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Latest Episode: MI-5: Episode 6

Oct 14, 2011 Season 10 Episode 6 watch on Hulu Plus (Subscription)

Harry finally discovers who is behind the recent attacks on the UK, but will confirming these suspicions come at too high a cost to himself and his team?

MI-5: Episode 8

May 13, 2011 Season 9 Episode 8

With the team still in shock about Lucas North, a specialist is brought in to help them find the man they knew as their section chief and friend. But the search becomes a deadly cat and mouse game for Lucas and Harry.
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MI-5: Episode 7

May 06, 2011 Season 9 Episode 7

Ruth Evershed is approached by council snooper Keith Deery, who claims to have uncovered some dodgy covert activities. Lucas is plunged further into the depths of his past when Vaughn takes his manipulations to a new level.
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MI-5: Episode 6

Apr 29, 2011 Season 9 Episode 6

MI5 agrees to temporarily use the CIA's computer network, Cybershell, after national security is compromised. But Tariq Masood discovers Cybershell has been breached by Russian and Chinese hackers.
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MI-5: Episode 5

Apr 22, 2011 Season 9 Episode 5

The American President is en route to London to chair secret talks between peace negotiators from Israel and Palestine. When a plot to kill the President is uncovered, Beth and Dimitri must track down the assailant.
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MI-5: Episode 4

Apr 15, 2011 Season 9 Episode 4

When a highly skilled trio of Chinese agents arrive in London for 48 hours only, the team must find out why they are here.
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MI-5: Episode 3

Apr 08, 2011 Season 9 Episode 3

Section D are forced to welcome an FSB Officer onto the Grid to help track a rogue nationalist from the ex-Soviet state of Azakstan. The chase is on, but can they stop the agent from falling into the wrong hands without ruining Anglo-Russian relations?
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MI-5: Episode 2

Apr 01, 2011 Season 9 Episode 2

Rookie agent Beth protects an oil baron from a potential assassination attempt but an unexpected ambush threatens to dredge up her mercenary past. Meanwhile, Lucas sees the man who calls him 'John' again.
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MI-5: Episode 1

Mar 25, 2011 Season 9 Episode 1

Section D are back, tracking a Somalian terrorist on a boat carrying lethal cargo. The team suspect the felon and his deadly cargo are bound for Plymouth - just in time for the launch of new Royal Navy vessel.
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