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Men in Trees Season 2 episodes

Taking the Lead Season 2, Episode 19

As the series finale begins, Elmo's talent show is approaching and Annie is rehearsing the dance number she'll perform with Ivan. But Patrick plans drastic action to win her back. And Marin gets a hefty check for her latest book, which pleases Jack, at first. Meanwhile, Sam and Jane are driving back to Elmo from New York, and Jane is growing tired of Sam's favorite roadside restaurant chain (and his reason for eating there); and Sara is fantasizing about the doctor she's working for. read more

Surprise, Surprise Season 2, Episode 18

Patrick returns to Elmo with his memory intact and finds that Annie has moved on---with Ivan. Marin celebrates the completion of her book with a trip to Anchorage, where she finds Julia's husband (Josh Stamberg) with another woman. And in New York, Sam saves a child from an onrushing SUV and is suddenly a hero, but it changes his personality. read more

New Dogs, Old Tricks Season 2, Episode 17

As Marin faces a book deadline, Jack saddles her with four unruly puppies that Julia (Kelli Williams) had foisted on him. Meanwhile, Annie, who's trying with mixed success to promote a talent show, is disturbed by a sweaty dream involving Ivan (Diego Klattenhoff). But in New York, Patrick isn't dreaming---self-help author Pilar (Sofia Vergara) really is coming on to him. read more

Kiss and Don't Tell Season 2, Episode 16

Cash moves in with Marin and Jack while he recovers from his kidney transplant, and Mai moves in with Celia after leaving Buzz. Meanwhile, Buzz wants to win Mai back by paying her back, so he takes Patrick's old job at the Elmo Inn, working with Annie, who's feeling lost in Elmo now that Patrick's gone. And in New York, Jane gives Patrick a job at her publishing company, where he sets out to change the office culture while Jane tries to woo another self-help author (Sofia Vergara). read more

Wander/Lust Season 2, Episode 15

Marin finally meets Julia (Kelli Williams), Jack's friend from the ship, after he gets an offer to be a visiting professor at the Anchorage college where she teaches. Meanwhile, Greta is making no bones about her designs on Patrick; Sam gives Jane a ring from the Sanitation Department's lost and found; and Mai discovers money missing from one of her bank accounts. Jim: Josh Stamberg. read more

Get a Life Season 2, Episode 14

In Elmo to sing the national anthem at the Huskies' opening game, Morgan Fairchild (playing herself) decides to make a movie about Marin. However, Marin is beginning to question her life in Elmo. Meanwhile, Ivan (Diego Klattenhoff) shows interest in Annie, while Patrick begins to bond with another woman (Bayne Gibby); Terri tries to bond with Cash on a camping trip; Eric forms a band that attracts female fans; and Buzz bets heavily on the Huskies. read more

A Tale of Two Kidneys Season 2, Episode 13

Cash gets more bad news about his kidneys; Jack sees Julia (Kelli Williams) for the first time since their ordeal in the Bering Sea; Ben signs a star hockey player from Croatia (Diego Klattenhoff) whose attitude matches his ability; Patrick is still avoiding Celia and Celia is avoiding Dick (Currie Graham); and Annie decides it's time for a makeover, so she goes to Terri (Mario Cantone) for a new look that's reminiscent of Sandy Duncan, circa 1970. read more

Read Between the Minds Season 2, Episode 12

As Marin, Jack and Jerome head to New York for Jane and Sam's "we-got-married-without-you-but want-your-fancy-gifts" party, Marin is worried about Jack because he's on edge. Jerome also has an ulterior motive: to see Annie's mother, Mary Alice. In Elmo, meanwhile, Sara meets an attractive doctor (Peter Wingfield) on an EMT run; and Celia arrests Patrick for his role in her auto accident. Stuart: Jason O'Mara. Karen: Debbie Lee Carrington. Steve: Danny Woodburn. read more

