Miffy and Friends

  • 2003
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Based on the children's books by Dutch artist and illustrator Dick Bruna, this stop-motion animated series about a little white bunny deals with issues that affect preschoolers.

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Miffy and Friends, Volume 3
One perfect blue-sky day, Miffy and her father and mother decide to go for a summer picnic at the beach. When they arrive, they see that Boris and Bar (more…)
Miffy and Friends, Volume 1
Miffy learns to play the recorder. As music is more fun to play with other people, she asks her friends to join in. Aggie brings her accordion, Poppy (more…)
Miffy and Friends, Volume 2
It is vacation time, and Miffy and her parents go off for a trip to the mountains. Miffy is very surprised when she sees snow in the summertime. They (more…)
Miffy and the Wall Paintings/Miffy and the Blue Egg
10:00 — Miffy and her friends draw pictures. Miffy finds a bird egg and returns it to it's home.
Miffy and the Caterpillar/Miffy and the Great Carrot Feast
10:00 — Miffy watches a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Miffy runs out of carrots and ends up at a carrot party.
Miffy and the Little Bird/Miffy Plays Hide and Seek
10:00 — Miffy tends to a baby bird. Miffy and the gang play hide and seek in the forest.
Miffy Is Lost in the Woods/Miffy and Poppy Pig Have Breakfast
10:00 — Miffy goes blueberry picking and gets lost in the forest. Miffy learns to grow carrots.
Miffy Plants a Seed/Snuffy's Doghouse
10:00 — Miffy learns about seeds and why things grow. Miffy builds Snuffy a doghouse.
Miffy and the Birthday Cake/Miffy Counts Leaves
10:00 — Miffy makes her dad a birthday cake. Miffy frames leaves and gives them away.
Miffy's Family Car Trip/Miffy and the Falling Leaves
10:00 — Miffy and her family go for a drive and run into some trouble. Miffy and her mother have a tough time cleaning up the leaves that have fallen in Autum (more…)
Miffy's Summer Vacation/Miffy Gets a Postcard
10:00 — Miffy and her family go on a trip up to the mountains. Miffy and Melanie exchange postcards through the mail.
Miffy and Barbara in the Rain/Miffy Lost at the Beach
10:00 — Miffy and Barbara collect leaves and get caught in some rain. Miffy goes to the beach and plays in the sand.
Miffy and the Snow Bunny/Miffy Flies a Kite
10:00 — Miffy plays in the snow. Miffy makes a kite and flies it.
Miffy Plays Doctor/Miffy Goes Skiing
10:00 — Miffy and her friends play pretend doctor. Miffy and some friends go on a skiing adventure.
Miffy's Snowfall/Miffy and Grunty Sleep in a Tent
10:00 — Miffy and her scooter get caught in the snow. Miffy and Grunty try to sleep in a tent.
Miffy at a Costume Party/Miffy Goes Camping
10:00 — Auntie Alice has a costume party for Miffy and her friends. Miffy goes camping with a couple of friends.
Miffy Counts the Trees/Boris's Race
10:00 — Miffy counts the trees as she brings cookies to her friends. Miffy and friends have a race.
Boris's Bird House/Miffy's Three Wishes
10:00 — Miffy gets a bird house from her friends. Miffy makes three wishes and then sees if they come true.
Miffy's Lost Teddy Bear/Miffy and the Great Summer Picnic
10:00 — Miffy has a hectic days handling her Teddy Bear. Everyone gets together for a surprise picnic for Barbara.
Miffy in the Wind/Miffy's Late for School
10:00 — Miffy deals with a very windy beach day. Miffy has difficulty getting to school on time.
Miffy and Snuffy at the Playground/Miffy and the Hungry Bird
10:00 — Miffy plays at the playground. Miffy is followed around by a bird who is looking to get some food.
Miffy Worries about Snuffy/Miffy Helps Grunty
10:00 — Snuffy has an exciting day and then takes a much needed nap. Miffy has fun helping Poppy Pig.
Miffy in the Shade/Miffy's Flower Pot
10:00 — Miffy tries to stay out of the sun. It's Miffy's last day of school before summer vacation.
Miffy's Colorful World/Miffy's Scooter
10:00 — Miffy and Melanie go to the playground and look at colors along the way. Miffy's grandparents come to visit and bring her a scooter.
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  • Premiered: April 7, 2003
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Based on the children's books by Dutch artist and illustrator Dick Bruna, this stop-motion animated series about a little white bunny deals with issues that affect preschoolers. (more)

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