Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • 1955
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

CG animation featuring Mickey Mouse and his pals in stories designed to teach basic math skills, such as problem-solving, adding and matching.

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Thu Aug 24 6:00am
Donald the Frog Prince(Season 1, Episode 8) DISNEY

Donald is turned into a frog after he drinks a magic potion, and only a kiss from Daisy can turn him back. But before that can happen, Donald and Mickey must free Daisy from a tall tower.

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Thu Aug 24 6:30am
Donald's Brand New Clubhouse(Season 4, Episode 18) DISNEY

Mickey and his pals help Donald build his own clubhouse, after Donald complains that everyone is in his way.

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Fri Aug 25 6:00am
Mickey's Silly Problem(Season 2, Episode 18) DISNEY

The clubhouse's "silly switch" gets stuck and makes everyone act in comical ways, such as Mickey only speaking in rhyme and Pluto mooing like a cow.

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Fri Aug 25 7:30am
A Goofy Fairy Tale(Season 4, Episode 27) DISNEY

Goofy's magic trick accidentally makes all the bedtime stories disappear from the clubhouse.

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Mon Aug 28 8:00am
Minnie-rella(Season 4, Episode 9) DISNEY

Minnie is transformed into Minnie-rella by fairy godmother Clarabelle and attends Prince Mickey's grand ball.

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Mon Aug 28 8:30am
Clarabelle's Clubhouse Mooo-sical(Season 2, Episode 25) DISNEY

Clarabelle stages a musical about nursery rhymes starring chickens from the petting zoo, but they practice so much they lose their voices.

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Mon Aug 28 9:30am
Goofy Goes Goofy(Season 2, Episode 37) DISNEY

Goofy gets cloned after he is accidentally sprayed with an experimental goo. Mickey and his friends must take care of the duplicate Goofys until the cloning effect wears off.

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Tue Aug 29 8:00am
Mickey's Mystery!(Season 4, Episode 7) DISNEY

Kansas City Mickey returns to help the clubhouse team solve a mystery in the Hidden Jungle.

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Tue Aug 29 8:30am
Mickey's Show and Tell(Season 3, Episode 20) DISNEY

Martian Mickey visits the clubhouse for a show-and-tell presentation.

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Tue Aug 29 9:30am
Donald Hatches an Egg(Season 3, Episode 31) DISNEY

A mysterious egg is found in Goofy's rock collection and the clubhouse pals try to find out what kind of animal is inside so they can return it to its mother. Meanwhile, Donald Duck serves as a reluctant babysitter for the egg.

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Wed Aug 30 8:00am
Donald's Lost Lion(Season 1, Episode 26) DISNEY

Donald loses his favorite toy lion and Mickey helps him retrace his steps in order to find it before bedtime.

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Wed Aug 30 8:30am
Goofy's Super Wish(Season 2, Episode 39) DISNEY

Goofy trains to be a superhero and uses his skills after Clarabelle's moo-muffin maker breaks.

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Wed Aug 30 9:30am
Pluto's Bubble Bath(Season 2, Episode 17) DISNEY

Mickey and Pluto each get stuck inside of a giant bubble and float away from the clubhouse.

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Thu Aug 31 8:00am
Daisy's Dance DISNEY
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Thu Aug 31 8:30am
Super Goof's Super Puzzle(Season 3, Episode 3) DISNEY

Goofy uses his alter ego Super Goof to help his friends solve Puzzler Pete's challenging puzzles.

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Thu Aug 31 9:30am
Sea Captain Mickey(Season 4, Episode 12) DISNEY

Mickey and the gang use a submarine to explore Mickey Lake, when Professor Von Drake's sonar-detecting machine discovers that there's something big at the bottom.

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Mon Sep 4 6:50am
Super Adventure!(Season 4, Episode 6) DISNEY

Prof. Von Drake turns Mickey and his pals into superheroes after a mysterious super-villain threatens to shrink the clubhouse. Mickey's legendary rival Mortimer Mouse appears.

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Tue Sep 5 8:00am
Around the Clubhouse World(Season 4, Episode 16) DISNEY

Mickey, Minnie and Pluto travel around the world to collect stamps for a special passport.

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Tue Sep 5 8:30am
Minnie's Rainbow(Season 2, Episode 26) DISNEY

Minnie searches for a pot of gold and meets a leprechaun after a rainbow appears over the clubhouse.

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Tue Sep 5 9:30am
Martian Minnie's Tea Party(Season 4, Episode 25) DISNEY

Minnie travels to Mars to help her outer-space twin, Martian Minnie, host a tea party.

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Wed Sep 6 8:00am
Mickey and Donald Have a Farm!(Season 4, Episode 1) DISNEY

The fourth season begins with Mickey and his pals searching for some missing farm animals.

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Wed Sep 6 8:30am
Minnie's Picnic(Season 2, Episode 5) DISNEY

Minnie plans a picnic for the newly renovated picnic area of the clubhouse.

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Wed Sep 6 9:30am
Mickey's Treasure Hunt(Season 1, Episode 13) DISNEY

Mickey gets help from Minnie and Daisy---and a number of nifty gadgets---searching for a treasure hidden somewhere in the clubhouse.

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  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: CG animation featuring Mickey Mouse and his pals in stories designed to teach basic math skills, such as problem-solving, adding and matching. (more)

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