Melrose Place - All Hell Breaking Loose
01:44 — Jo thinks that Richard tried to kill Jane. (Sydney,Bothered And Bewildered)
Melrose Place - It's the Law
02:06 — Amanda's father bribes Jake to keep his mouth shut but he gets caught. (Strange Bedfellows)
Melrose Place - Sick Man
01:42 — Kimberly goes to Jane when she discovers that Michael slept with Sydney. (Married to It)
Melrose Place - So In Love
02:01 — Hayley proposes to Allison. (El Syd)
Melrose Place - Kimberly's Ressurection
04:06 — Michael is shocked to see Kimberly standing in his living room alive. (Bitch is Back)
Melrose Place - Crash the Date
02:40 — Jake gets a friend to crash his date with Kelly. (Lost and Found)
Melrose Place - Something to Say
01:49 — Claire tells Jane she has been sleeping with Jake. (Triumph of the Bill)
Melrose Place - A Happy Family
02:52 — Matt poses with his wife as the perfect couple for immigration services. (Married to It)
Melrose Place - Make It Work
02:52 — Alison orders Jo around on a photo shoot. (To Live and Die in Malibu)
Melrose Place - Whatever
01:56 — Billy is testy with Alison's new relationship and Alison calls him out on it. (Dreams Come True)
Melrose Place - Hold Me
01:42 — After Alison is accosted in the street she turns to Keith for comfort. (Bye Bye Billy)
Melrose Place - Feels So Good
03:48 — Alison and Keith get reacquainted. (My New Partner)
Melrose Place - I Love You
04:12 — Jake's old girlfriend tells him she's HIV positive and it brings Jake and Jo closer together. (The Test)
Melrose Place - Dream Come True
02:44 — Jo presents Jake with a nice gift for the bike shop. (Bye Bye Billy)
Melrose Place - I'll Always Love You
04:08 — Jo puts the baby up for adoption and says her last good-bye. (They Shoot Mothers, Don't They?)
Melrose Place - Date Night
02:40 — Matt tells a colleague who likes him that he's gay. (Of Bikes and Men)
Melrose Place - Kelly Bails Out Jake
01:51 — Desperate to get her man out of jail, Kelly bails out Jake who comes over to her house to finally thank her. (Friends and Lovers)
Melrose Place - Sounds Like Jealousy
01:49 — Sam and Craig start getting close. (Mission Interpersonal)
Melrose Place - Fatal Consequences
01:01 — When Jo protects a model from an abusive boyfriend, she is pushed off the stairs. (Imperfect Strangers)
Melrose Place - Ultimatums
01:26 — Billy and Alison's relationship falls apart as she continues to be friends with Steve. (Duet for One)
Melrose Place - Wily Seduction
02:14 — Jake kicks Brittany out but she uses her charms to extend her stay. (It's a Bad World After All)
Melrose Place - I Do, Round 2
03:37 — Michael and Kimberly renew their vows. (The Circle Of Strife)
Melrose Place - First Grade Creep
01:22 — Alison starts dating someone new after Billy but he turns out to treat her like a fling. (No Strings Attached)
Melrose Place - Ruined Friendship
01:15 — Amanda feels betrayed by Alison and threatens to make her work life difficult. (Devil with the G-String)
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  • Premiered: July 8, 1992
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Slinky lingerie, rampant lunatics and loves usually gone wrong added up to many a soap fan's favorite campy pleasure. Early ratings were limp until executive producer Aaron Spelling spiced up the proceedings by bringing Heather Locklear and her wicked Aman… (more)

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