Home, Seized Home Season 2, Episode 11

Marin and Jack decide to move in together. Just about everybody in Elmo thinks it's a bad idea, but Cash (who moves into Jack's house) has a word of advice. Meanwhile, Theresa has a surprise for Ben; and Buzz gives Patrick a flying lesson. And in New York, Sam looks for a job while Jane sends their wedding notice to the New York Times. read more

Sonata in Three Parts Season 2, Episode 10

The Coast Guard calls off the search for Jack, leaving Marin numb and everyone else in Elmo melancholy; Cash gets bad news from the doctor; Eric and Sara discover that her place isn't as big as they thought it was; Patrick goes out with someone other than Annie; and Jerome and Mai reveal things about themselves that no one in Elmo knew. read more

Charity Case Season 2, Episode 9

Marin discovers Cash's secret and soon all of Elmo knows, too; Eric moves in with Sara---and the two begin a "completely chaste" living arrangement; and Jane throws out Sam's favorite shirt as part of her preparations for their move to New York. Meanwhile, Patrick's continued amnesia (and his new personality) sadden and perplex both Annie and Celia. They're in "the same boat," Annie believes, but Celia doesn't like that idea at all. read more

'Sweatering It Out' Season 2, Episode 8

One thing I always love about this show and will continue to love is all the supporting characters. I’m also a big fan of Marin (obviously) but I like her more when she’s dealing with the craziness of all the other regulars. Where are Buzz and Mai? Where are all of Celia’s snappy returns? Where is that Marin and Jack spark that we love to see every week? That’s hard to duplicate when Jack and Marin don’t actually share any screen time. And I’m definitely missing it. Now that Marin’s committed herself to Jack and has turned into a woman who waits by the phone and knits, is she still the same Marin? One thing that remains the same is her propensity to attract trouble. This week’s trouble comes wrapped up in a big Patrick bow. With his memory gone, he’s basically starting from scratch and he sees something he likes in Marin. I laughed out loud when he tried to kiss her — mostly because Marin was so horrified and did a mad scramble to ge... read more

Sea Change Season 2, Episode 7

With Jack away studying whales in the Bering Sea, Marin finds something in his cabin that disturbs her. And Patrick still can't remember who he is and is behaving uncharacteristically. Meanwhile, Mai prepares Mary Alice (Annie Potts) for her date with Jerome; Theresa is troubled by Ben's behavior since he bought the hockey team; and Jane drops a bombshell on Marin. read more

'Nice Day for a Dry Wedding' Season 2, Episode 6

I feared it the second that Mario Cantone slipped the barrette into Patrick's hair. In that instant, the purpose of the fierce winds and looming rain, coupled with the "contusions and hemorrhaging" promo for this week's episode, became clear. Elmo's undeniably cursed wedding would be cut short by a struck-down groom.Funny, when you think about it, that a lightning strike came at a time when the word "strike" is in all the headlines.OK, a tiny bit funny. I never said hysterical.By the way, it's Matt Mitovich here again. The resolution of last week's cliffhanger was a bit pat and anticlimactic. Cash lobs a few rocks at the wolves and all is good? Cop-out! So, this would have been the Season 1 finale. I appreciate that Men in Trees isn't all about the angst, the over-dramatic cliffhangers, when it very easily could be and so many other shows are. I wonder where we're going with the Patrick thing (assuming it's not a sitcom spin-off titled "Patrick Who?"). I feared that he would awake a... read more

"The Girl Who Cried Wolf" Season 2, Episode 5

Heck, even I was crying, "Wolf! Um, make that wolves!!" as that final scene arrived. I'm guest blogger ("logger"?) Matt Mitovich, and this is your Men in Trees recap....Those who know me from elsewhere on this fine site know of my love for Men in Trees. I made a point of flagging down the fab Emily Bergl at TV Guide's Emmys after-party (she went on to refer to me in her celeblog as "erudite," which someone tells me means "hunky-hot"), and my frequent stumping (heh-heh) for Trees has been known to elicit the occasional e-mail of appreciation from Jenny Bicks. So that's where I'm coming from here.That final scene of this week's episode had both my wife (the No. 1 Trees fan in our household) and I on the edge of our seats. What would you do? Seriously, what? Jack has advised Marin to throw something at the wolf and scream. Is Annie's beloved cat about to become airborne mincemeat? The promo for next week went so out of its way to suggest that Marin winds up in the hospital ... read more

