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The One That Got Away Season 2, Episode 24

Jay wants to spend his birthday fishing in the second-season finale, but his family decide he really wants a big party, which leads to Claire and Mitchell being trapped in the yard of their childhood home, Phil's encounter with his college nemesis at the mall and Cameron getting into trouble at the bakery. read more

See You Next Fall Season 2, Episode 23

The family gather at Jay's house before going to Alex's middle-school graduation, but they're in danger of missing the ceremony thanks to a perfect storm of events that includes Jay trying to hide a cosmetic snafu, Cameron thinking Mitchell is mocking him, and Phil reminding Claire that the kids are getting older. read more

Good Cop Bad Dog Season 2, Episode 22

Phil and Claire's decision to reverse their respective "good cop, bad cop" roles throws the kids for a loop. Meanwhile, Jay offers advice to an entrepreneur (Lin-Manuel Miranda) about a dog-training business; and Cameron has a bout with the flu that threatens to ruin Mitchell's plans to attend a Lady Gaga concert. read more

Modern Family Episode Recap: “Mother’s Day” Season 2, Episode 21

It's a Modern Family Mother's Day! This week everyone is celebrating the holiday differently and, not surprisingly, no one is very happy. Gloria and Claire take their resistant kids on a hike, but eventually the complaining drives the moms to what they think is some private kid-bashing. Cam and Mitch argue over their family dynamic when it's clear that many people, even Mitch, consider Cam to be the more feminine and ...
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Modern Family Episode Recap: Someone to Watch Over Lily" Season 2, Episode 20

This week's episode is all about the kids! Cameron and Mitchell try to decide who would be Lily's guardian in the event of their untimely passing, Claire and Phil take Luke to a child psychologist while their daughter bond over vandalism, and Jay tries to toughen Manny up for a camping trip.

Claire brings Luke to be psychologically evaluated behind Phil's back, but when he slowly appears in the waiting room, it's clear he's in the know. The doctor thinks Luke is a bright kid who's just easily distracted, but Claire blurts out that she's worried he'll turn into Phil, who, as we all know, has some child-like symptoms of ADD. Phil takes offense and while they're fighting it out they leave Luke behind in the parking lot. They realize this a few hours later while resolving their fight but as they race out to the car to go find him, he rolls up in a limo, a ride he hitched from some friends he made at a wedding. Luke's resourcefulness and calm under pressure proves to Claire that there really isn't anything wrong with him.

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Modern Family Episode Recap: "The Musical Man" Season 2, Episode 19

Modern Family was finally back this week after what felt like an eternity... or just a hiatus. This week Phil tries to advertise his business, but ends up accidentally pimping out Claire and Haley; Luke impresses Manny's crush while they rehearse for the middle school musical, directed by resident diva Cameron; and Gloria urges Jay to connect with his brother rather than bully and prank him.

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Modern Family Episode Recap: "Boys' Night" Season 2, Episode 18

After a couple weeks off, Modern Family is back! In this episode we meet the Dunphys' creepy neighbor and Mitch and Cam have a surprise visitor at their boys night out — Jay.

Jay and Gloria try to get Manny to try new things, but it's Jay who has the problem. He mistakes Vivaldi for Valli and then refuses to attend the symphony with Gloria and Manny who confront him for his hypocrisy... read more

Modern Family Episode Recap: "Two Monkeys and a Panda" Season 2, Episode 17

This week, Claire struggles to play peacekeeper between Alex and Haley, while Phil gets (even more) in touch with his feminine side. Jay and Gloria attempt to make plans for the afterlife while Cameron and Mitchell get into their most serious fight yet.

The Dunphy sisters are at their bickering best this week fighting over a sweater. In a move reminiscent of a Saved by the Bell episode, Alex accidentally rips a huge hole in Haley's sweater and Claire spends all day trying to find an identical replacement to prevent her girls from coming to blows... read more

Modern Family Episode Recap: "Regrets Only" Season 2, Episode 16

A big fight upsets Claire and confuses Phil. Jay pays for past mistakes when Gloria develops a karaoke obsession. Meanwhile, Mitchell scrambles to repair the damage he's caused to a charity event that Cam is planning.

It's morning at the Dunphys and Phil and Claire have clearly slept apart. They have a vague conversation about the previous evening's fight. Claire looks... read more

Modern Family Episode Recap: "Princess Party" Season 2, Episode 15

This week, a visit from Claire's mom, DeDe (Shelley Long) puts stress on the entire family. It all comes to a head at Lily's princess-themed birthday party where Claire's high school boyfriend (Matt Dillon) is an unwelcome guest.

