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Mighty Med Season 1 episodes

The Pen Is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword Season 1, Episode 24

A pen that can bring any illustration to life disappears from the hospital. read more

Are You Afraid of the Shark? Season 1, Episode 23

Oliver and Skylar accidentally feed Horace's pet shark the wrong food, which causes it to evolve into a man-shark. read more

Two Writers Make a Wrong Season 1, Episode 22

Oliver and Kaz join the comic book writing staff to spice up the stories, but their altered versions create problems in the superhero community. read more

Free Wi-Fi Season 1, Episode 21

Kaz accidentally releases a villain from a digital jail, who enters the physical world and simultaneously pulls Kaz into a computer. read more

Guitar Superhero Season 1, Episode 20

A freak accident gives an edgy rock star super powers, so Oliver and Kaz introduce her to the world of Mighty Med, and help her create her superhero persona. read more

Copy Kaz Season 1, Episode 19

Wallace uses an optical image replicator to turn Clyde into an identical twin of Kaz, in hopes of learning the secret location of Mighty Med. read more

Fantasy League of Heroes Season 1, Episode 18

Kaz launches a superhero fantasy league at the hospital, but the heroes become so obsessed with their stats that they only perform duties that boost their league standings. read more

Mighty Mad Season 1, Episode 17

Logan suspects that a substitute teacher is actually Dr. Wrath in disguise, a super villain who feeds on negative energy. Meanwhile, Oliver helps Alan overcome his aversion to "normo" food. read more

Atomic Blast From the Past Season 1, Episode 14

Kaz and Oliver revive a frozen-in-time superhero from the 1950s named Captain Atomic. When he is wounded by a contemporary villain, the guys must travel back in time to save him. read more

Night of the Living Nightmare Season 1, Episode 16

Neocortex checks in with an illness that traps people in their worst nightmares during an overnight shift. Kaz and Oliver desperately try to stay awake and figure out how to save everyone from their nightmares. read more

Growing Pains Season 1, Episode 15

Oliver accidentally steps into the line of fire of a superhero's beam during a routine test, which reverts him back to being 4 years old. read more

The Friend of My Friend Is My Enemy Season 1, Episode 13

Skylar learns that a charming teen superhero isn't as nice as he seems. read more

All That Kaz Season 1, Episode 12

Oliver gets a mind-altering superhero to help him become more carefree and spontaneous like Kaz. read more

Lockdown Season 1, Episode 11

Kaz plans a surprise birthday party for Oliver at the Domain, but a security lockdown at Mighty Med prevents anyone from leaving. Oliver sneaks out, but accidentally lets in the villainous Revengeance. read more

So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick Season 1, Episode 10

Kaz applies to be Tecton's sidekick, but Oliver is chosen instead; Alan and Benny form a superhero team of their own. read more

Alan's Reign of Terror Season 1, Episode 9

Alan is put in charge of the hospital for a day, but he abuses his power and makes life miserable for everyone. read more

Evil Gus Season 1, Episode 8

Gus develops formidable powers and turns evil, after he contracts a strange illness. Meanwhile, Horace pretends to be Skylar's father for her parent-teacher conference. read more

It's Not the End of the World Season 1, Episode 7

Kaz and Oliver learn that the villain Crimson Demon plans to destroy the world. read more

Pranks for Nothing Season 1, Episode 6

Kaz and Oliver teach Skylar how to pull pranks, but when the Great Defender joins in he takes things too far and wreaks havoc on the hospital. read more

Sm'oliver's Travels Season 1, Episode 5

Oliver's social status skyrockets when he performs CPR on a popular girl's poodle, but jealous Kaz uses a shrinking ray to cut Oliver down to size. read more

I, Normo Season 1, Episode 4

Kaz invites Skylar to a carnival, much to Oliver's dismay. read more

Frighty Med Season 1, Episode 3

Oliver creates a Frankenstein-inspired play to cover up his secret work at the hospital so his dad won't find out. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar investigate the disappearance of superhero Brain Matter. read more

Saving the People Who Save People, Part 2 Season 1, Episode 2

Conclusion. Two friends discover a secret hospital for superheroes. They soon learn that one of their favorite heroes, Tecton, is in for treatment, and needs them to save him from nemesis Megahertz. read more

Saving the People Who Save People, Part 1 Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Two friends discover a secret hospital for superheroes. They soon learn that one of their favorite heroes, Tecton, is in for treatment, and needs them to save him from nemesis Megahertz. read more

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Premiered: October 07, 2013, on Disney XD
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Premise: Two best friends work at a secret hospital for superheroes.


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