"I Wood If I Could" Season 2, Episode 4

Marin’s little fantasy about Jack seemed too soft-light perfect to actually be happening. I, for one, am glad she’s not letting him off so easy. Yes, he made a mistake with Lynn, but Marin needs to feel like she had her dignity back before she can start something up with him again. Of course, she still has feelings for him — what sane woman wouldn’t — but I think she’s right to keep him at a distance. I’m sure they’ll find their happily-ever-after eventually. Two people making a very good go at that right now are Patrick and Annie.The planning of the bachelor and bachelorette parties pretty much goes off as expected. Annie presents Marin with an itinerary for her party (karaoke and pottery painting? really?) and Patrick reveals his bachelor-party fantasy to Marin. Annie’s carefully planned party turns fun after the ladies start drinking, and a relatively tame party at Ben’s bar gets interesting when a female mud wrestler shows up. Ce... read more

"No Man Is An Iceland" Season 2, Episode 3

The news that Jack and Lynn are done makes it around town in record time. Everyone assumes they’ll be back together in a flash, but I must admit I’m glad Marin isn’t ready to forgive and forget so easily. Of course they belong together, but like every other TV couple, they must overcome great odds before they can settle into happy-couple blissdom. But one of those obstacles seems to be leaving town.Cash is a man of very few words and apparently one of them isn’t goodbye. His abrupt departure from Marin’s life made me a laugh a little. It’s just like a guy to up and leave like that. Pipe down, I’m not complaining: I’m just observing. Cash is feeling like he’s been domesticated by Marin and that’s not a feeling he enjoys. He sets off with very little fanfare only to have Jack stumble upon his tent in the woods. Sharing close quarters with a sickly Marin results in her passing around the flu bug. When Cash asks Jack to go to Marin and g... read more

"Chemical Reactions" Season 2, Episode 2

Men in Trees finally accomplished something I never thought would happen: They made me feel sympathy for Lynn. I’ve never been a big fan of hers (and I know you haven’t either), but she definitely deserved more than she was getting from Jack. I guess it’s reassuring to have a man offer to take care of you and your baby, but Lynn wanted his love and Jack just couldn’t give her that. See ya, Lynn! Don’t let the door hit you in the “Pat Hisbutt” on the way out. And to think it all started with otter porn.Jack is commissioned to film otters mating. The hope is to use that tape to get some local otters, who haven’t mated in 11 years, to do the deed, so he heads out to the woods to get his money shot. In the meantime, there is plenty of drama going on in town. Sara’s court date is fast approaching, Patrick’s having an identity crisis, Marin and Cash are having a stew cook-off, and Lynn’s feeling like she and Jack have lost their spark... read more

"A Tree Goes in Elmo" Season 2, Episode 1

After ABC tortured us with such an interminably long hiatus, it was nice to welcome Elmo and all its wacky inhabitants back into my life. It’s funny because I thought I might have trouble getting back up to speed on all the storylines, but it all comes back so easily. OK, enough gushing. Mai is probably one of my favorite characters. Her voice can sometimes be grating but she has such a heart of gold. Of course, that heart is a little crushed when she discovers Buzz’s shopping-for-a-mail-order-bride book. What kind of idiot do you have to be to leave that thing lying around? What kind of idiot do you have to be not to throw that book away the second you get married? Even though both Buzz and Mai agree they probably wouldn’t have met if they’d left it solely up to stats on a piece of paper, they can agree that they’re happy they found each other.Celia is another of my favorites, and her relationship with Dick is nothing if not interesting. Dick is completely ... read more

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