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Memphis Beat Episode: "Blood of the Ferthermore"

Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: A city councilman's aide disappears on the very day he was to wed the councilman's daughter. Mixing throughout the case and making it more complex: a vanished reporter, an ambiguous phone message and mysteries surrounding a pair of cuff links. In other developments, Dwight's mother makes a game-changing decision.
Original Air Date: Aug 17, 2010

Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Don't Be So Cruel" Season 1, Episode 9

This week's episode envelops us in an engagement, a political wedding, a MIA groom, monetary kickbacks and a possible murder! So sit tight as we go through the suspects and Dwight and his boys sniff out the truth.

We open on a swanky hotel where Tony has gathered Paula Ann (Dwight's mama) and Dwight. We know something's cooking when he orders an '85 Dom Pérignon and Paula Ann's favorite tomato soup. Paula Ann chokes on the soup and a quick Heimlich maneuver reveals an engagement ring. Though I saw this coming from a mile away, all was forgiven when Tony ridiculously said, "(I thought you'd) sip your soup like a little kitten," to which Paula Ann replied, "you had me at little kitten!" We need more Paula Ann, y'all!

After the commotion with his bride-to-be mama, Dwight sees another chaotic bride in the background. Naturally he goes over to investigate and learns that Hillary can't find her MIA groom, Greg, who is her Councilman father's aide. Dwight questions those close to Greg, including his basketball star best man, Colin, who last saw him in the lobby. After discovering the hidden camera footage is missing, they investigate Greg's room where they find his cell phone, an empty diamond earring box (for Hillary) and lots and lots of dried blood under the bathroom tiles.

The murder investigation begins and Dwight learns from the Councilman (Oh, Bernard from Lost! Where is your sweet wife, Rose?) that Greg and his father got in a row the previous evening. When Dwight questions Greg's father, it turns out they'd argued because Greg answered his phone during dinner, a no-no in their family, and was clearly distraught by whatever he heard on the other line.

Meanwhile, trusty Sutton has unearthed a theft ring at the hotel so they boys interview all walks of hotel employees until they find a food worker with huge diamonds blinging out from her ears. She and a coworker are hauled in for investigation and thinking no one can understand their Spanish, they reveal they are in fact the thieves but not the murderers. Dwight shocks them by questioning them in Spanish and finds out they heard Greg and Colin arguing about cocaine.

Colin claims they argued because Greg was trying to get him to stop using drugs and he found out Colin had a girl on the side. After checking phone records, our detectives determine the girl is Rachel Stein, who called Greg four times that night.

Over at Rachel's house, they find out from her roommate that she's out of town and is a reporter for the Memphis Voice. They nose around her car, find her notes and although pages are missing, Dwight the intrepid investigator, uses a childhood trick of pencil shading to reveal the indented words which point towards kickbacks for a huge mall development. Aha, Greg was messing around in big business, now we have a motive for his murder. Rachel's boyfriend tells our detectives she's also missing...

Finally, we flash back to Paula Ann who, along with Rice, is sweatin' it out at Curves. Paula Ann reveals her anxiety about a second marriage saying she is just not up to playing the role of perfect wife (as I suspect she probably did with Dwight's daddy). Rice, God love her, offers the sage advice to, "treat him like a second wife!" — he should be hot, young, full of hobbies and good at sex! (I loved this and I'm positive if I had these two spitfires chatting with me at the gym, I could last longer on that damn elliptical!)

Back to Bernard, er, I mean the Councilman, who claims ignorance about any monetary kickbacks. Dwight and Whitehead question Chester Bayonne, a wealthy powerhouse who Sutton discovered has contributed millions to the mall project. As they question the slimy Chester, Dwight sees an old friend, an undercover female agent, who has been investigating Chester. She helps them stake out Chester and I must've spaced out (sorry!) because I'm not really sure why Chester had a secret meeting. Something about Cirque du Soleil and Ukraine...? Did anyone get that?

Anyway, after the nefarious parties departed, our boys noticed an abandoned car and found poor ol' Greg and Rachel dead in the trunk. (It drove me nuts that Dwight didn't put on his gloves leaving fingerprints everywhere!) They found a bank statement in Greg's pocket with evidence against Chester and dun-dun-dun... Greg's bride-to-be, Hillary.

Dwight and Whitehead interrogate Hillary who claims it was all done to protect the constituents and keep the Councilman's name from being dragged through the mud. Not sure about anyone else, but I found this reveal and reasoning to be pretty week. However they cuffed dear ol' Hill and put her away.

The final shot is of Dwight belting out Elvis' "Don't Be Cruel" on stage. It seemed like a forced transition to me, but I did like when Dwight pointed right at Tony and sang the line, "don't be cruel" as a sort of gentle threat that he better treat his mama right.

So what did y'all think?  I found this episode to the weakest one so far. Do you agree?  Am I being too harsh?  If half of it had been filled with Paula Ann-Rice banter, I think it would've been much more enjoyable.

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This week's episode envelops us in an engagement, a political wedding, a MIA groom, monetary kickbacks and a possible murder! So sit tight as we go through the suspects and Dwight and his boys sniff out the truth.
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