Tales of teens who morph into super-powered heroes have, in turn, morphed into a powerful franchise that includes a merchandising cornucopia, a feature film and various TV permutations, including `Power Rangers Zeo,' `Power Rangers Turbo' and `Power Rangers DinoThunder.' Inspired by Japanese television (with sequences from `Zyu Rangers'), it uses campy humor, martial arts and violent drama---so violent at times, in fact, that it has spurred complaints from child-development experts.

Active Cast

Jason Frank Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger/White Ranger
David Yost Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger
Austin St. John Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger/Gold Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch Adam Park, the Black Ranger/Green Ranger
Steve Cardenas Rocky DeSantos, the Red Ranger/Blue Ranger
Paul Schrier Farcus `Bulk' Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy Eugene `Skull' Skullovitch