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2009, TV Show

Modern Family Episode: "Chirp"

Season 2, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Phil is perplexed by a faulty smoke detector; Claire and Haley get sick at the same time; Gloria and Manny's surprise visit to Jay's workplace doesn't make his job any easier; Cameron can't resist trying to get Lily in a commercial.
Original Air Date: Nov 3, 2010
Guest Cast Reid Ewing: Dylan
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Season 2, Episode 7
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Length: 21:37
Aired: 11/3/2010
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Modern Family: Episode Recap: "Chirp" Season 2, Episode 7

This week Claire and Haley are home sick while Cam is trying to get Lily into show business. Meanwhile, Gloria wants to recreate her first date with Jay.

At the Dunphy home, Claire has taken ill, much like everyone I know right now. Phil offers to cancel his workday and take care of her. Dylan knocks on the door and immediately hints at a weird sex dream starring Claire. Awkward. She wishes Haley would date other guys but Phil wonders if the Haley and Dylan aren't reincarnations of himself and Claire.

Cam is having his people call some other people to get Lily in a local TV commercial, but Mitchell would rather she just have a normal childhood — as if that's remotely possible with these two as her dads. Cam is convinced Lily shares his theater genes/genius, but Mitchell is not so sure and nixes her star turn in local advertising.

Gloria and Manny stop by his construction site to have lunch with Jay (we figured it out! He's some kind of contractor/businessman!) and find that Manny is quite chummy with the workers. Gloria and Jay have a conversation about that night's date — commemorating one of their many milestones that Gloria insists on recognizing — but they are cut off by Manny driving through the side of the building in a forklift. Jay fires Jack, the worker who let Manny on the forklift, and Manny begs for Jay to give him another chance.

Phil decides to quarantine Claire and Haley, who is also cold-stricken, but then takes off to discover the origin of a smoke detector chirp coming from he-can't-tell-where. Dylan calls and Haley explains that she's in bed with her mom, and in reply to Dylan's unheard protests, she answers, "Stop freaking out, it is not coming true" clearly referencing his sick dream involving not one, but two Dunphy women.

Meanwhile, Phil is clearly still sneaking work calls, while Luke has confined himself to a makeshift astronaut helmet to ward off germs, lest he miss a school trip to Disneyland. Phil's manhood continues to be threatened by the persistent smoke detector beeping, a recurring theme in Modern Family.

Mitchell shows up at the Pritchetts, responding to an urgent text from Jay, which was actually sent by Manny who would like to enlist his legal services to represent Jack in a wrongful termination suit. Manny threatens to cease all contact with Jay. Gloria swoops in with a "Haaaaayy Meeetch" to congratulate him on Lily's commercial, which Mitchell thinks isn't happening, but Cam has texted photographic proof of to Gloria.

At the commercial shoot, Cam is playing stage mom and is so excited he pops a prop grape into his mouth.

Back at the Dunphy Home for Convalescence, Haley is finally getting off the phone with Dylan. Claire begins to use the storylines from their sick-day soap operas to send Haley messages about getting married too young or committing before exploring other options.  Haley misreads Claire's bait and thinks that Claire is bemoaning her own marriage.

And cut to Phil in an apron. He's baking cookies when a client calls to cancel another sale, and to add insult to injury (burnt "ladyfingers" during baking), Claire's hunky trainer stops by to return her phone. Upon meeting, Phil says Claire has never mentioned having a husband. All of this is accompanied by the constant chirping of the smoke alarm, setting the stage for what will likely be an emasculating meltdown for ol' Phil.

At the Pritchetts, Jay and Manny are continuing their standoff of silence. The problem is, Jay is having a hard time figuring out what milestone Gloria is celebrating and where exactly he's supposed to show up for their special date. Manny knows and tries to blackmail Jay into hiring Jack back.

On set at the commercial, Mitchell describes it as, "Not MGM, it's a warehouse behind a mattress store." Mitch is angry Cam went behind his back to book the commercial and accuses him of using Lily to vicariously fulfill his dreams of fame. Cam vehemently denies this and maintains that he has Lily's best interest at heart. The filming begins and we quickly see that it's an offensive premise involving the innocent babies sitting there while voiceovers in stereotypical Asian accents lament high prices. It gets worse when "Save-zilla" attacks the mini-Tokyo set. Cam interrupts the commercial and stands up to the director, basically accusing him of trying to cash in on racist stereotypes. He also explains Lily is Vietnamese, not Japanese, before picking up the other child actor and heading for the door.

Jay is heading out, semi-secure with his guess at the location of his date, and trying to reason with Manny explaining that Jack put his kid in danger and doesn't deserve another chance. Manny is touched that Jay referred to him as "his kid" and warns him that he's heading to the wrong place. It's actually where he and Gloria had their first kiss.

Claire and Haley continue to argue about "soap characters" but obviously the wires are still crossed. Phil comes in to check the last smoke alarm in the house, and Luke shows up with a keyboard asking for a ride to the black market to sell "his organ" in case money becomes a problem. The smoke detector continues to chirp and Phil smashes it with a baton and then goes on a rampage of detector violence. 

Haley finally makes it apparent that she thinks Claire is unhappy in her marriage to Phil and urges her to go comfort him. Phil is having a bad day, business is slow this month, and Claire encourages him to share the good news and the bad with her so they can function as a team. Phil solves the mystery of the chirping smoke detectors:, Luke put the old smoke detectors in the attic so he could build a robot and the old ones have been malfunctioning.

Overall, this was an enjoyable episode, even with not quite as many zippy one-liners as usual. But I did almost die laughing when the two white, yuppie-looking voiceover actors started laying on the thick stereotypical Asian accents, proving that Cam was, indeed, blinded by fame.

What did you guys think of this of the episode? Leave a comment below!

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This week Claire and Haley are home sick while Cam is trying to get Lily into show business. Meanwhile, Gloria wants to recreate her first date with Jay.

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