Cops On the Rocks
07:40 — In the sixth season premiere episode, Mike and Carl go to couples counseling to try and reconcile their partnership. Also, Molly decides to do a promo (more…)
March Dadness
18:27 — Rallo’s viewing of Tim Gunn’s (guest voicing as himself) reality show is interrupted when Cleveland decides to watch the college basketball tournament (more…)
The Five-Minute Dress
18:25 — Mary's initial excitement over going out with the governor's executive adviser begins to wane after he repeatedly calls off date after date at the las (more…)
Say It Twice: Live At the Wiltern (Live Nation Studios)
18:58 — Say It Twice performs live at the Wiltern in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Watch the band perform earlier hits “Room on Fire” and “Always, Always”, as wel (more…)
18:24 — Jeremy May's obnoxious behavior rubs his fellow fighters the wrong way, putting him in the crosshairs as a potential opponent for Team Forrest. And a (more…)
Super Menace!
18:27 — After running tests on kryptonite to try and neutralize its effects on Superboy, the military accidentally alters it so it has emotional effects on hi (more…)
Eyeballs and Abalone
18:58 — Andrew heads to Hawaii's Big Island, far from the tourist filled beaches. He pulls huge fresh water prawns out of hidden streams, harvests abalone fro (more…)
Mike Check
18:49 — Molly urges Mike to go to the doctor when she learns that he hasn't been in over a decade. The 100th episode was directed by series star Melissa McCar (more…)
Victor Echo November
18:49 — "Victor Echo November". The Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend agree to a civil double date with The Monarch and some girl he met on the internet in orde (more…)
18:19 — Covert agents in black suits take Lain in for questioning. When the interrogation hits too close to home, Lain flips from real to wired in the blink o (more…)
Father of the Year
18:24 — When Will tries to impress a beautiful college girl by pretending his new infant cousin is his own son, he's forced to accept the honor of "Campus Fat (more…)
Victoria Can't Drive
When Victoria is arrested for various driving violations, Molly and Joyce ask Mike to help spring her from jail.
Cocktails and Calamine
Molly is nervous about Mike attending a celebratory party her publisher is throwing for her and Peggy. And Mike's feelings are hurt when she doesn't w (more…)
Fish for Breakfast
18:19 — In an effort to boost their chances of getting pregnant, Molly encourages Mike to join her in giving up caffeine and eating healthier, causing them bo (more…)
Barbecue Block Party
04:32 — Bobby Flay says goodbye to summer with a BBQ party on Long Island. He serves Roasted Duck BBQ Sliders, Heirloom Tomato and Grilled Corn Panzanella Sal (more…)
The 1976 Oakland Raiders
18:24 — The Oakland Raiders were a great football team throughout the early 1970s, unfortunately they could never get past the AFC Championship. But in 1976 t (more…)
Taste of the Bizarre
18:30 — Billy and Phil Roberts are in and out of jail for grinding against women in NYC subways. Debra Farinella is obsessed with angels and steals them from (more…)
Mother from Another Mudlick
18:43 — Mike meets his Aunt Rosemary (Margo Martindale) for the first time and is instantly smitten by her warmth and positive attitude – which is the polar o (more…)
The Chanels of Venice
04:32 — A very public DUI has all the tongues in town wagging. In an effort to escape all the drama, Teresa, Caroline, Jacqueline and their families embark on (more…)
Bleach 188
18:51 — The chaos in the Kasumiohji Clan was all a scheme formulated by Shusuke Amagai. Shusuke joined the Thirteen Court Guard Squads in order to avenge his (more…)
Thanksgiving Is Cancelled
When Mike gets sick for Thanksgiving, Molly is secretly thrilled because she won't have to cook… until Vince invites his brother, Frankie (guest star (more…)
'57 Chevy Bel Air
09:05 — Mike gets in hot water when Molly finds out he purchased Vince's used car, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, without consulting her first. Mike learns that as an (more…)
18:24 — Miss G heads to Louisville where "farm to table" isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle. First up: Smoked Pork Shoulder with a Asian-inspired Black BBQ Sauce (more…)
Renovate Once, Shame on You
18:25 — It's not easy being married to someone from across the globe. After years living in Australia, the Davies family take their first opportunity for Luke (more…)
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