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Memphis Beat Episode: "I Shall Not Be Moved"

Season 1, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Dwight negotiates a hostage crisis, only to become a hostage himself. To resolve the delicate situation, he must delve into his captor's past and crack the mysteries of a decades-old murder. In the meantime, Lt. Rice's ex-husband stirs up trouble. Clarence Williams III and Veronica Cartwright guest star.
Original Air Date: Aug 10, 2010
Guest Cast Clarence Williams III Veronica Cartwright

Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "I Shall Not Be Moved" Season 1, Episode 8

A tense and sweaty hostage scene is at the center of this week's episode as a Memphis music legend goes to crazy-town, holding two people, including our boy, Dwight, at gunpoint.  Meanwhile, we learn more about Lt. Rice's past, and joke around with Whitehead and Sutton.

Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" plays overhead setting the tone for our first scene as we see Lt. Rice cunningly abusing her professional status in order to circumvent a lengthy bank line. She's there to resolve a pressing personal issue: $20,000 is missing from her account! Upon learning Carl Rice (her ex-husband) transferred the money to his personal account, Rice demands the teller transfer the money back saying, "He will spend that money like he's suckin' up oxygen!" A keyboard tug-of-war ensues as Rice tries taking matters into her own hands and when bank officers approach she flings up her badge as if to say "hell no!" and quickly collects herself.

The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" accompanies Dwight, Whitehead and Sutton as they stop for a much needed late lunch. Before they make it even a few feet, duty calls and they rush off to a handle a hostage situation: An older man, Sebastian LeGrange, is holding a younger man at gunpoint in his home. Minutes after arriving, shots are fired and instead of waiting for SWAT's arrival, Dwight takes matters into his own hands. Sebastian opens the door with a gun in hand, sweating buckets and looking all sorts of crazy (reminded me of my appearance after my subway ride home this evening — minus the gun of course!); however, Dwight recognizes him as a Memphis music legend and waltzes on in.

As this goes down, a still-hungry Whitehead grumbles over Dwight's bull-headed attitude making me think of Danny Glover's "I'm too old for this sh-t" lines to Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon movies (sorry, apparently Mel's on the brain again!). On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sutton stares reverently after Dwight, his idol, and talks of his own desire to behave as heroically. I laughed out loud when after a loud "bang," he clutches his side thinking he's been shot screaming, "I felt that!" Whitehead snidely remarks it was just a car door slamming.

Back in Sebastian's house, he is freaking out, ranting about the hostage being the devil. Dwight rifles through Sebastian's belongings, sneaks a few clandestine bathroom calls to Rice and learns not only that he is an escapee from a Louisiana jail, but his real name is Leroy Hitch and he's been "on the run" for a murder for some 40 years! Turns out the hostage is merely a process server handing out an eviction notice (yikes, bad job gone worse).

The crowds and choppers make Leroy jumpy. To calm his fears, Dwight turns on the TV, showing him it's just the news media and not the police trying to haul him back to jail for murder. He sees his daughter in the background, with whom he hasn't spoken to in 12 years. She later tells Rice they stopped speaking after he broke her heart by not attending her New Orleans wedding.

Leroy tells Dwight he's innocent of the murder of his former girlfriend, Emily. They were young and in love and because of racial tensions (he's black, she was white), they planned to run away together. He snuck into her house on Christmas Eve and found her body. To prove his lack of malice, he tells Dwight he'd written a love song for her ("Steal Away with Me") which he performed for her sister the night before she died. He plays it for Dwight and everyone surrounding the house hears his lovely tune. Weirdest (sweetest?) hostage situation ever! Dwight tells Leroy he believes him and will prove his innocence. Don't do a Memphis legend wrong when our boy Dwight is around, y'all! He calls Rice and tells her to send Whitehead to Louisiana to investigate the murder to which she saucily replies, "Did he shoot you in the heart... because you're definitely bleeding."

Whitehead finds the murder weapon, a knife, covered in Leroy's prints. Dwight challenges Leroy on this and he dissolves into scatter-brained speak confusing us if he's telling the truth or is truly delusional. Amidst all the excitement, Leroy panics and accidentally shoots the gun.  No one is hurt, but SWAT swarms in and arrests him.

When Dwight returns to the precinct Rice tells him to let the case go, however replies that he can't and will take some personal days to get to solve it. The next shot is of Rice down in New Orleans with Dwight — aw, she does care! They look through the old murder case and find a previously unnoticed snow globe which leads them to interrogate Emily's sister, Brenda. She says the snow globe couldn't be from Leroy — he had no money, hence the song. She mentions Brian, Emily's ex-boyfriend, who is now the town's mayor.

Dwight and Rice speak with the fairly dismissive mayor about Emily — he claims he was fine with her dating a black man. We ping-pong back to Brenda who reveals she and Emily had gotten in a fight that Christmas Eve. Brenda retaliated by telling Brian her sister's secret: She was dating a black man. She assumed Brian gave Emily a tongue-lashing, but that it was Leroy who ultimately killed her as she must've had second thoughts after Brian's visit. But is that really what happened? I figured it was the sister at this point.

After some additional sleuthing, Dwight pokes holes in Brian's story all because of... the weather! Bear with me now: Brian said he drove down that night from college (Fayetteville, AR), however he told Brenda his car was ruined in the rain because his windows were down. Sutton looks up the weather that year and there wasn't a drop of rain in Fayetteville, but there was in New Orleans so he must've already been in town. Ok that's great, but we need hard evidence... oh right, the snow globe! Fingerprinting confirms Brian used it to hit Emily on the head. The disgraced mayor is led out in handcuffs, some forty years later!

Dwight and Rice engage in friendly/antagonizing banter that left me wanting more. Those two just cannot stop themselves from meddlin' in each others' lives and although they're trying to help, they both drive each other nuts. He tries to pawn off his accountant's number to help with her money issues and she is determined to set him up with a friend after hearing he's finished with his ex. I want more!

Our closing shot is of Leroy hammering away on the piano singing the hymn "I Shall Not Be Moved" with Dwight as his newly reconciled daughter and Rice cheerily look on. (Father and daughter reconciled after learning he only missed her wedding to avoid a possible wrongful arrest in Louisiana.)

So, what did y'all think of this episode? Who wants to road-trip with Whitehead and Sutton?

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A tense and sweaty hostage scene is at the center of this week's episode as a Memphis music legend goes to crazy-town, holding two people, including our boy, Dwight, at gunpoint.  Meanwhile, we learn more about Lt. Rice's past, and joke around with Whitehead and Sutton.
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