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Latest Episode: Night And Day; Cob Fog

Oct 22, 2006 Season 3 Episode 17 watch on (Paid)

Gracie finds out just how long a night and a day can be when her parents are gone on an overnight trip;Dragon promises to bring Bounce a cloud home when he gets back from his high-flying adventure with the Flying Aces. That's if he ever gets home.

Little Ladybug Lost; A Beetle-Ful Family

Jan 01, 2006 Season 3 Episode 16

When Shimmer, Pansy and Snowdrop befriend an independent little Asian ladybug it turns out she is independent for a reason: her family flew off after their hibernation and accidentally left Grace on her own;It's fall and Grace, the little lost ladybug, is sure her family is coming back to Sunny Patch. When they don't arrive, Stinky and Whiffy offer to take Grace in - for as long as she needs to stay.
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Good Deed Seeds; Shelley And The Brain

Jan 01, 2006 Season 3 Episode 15

Dragon, Squirt and Bounce learn about the rewards of helping others when Miss Spider does a good deed for Spiderus and asks him to 'pass it on' in return;Wiggle teaches everybuggy in Sunny Patch that sometimes, to get things done, brains are better than brawn.
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Bug Talk; The Befuddled Butterfly

Jan 01, 2006 Season 3 Episode 14

Dragon finds out that learning a new language is like a secret password into another world;When Shimmer's friend, Cookie, loses her butterfly instincts, Miss Spider and her bug clan must help her regain them before winter arrives in Sunny Patch.
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Bringing Up Shrubby; Stuck On You

Apr 26, 2008 Season 3 Episode 13

When Bounce and Squirt squash one of Miss Spider's shrub cherry seedlings, the bugs volunteer to nurse it to health;Dragon and Spinner learn all about cooperation when they get stuck to each other and must work together to get home safely.
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Master Mantis; Bug-Versity

Aug 05, 2007 Season 3 Episode 12

During a field trip to view the Venus Flytrap, Mister Mantis tells the legendary story of "Master Mantis" to help the bugs understand how to stay safe around a bug eating plant;When Mister Mantis suggests that his class put on pageant to celebrate "Hug-A-Bug Day," Wiggle and Bounce can't decide what bug they want to be for the special day.
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Eclipse; Hide And Sleuth

Sep 17, 2006 Season 3 Episode 11

When Sunny Patch finds itself in the shadow of a solar eclipse, the bugs enjoy the celestial show - all except Bounce, who is afraid that the Sun won't come out from hiding unless he helps;Squirt and Bounce hesitate to include Shelley and Stinky in their game of Hide and Seek. It would be too easy playing against a slow-moving snail and a strong-smelling stinkbug. But things are not as they appear, when the bugs adopt Stinky's deduction techniques, the game is a foot!
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Spring Unsprung; Bumbling Bees

Apr 13, 2008 Season 3 Episode 10

On the eve of the first day of Spring, Squirt is one excited little spider. Spring is here and it's time to wake up Felix the frog, his best buddy. Felix has been having a long winter nap. Squirt's fun filled plans go awry when winter isn't exactly ready to move over for Spring and Felix isn't quite ready to spring awake;Dragon, bored of web-testing, jumps at the opportunity to be a Bee for a day. But he quickly finds out that while being a bee is exciting, it's also a lot of hard work.
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Mr. Mocking-Bug; Odd Bug Fellows

Apr 24, 2008 Season 3 Episode 9

When the other bugs discover that Squirt can imitate them all, he overdoes his mimicry until he dreams that he's lost his voice. And he has to go to the Echo Fairy to find it again;When a mold infestation covers Spiderus' lair, he and his family have depend on the generosity of their Sunny Patch neighbors and Spiderus learns the true meaning of tolerance.
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Giddy Up Bug; A Plushy Parable

Jan 01, 2006 Season 3 Episode 8

Yippy-cayo-cayay! Sawyer the rootin' tootin' ant is riding into Sunny Patch with her posse of aphids for a honeydew roundup. Squirt, Shimmer and Bounce get to tag along and learn how to be real cowbugs. When the aphids get rustled by a couple of greedy bushwhackers, the kids help track the bad bugs down;Grandma Betty lets Pansy borrow Miss Spider's old pussy willow plushy as long as she promises to take good care of it. Instead Pansy loses Miss Spider's favorite toy.
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Frog In The Moon; Moon Music And Sun Songs

Dec 03, 2006 Season 3 Episode 7

Inspired by Bounce, Felix the frog tries to jump to the moon and winds up stuck at the top of the Hollow Tree;New neighbors have moved into the stump next to the Hollow Tree. They're a noisy cricket band and they're keeping everybuggy up all night with their noisy Moon music. Everybuggy has their antennae in a twist except, Dragon, Bounce and Spinner who want to join the band.
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Snake Charmer; A Party For Pops

Oct 28, 2009 Season 3 Episode 6

Spiderus, annoyed that Holley is getting to much glory for being a great Dad, goes foraging in the Snakey Woods and brings home a VERY special present - a snake egg!;Holley's traditional "Thank you, Dad" day party takes a surprising turn when he has to include the envious Spiderus in his plans.
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Dam The Puddle; Flower Power

May 16, 2007 Season 3 Episode 5

Sunny Patch has been hit by a heat wave. It gets so bad that Felix and family are going to have to move on in search of deeper ponds - unless Squirt and the good citizens of Sunny Patch can dam Taddy Puddle in time;Lil Sis and Princess Honey Bee get tired of being treated like babies. They want to play big bug games with the rest of the kids but the bigger kids just brush them off. When Lil Sis gets lost in the meadow Princess Honey Bee proves that even little kids can be super heroes.
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Lulla-Bug; The Most Perfect Parent

May 15, 2007 Season 3 Episode 4

Spiderus tries to sing to his unhatched babies and mistakes Snowdrop's voice for his soon-to-be spiderlings;When left in charge of his three baby bugs, the pompous Spiderus has to admit he's not the perfect parent he thought he was.
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Lost And Sound; It'S My Party

May 14, 2007 Season 3 Episode 3

Spinner thinks of a song but forgets how it goes before he can sing it for his parents. So Holley shows him how to use a "Melody Catcher," a webby musical staff;It's Squirt, Spinner, Pansy, Snowdrop and Wiggle's hatchday and they can't agree what kind of party to have. They all want something different. Especially Squirt who decides to have a party all to himself and has to learn a thing or two about sharing.
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