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Latest Episode: MI-5: Episode 6

Oct 14, 2011 Season 10 Episode 6 watch on Hulu Plus (Subscription)

Harry finally discovers who is behind the recent attacks on the UK, but will confirming these suspicions come at too high a cost to himself and his team?

MI-5: Episode 5

Oct 07, 2011 Season 10 Episode 5

Harry kidnaps his CIA counterpart, Jim Coaver, and interrogates him. What Harry discovers alters his suspicions of who is behind the attacks on the Anglo-Russian partnership, but is it too late to save his friend from a brutal end?
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MI-5: Episode 4

Sep 30, 2011 Season 10 Episode 4

Two former inmates are released from jail. One is an undercover MI-5 asset and the other is an impressionable wannabe suicide bomber who has been radicalized in prison. They plan to launch an attack in London...can the team prevent a massive loss of life?
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MI-5: Episode 3

Sep 23, 2011 Season 10 Episode 3

A radioactive material has been detected at an airport. MI-5 has intelligence that a dangerous anarchist with a penchant for bombs has secretly entered the country. They enlist Dimitri to honeytrap the anarchist's only known contact, his sister Natalie.
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MI-5: Episode 2

Sep 16, 2011 Season 10 Episode 2

Calum is attacked by muggers during an intelligence-sharing exercise with MI-6. The laptop he was carrying is stolen, and contains classified info on MI-5's secret assets. It's a race against time to stop British spies being exposed and lives being lost.
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MI-5: Episode 1

Sep 09, 2011 Season 10 Episode 1

Harry survives his MI-5 work tribunal and is back on the Grid, where changes have been made: Erin Watts is the new acting head of Section. When a face from Harry's Cold War past returns it provides an early test for the new team.
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