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I was bored to tears this ...

Question: I was bored to tears this evening trying to find something on the good old satellite when I happened to notice a show called Kyle XY on ABC. The info button said it was the series pilot, so I gave it a go and was actually quite surprised. I had never seen or heard anything about it and really liked the sci-fi mystery. The acting may not have been on a level of, let's say, Lost, but all in all it was worth my hour. The writing seemed fairly good, and the scene with Kyle and the son in the bathroom was actually quite priceless. Have you seen this at all, and if so, am I way off base? If I'm not, maybe you can pass along the tip to the person who was concerned that there was absolutely nothing to watch on the Big Four over the summer. Answer: Yeah, Kyle XY kind of slipped in under my radar as well. But it's there now. To clarify matters, this was actually produced for basic cable, and original episodes first air on ABC Family on Monday nights. But these same episodes are ... read more

Monk Star Reunites with an Old Pal

Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci, Monk

The way Tony Shalhoub (who netted his fourth Emmy nod this week) and Stanley Tucci mercilessly rag on each other, it's easy to mistake them for family. But even though they played a pair of mismatched siblings in Tucci's delectable 1996 comedy Big Night, they're not related (although Shalhoub does affectionately refer to Tucci as "brother"). The two character actors forged a tight friendship back in 1989 at the Yale Repertory Theater, and have ever since gone out of their way to work together. Tucci has already cast his buddy in Big Night and read more

Summer TV is always bad, but ...

Question: Summer TV is always bad, but this year I find myself watching virtually nothing. OK, I have used the rerun schedule to catch a few eps of My Name Is Earl (but not if I already saw them), and I have rewatched some Grey's Anatomy episodes, but otherwise I watch nothing. I can't face Gilmore Girls reruns this year. Somehow Lost reruns don't cut it. I'd rather pull my fingernails out one by one than watch moronic reality shows. I don't have cable. Am I doomed until September? Is there anything out there on broadcast TV that is worth watching? Answer: Oh, David, this is so sad. I'm actually having a pretty good TV summer, but only because of the variety of cable choices, from Rescue Me on FX and The Closer on TNT to Hustle on AMC to HBO's Deadwood-Entourage combo on Sundays, with a chaser of The 4400 the same night. And in July there's the delightful new comedy-mystery read more

A Merry Medium
Psych mixes mystery with mischief

If you're looking for a match made in TV heaven, Monk and the new Psych (Fridays at 10 pm/ET on USA) fit the bill. As a Friday-night double feature of lighthearted mayhem (Psych follows Monk), they prove that few places are more fun than a crime scene, if you're in the right company. "All guaranteed fun" is the operating principle behind Psych, a clever romp about charming slacker Shawn Spencer (James Roday, who should become an overnight star in this role read more

When does Monk return from ...

Question: When does Monk return from spring hiatus?
Answer: New episodes begin on July 7 on USA Network. The even better news is that this summer Monk will be paired on Friday night with the equally delightful (possibly  better) comedy-mystery Psych, about a young guy with remarkable powers of observation who helps the police by pretending to be a psychic, leading to all kinds of fun complications ... read more

Apparently, the Prison Break ...

Question: Apparently, the Prison Break marathon on FX was a success. Now you tell us that ABC is running an Invasion marathon on ABC Family (on April 15). Do you think that these networks have paid attention to the cable networks that run a show several times a week in order to gain a following? I know I never watched the first run of Monk or Project Runway but always caught it during a rerun later in the week. Perhaps the networks are realizing that they can double the exposure of a show, catch people up on the story, and still gain new followers if they reair a show on a sister network. Personally, I love this idea; better a handful of fabulous shows that air multiple times to allow you to view them than to have a majority of crap shows air the rest of the week. Answer: These cable marathons provide nice PR and are often very useful for fans or lapsed fans, especially of serialized thrillers like these, but you can't count on the cable model to prevail when it comes to most networ ... read more

I can't seem to make up my ...

Question: I can't seem to make up my mind between two "randy" TV gentlemen. Specifically, My Name Is Earl's not-too-bright brother Randy or Captain Stottlemeyer's not-too-bright lieutenant, Randy Disher, on Monk. Ethan Suplee gives Randy a child's innocence and enthusiasm complete with a wonderful twinkle in his eye. Plus the way he carries a not-too-subtle torch for Catalina gives an uncharacteristically warm and gentle subplot in contrast to Joy's white-trash screeching at poor Crab Man. On the other hand, Jason Gray-Stanford's Disher is a top utility character who consistently improves a scene while running the gamut of emotions. He can go from cocky to insecure in a heartbeat and be equally convincing, not to mention his great comic delivery. He's a nerdish underdog and I love his underplayed crushes on Monk's assistants. I'd also love to see both men receive more attention as second bananas, but if you had to choose, which Randy would you single out for a possible Emmy nomination? read more

Monk The season finale already?...

Monk The season finale already? I wish I got to take as many vacations as the cast of Monk. This was a humdinger of an episode, although very 12 Angry Men. Or more accurately, "11 Angry and One Insane Men" — although Monk's definitely been getting better. Sharona was a nurse. Natalie's just an assistant, and while he's still desperate for her help (even if she does overwater his azalea plants), Monk's slowly learning how to make it on his own... if only for a few days of deliberation. As Monk pointed out, his fear of jury duty is universal: "It's a great justice system.... I just don't want to be a part of it. Nobody does." Yet being thrown into a "team" environment did wonders for him, an read more

Monk Great, as if going to the...

MonkGreat, as if going to the dentist weren't stressful enough already, this Monk episode came along and made me megaparanoid. (And I thought Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors was bad). Jon Favreau made a great dastardly DDS, although he looks like he's been eating a few too many Dinners for Five. Sorry Jon, I love ya, but you really need to take a cue from Kirstie Alley. Brooke Langton, of Melrose Place fame, looked fabulous as his assistant. Those two mus read more

Monk Hey, hey fellow Monkies,...

MonkHey, hey fellow Monkies, did you miss me? I for one missed Monk, although I didn’t realize how much until I saw tonight's episode, which was hilarious and, at times, heartbreaking. Monk seemed more vulnerable than ever when he spoke in front of Julie's class on career day. And while it was funny to watch the kids taunt him with those laser pointers, Monk's embarrassment was palpable. He's a man with a disease, not an amusing quirk, and he’s really working hard to overcome it. His macho competition with the murderer, astronaut Steve Wagner (how come astronauts never have names like Lipschitz?) did wonders for Monk's meek disposition. Even though he declared himself a "muss" (half man, half wuss), Monk found the cajones to stand in the path of a plane to catch th read more

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Premise: An ex-cop suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder solves crimes with various (and usually exasperated) sidekicks in tow in this first-rate mystery with a breakout Emmy-winning star in Tony Shalhoub. The 'defective detective' may have an abundance of phobias (heights, crowds, and even milk, among them), but he also has razor-sharp deductive skills, which he uses to help the San Francisco police with especially baffling cases.



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