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Dec 15, 1979 Season 3 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

Jeremy Brown's repsonsibility as and English teacher to foreign students doesn't always end when leaves the class.

The School Fete

Dec 08, 1979 Season 3 Episode 7

The college goes off on a desperate search for a celebrity to open their school fete.
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Repent At Leisure

Dec 01, 1979 Season 3 Episode 6

Anna comes into the classroom upset when she discovers she will have to return to Germany because her work permit has run out.
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Guilty or Not Guilty

Nov 24, 1978 Season 3 Episode 5

Jeremy's pupils end up in court in front of the local magistrate court.
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No Flowers By Request

Nov 10, 1978 Season 3 Episode 4

Jeremy takes one of his pupils to hospital and ends up needing hospital treatment himself.
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Who Loves Ya Baby?

Nov 03, 1978 Season 3 Episode 3

Danielle, an au pair, brings in to college the baby that she looks after
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Just The Job

Sep 24, 1978 Season 3 Episode 2

Jeremy accepts a higher paid job only to discover it has already been taken and that his previous position has also been filled. Now that he is jobless his pupils plot to help him gain back his position.
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I Belong to Glasgow

Oct 27, 1978 Season 3 Episode 1

A wealthy Arab Sheik comes to see Miss Courtney about English classes.
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