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Modern Family Episode Recap: "Bixby's Back" Season 2, Episode 14

Love was in the air for our Modern Family members on this Valentine's Day episode. Cam and Mitchell compete over a crush, Jay tries to plan a surprise for Gloria, and Phil and Claire revive their alter-egos, Clive and Juliana.

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Modern Family Episode Recap: "Caught in the Act" Season 2, Episode 13

Well we all saw this episode coming right? The Dunphy kids walk in on their parents "doing it," Gloria accidentally sends an abrasive e-mail to Claire, and Mitchell and Cameron use Lily to get a coveted dinner reservation.

Gloria and Jay take advantage of Manny visiting his father by planning a little trip to Vegas. Before they can leave, Gloria has to e-mail Claire about why she can't work on a school bake sale. As a joke, Jay types out verbatim what Gloria wishes she could send to Claire, detailing Claire's bossy ways and dry lemon squares, and in typical sitcom fashion, the e-mail gets sent.

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Modern Family Episode Recap: "Our Children, Ourselves" Season 2, Episode 12

This week, Phil and Claire's attempts to get Alex to relax her competitive academic pursuits lead them question their own intelligence. Mitchell runs into an old girlfriend and perhaps a new family member. Jay and Gloria have to deal with the reappearance of some "vacation friends."

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Slow Down Your Neighbors Season 2, Episode 11

Claire goes on a crusade to put the brakes on a car that speeds through their neighborhood; Jay give bike-riding lessons to Manny and Gloria; Cameron and Mitchell are bewitched by a mysterious neighbor (James Marsden); Phil pursues a tough real-estate deal. read more

Dance Dance Revelation Season 2, Episode 10

The first school dance for Luke and Manny prompts an eventful trip to the mall for Jay and Phil, and Claire doesn't need Gloria's help on the parents' dance committee. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron are surprised by Lily's antisocial behavior at the playground. read more

Mother Tucker Season 2, Episode 9

A visit from Cameron's force-of-nature mother (Celia Weston) makes Mitchell nervous; Phil is distraught over Haley's breakup with Dylan; Jay's stomach ailment gets worse after he and Manny log on to a medical Web site. read more

Manny Get Your Gun Season 2, Episode 8

A party at a restaurant for Manny's birthday makes the honored guest anxious about his age, gives Claire and Phil a reason to race each other and offers Cameron a chance to meet new people at the mall when he and Mitchell go shopping for a gift. Norman Lloyd ("St. Elsewhere") guest stars. read more

Chirp Season 2, Episode 7

Phil is perplexed by a faulty smoke detector; Claire and Haley get sick at the same time; Gloria and Manny's surprise visit to Jay's workplace doesn't make his job any easier; Cameron can't resist trying to get Lily in a commercial. read more

Halloween Season 2, Episode 6

Claire's elaborate Halloween plans depend on the rest of the family's help with trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile, the holiday conjures up terrible memories for Cameron; Mitchell has a bad day at the office; and Jay and Manny poke fun at Gloria's accent. read more

Unplugged Season 2, Episode 5

The Dunphys try to avoid a complete communication breakdown by going without their electronic devices. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron shop for preschools for Lily; and Jay and Manny worry about Gloria's obsession with a neighbor's barking dog. read more

Strangers on a Treadmill Season 2, Episode 4

Claire and Mitchell make a pact to be honest with each other's mates about, respectively, Cameron's choice of attire and Phil's speech at an upcoming banquet. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria attend a milestone birthday party for an employee's daughter. read more

Earthquake Season 2, Episode 3

When an earthquake strikes, Cameron and Mitchell see a way out of a costume brunch thrown by their friend Pepper (Nathan Lane); Claire is trapped in the bathroom with a plumber; and Manny undergoes a crisis of existential proportions on an outing with Jay. read more

The Kiss Season 2, Episode 2

Jay pokes fun at Gloria's pledge to honor her grandmother's memory by cooking traditional Colombian cuisine. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell debate the merits of public displays of affection; and Alex's interest in a boy brings out Claire's overbearing side. read more

The Old Wagon Season 2, Episode 1

In the second-season premiere, Phil reluctantly agrees to get rid of the Dunphy station wagon, which prompts a wave of nostalgia for the old car. Meanwhile, Cameron enlists Jay's help when Mitchell tries to build a princess castle for Lily; and Manny asks a girl to come over to study. read more

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