor is heading toward Earth. read more

Driven to Madness Season 1, Episode 29

Link and Sta'abi fight over a new supercar, but Sqweep beats them to the punch and hops in the car. read more

The Friend Who Wasn't There Season 1, Episode 28

Link uses a pheromone spray to try to win over Sta'abi. read more

Number Seven! Season 1, Episode 27

Destruction seems imminent when Sqweep prepares to kick things up to level seven. read more

It Came From Level Z Season 1, Episode 26

The monsters are ordered to clean up the rec room, so they recruit an old zombie to assist them. read more

Curse of the Man-Beast Season 1, Episode 25

Monger's secret files are uncovered, revealing details of an absent Man-Beast. read more

The Time-Out That Wouldn't End Season 1, Episode 24

Sqweep makes a mess and is punished by Monger, who later commits the same crime. read more

Screaming Your Calls Season 1, Episode 23

A living smart phone is created by Dr. Cockroach, and Coverton wants to use it to access the base's mainframe. read more

Speak Not the Q Word Season 1, Episode 22

Coverton has a sly plan to put bad words in B.O.B.'s vocabulary. read more

The Sorry Syndrome Season 1, Episode 21

Susan spills some food on Sta'abi and says she's sorry, but Sta'abi is insulted. read more

The Sound of Fear Season 1, Episode 20

Dr. Cockroach's transcript reveals he's missing a grade for a music class. read more

It Got Out of Hand Season 1, Episode 19

Pranks abound on the base on April Fools' Day. read more

Vornicarn Season 1, Episode 18

A new alien arrives on Earth searching for a vicious beast, and soon others look for him as well. read more

When Nature Shrieks Season 1, Episode 17

The gang go camping, which turns into a terrifying outing. read more

98 Pound Cockroach Season 1, Episode 16

Dr. Cockroach gets stronger, but his intellect weakens. read more

Attack of the Movie Night Season 1, Episode 15

A memory extractor is created to combat nightmares spawned from scary movie night, but soon the extracted memories come to life. read more

Night of the Living Dog Season 1, Episode 14

A device is made to transform B.O.B. into a perfect pet, and it works on everyone—except B.O.B. read more

The Thing With One Brain Season 1, Episode 13

Dr. Cockroach creates a brain for B.O.B., and Coverton makes an adjustment to it by adding an evil switch to it. read more

The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach Season 1, Episode 12

Dr. Cockroach's new invention splits him into two, and the monsters try to make him whole again. read more

The Wormhole Has Turned Season 1, Episode 11

Dr. Cockroach creates a wormhole and tries to pretend that it's a teleportation device. read more

Flipped Out Season 1, Episode 10

B.O.B. is tempted to flip a secret switch. read more

Educational Television Season 1, Episode 9

Link and B.O.B. accidentally launch a doomsday app. read more

It Came...on a Field Trip Season 1, Episode 8

Sensitive data could get exposed when the monsters encounter an alien in the woods. read more

Maximum B.O.B. Season 1, Episode 7

Coverton clones B.O.B., which results in a weakened original B.O.B. read more

Frenemy Mine Season 1, Episode 6

Coverton manipulates B.O.B. when B.O.B. is in desperate need of a pal. read more

The Fruit of All Evil Season 1, Episode 5

Link eats B.O.B.'s special gelatin. read more

The Bath Effect Season 1, Episode 4

B.O.B. tries to give Coverton a bath, thinking it will rid him of his crankiness. read more

The Toy From Another World Season 1, Episode 3

The monsters find Coverton's cuddle bear, and it attacks them. read more

Danger Wears a Diaper Season 1, Episode 2

The president regresses to infancy when Dr. C's gadget backfires. read more

Welcome to Area Fifty-Something Season 1, Episode 1

An alien imprisons the U.S. president in the series premiere of this animated comedy about displaced monsters and aliens forced to work together to defend Earth. Based on characters from the 2009 DreamWorks film. read more

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Premiered: March 23, 2013, on Nickelodeon
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: Displaced monsters and aliens must work together to defend Earth. Based on characters from the 2009 DreamWorks film.


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