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Nov 05, 2014 Season 7 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

A $13-million listing in Laguna Beach forces the Brits to sink-or-swim in a new territory. But they are buoyed by a surprise visit from a familiar face. Still reeling from the devastating loss of his grandmother, Josh Flagg struggles to stay focused on a new listing for one of Edith's friends.

Circling the Waters [HD]

Oct 29, 2014 Season 7 Episode 11

When Daymond John of "Shark Tank" hires Josh Altman to find commercial space for his West Coast headquarters; Altman moves his relationship to the back burner again. David and James coax a prolific developer to sell their newly built dream house for $12;995;000. As for Josh Flagg; real estate is the last thing on his mind when his personal life is shattered.
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Million Dollar Frisking [HD]

Oct 22, 2014 Season 7 Episode 10

Josh Altman and his brother Matt meet with an international client demanding they find the perfect Beverly Hills getaway in just two days. Meanwhile, Altman is trying to keep his relationship with Heather from falling apart. As Edith's health continues to decline, Josh Flagg finds himself in crisis mode. One of James and David's biggest clients is counting on them to find an LA residence that meets his very specific requirements.
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Realty Bites

Oct 15, 2014 Season 7 Episode 9

After being hired by a hard-nosed client who used to be a top real estate agent, James and David come up with a brilliant strategy to impress him. Josh Flagg is frustrated when he gets the listing for one of his favorite properties only to find out that other agents don't share his appreciation for it. Josh Altman lands the most prestigious listing of his career. The victory is short-lived as his personal life begins to crumble.
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All Business, No Pleasure

Oct 08, 2014 Season 7 Episode 8

Josh Altman tries to find the perfect home for a famous street artist who insists on going to every showing incognito. Josh Flagg worries about Grandma Edith's declining health before leaving for his annual Hamptons vacation. James and David go above and beyond to prove they're not the party boys they used to be in order to help old friends from London sell their Los Feliz home.
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There goes the Neighborhood

Oct 01, 2014 Season 7 Episode 7

David makes a rash promise to a client without first consulting James which could ultimately cost them the listing. Josh Altman snags a similar listing just blocks away from the Brits. Josh Flagg is stunned and saddened when Colton shows him the progress he's made remodeling his parents' house and childhood home.
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Hard Cold Cash

Sep 24, 2014 Season 7 Episode 6

When Josh Altman's client goes borderline ballistic during a negotiation, he has to stash the other agent in a freezer. Hip hop artist Tyga checks out David and James' ultimate bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills, which happens to be across the street from Altman's house. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg goes back in time in order to sell a 1919 Beverly Hills tear-down that cannot be torn down.
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Flagg vs. Serhant [HD]

Sep 17, 2014 Season 7 Episode 5

Josh Flagg gets the better of "Million Dollar Listing New York" real estate agent Ryan Serhant when Ryan's client makes an offer on Flagg's flip property. When Josh Altman double-ends a deal with his brother, he must come to terms with his lifelong competition with Matt. Heather and Josh meet with a wedding planner who's baffled by their unpreparedness.
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Royally Sucked

Sep 10, 2014 Season 7 Episode 4

While showing a Hollywood Hills estate, David and James cross paths with an infamous ne'er-do-well who brought shame on the Royal Family. Josh Flagg finds himself caught in the middle of close family friends who are at odds over the type of home they want to purchase. With inventory at an all-time low, Josh Altman's assistant, Mikey, goes undercover to snag a listing.
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Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles [HD]

Sep 03, 2014 Season 7 Episode 3

After taking a hard fall, Josh Flagg tries to find his good friend an investment property all while in agonizing pain. Thanks to his tenacity and gold-plated wheelchair, he has no problem getting the job done.
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English Beat Down

Aug 27, 2014 Season 7 Episode 2

James and David crash Josh Altman's Broker's Open House for the listing they lost to him. They trash talk the property in front of Altman and he's not going to forget it anytime soon.
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The Lads Take L.A. [HD]

Aug 20, 2014 Season 7 Episode 1

With inventory low and demand high, the Los Angeles market is blazing hot and these agents are working hard to stay one sale ahead of their competition.
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