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Jan 01, 1988 Season 5 Episode 22 watch on (Subscription)

When Tubbs's ex-girlfriend returns to save her friend from a ruthless drug dealer, the vice officer finds himself falling in love all over again.

Miracle Man

Jun 21, 1989 Season 5 Episode 20

Believing that he's a superhero called Miracle Man, a disturbed vigilante vows to rid Miami of drug dealers -- and only gets in the way.
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World of Trouble

Jun 14, 1989 Season 5 Episode 19

When notorious mobster Al Lombard shows up in Miami to see his grandson, Tubbs and Crockett tie the criminal's family to the theft of a weapon.
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Freefall: Part 2

May 21, 1989 Season 5 Episode 18

Assigned by a drug task force to escort the dictator of Costa Morada to Miami, Crockett and Tubbs come face to face with South America's most dangerous criminals on a suicidal mission that ends in an action-packed showdown.
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Freefall: Part 1

May 21, 1989 Season 5 Episode 17

Crockett and Tubbs are recruited by a drug task force for the extremely dangerous assignment of escorting the dictator of Costa Morada to Miami.
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Victims of Circumstance

May 05, 1989 Season 5 Episode 16

Crockett teams up with Switek to infiltrate a hate group that may be responsible for killing witnesses who also happen to be Holocaust survivors.
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Over the Line

Apr 28, 1989 Season 5 Episode 15

During an undercover operation, Tubbs and Crockett discover a band of vigilante cops bent on bringing in the bad guys no matter what.
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The Lost Madonna

Mar 17, 1989 Season 5 Episode 14

Crockett and Tubbs help a New York City detective track down a stolen masterpiece -- a 15th-century statue of the Madonna.
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The Cell Within

Mar 10, 1989 Season 5 Episode 13

When a reformed killer is released from prison, the ex-con captures Tubbs and three others and holds them hostage in his secret dungeon.
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Jack of All Trades

Mar 03, 1989 Season 5 Episode 12

Crockett's cousin Jack, the black sheep of the family, gets him mixed up in a scheme. Jack must repay a $50,000 debt.
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Miami Squeeze

Feb 17, 1989 Season 5 Episode 11

When the son of a staunch anti-drug congresswoman steals a load of illegal drugs, he's promptly pursued by the shipment's owner.
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To Have and to Hold (A.K.A. Second Chance)

Feb 10, 1989 Season 5 Episode 10

While undercover, Tubbs falls for the widow of a slain drug kingpin. Crockett must leave to help his son deal with the pregnancy of his remarried mother.
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Fruit of the Poison Tree

Feb 03, 1989 Season 5 Episode 9

Crockett and Tubbs' efforts to put away a major cocaine dealer are thwarted by a high-powered but corrupt lawyer and his bright, adoring assistant.
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Hard Knocks

Jan 20, 1989 Season 5 Episode 8

Disenchanted with his job and $75,000 in debt, Switek is forced to ask a close friend to throw a football game in order to save himself.
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Asian Cut

Jan 13, 1989 Season 5 Episode 7

With a serial killer on the loose, Trudy poses as a call girl, while Tubbs and Crockett shadow her in hopes that she'll lure the killer into custody.
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Line of Fire

Dec 16, 1988 Season 5 Episode 6

Crockett and Tubbs reluctantly comply with an FBI request to guard their key witness in a drug overlord's trial.
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Dec 09, 1988 Season 5 Episode 5

When government agents ban the cops from getting involved in a drug deal, Tubbs and Castillo refuse to stand on the sidelines.
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Bad Timing

Dec 02, 1988 Season 5 Episode 4

After finally regaining his memory, Crockett takes some time off until he runs into a group of killers who've just escaped from prison.
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Heart of Night

Nov 18, 1988 Season 5 Episode 3

Castillo's ex-wife comes to him for help when she and her new husband are threatened.
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Redemption in Blood

Nov 11, 1988 Season 5 Episode 2

While running the Carrera drug empire, Sonny struggles to regain his memory and avoid those attempting to destroy him.
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Hostile Takeover (Part 3)

Nov 04, 1988 Season 5 Episode 1

Still believing that he is the drug dealer Sonny Burnett, Crockett gets involved in a war between two rival crime families.
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