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Latest Episode: Melrose Place: Asses to Ashes

May 24, 1999 Season 7 Episode 35 watch on Hulu Plus (Subscription)

At the scene of the car accident, Ryan has successfully rescued Terry and Sarah from the flaming automobile, as Megan and Kyle race up.

Melrose Place: Dead Men Don't Shut Up

May 17, 1999 Season 7 Episode 34

At Lexi's apartment, Michael has responded to her frantic call for help, and pronounces Tony Marlin is dead from an apparent heart seizure.
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Melrose Place: Lexi Gets Stiffed

May 10, 1999 Season 7 Episode 33

At the park basketball court, Ryan, Sarah. Megan and Terry are in a competitive game. Megan gets a jab to the face by Terry, perhaps purposely, causing Megan to lose interest in the game.
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Melrose Place: Floral Knowledge

May 03, 1999 Season 7 Episode 32

On board the cruise ship, owned by Tony Marlin, Tony and Amanda are toasting each other in anticipation of an exciting trip. Tony asks where Eve is, as he gazes around the Atrium.
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Melrose Place: Bitter Homes and Guardians

Apr 26, 1999 Season 7 Episode 31

her apartment to find Sarah standing there. The young girl questions as to where her father might be.
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Melrose Place: Daughterboy

Apr 19, 1999 Season 7 Episode 30

Continuing from the previous episode, Ryan and Lexi discover Michael, naked, hiding in Megan's bedroom closet. Accusations are hurled at each other.
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Melrose Place: Mcbrides Head Revisited

Apr 12, 1999 Season 7 Episode 29

Lexi shows up at the courtyard in the early morning and knocks at Michael's door. When he answers, she pushes her way inside, quickly, questioning why he has not made better progress in luring Megan away from Ryan.
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Melrose Place: Ryans Choice

Apr 05, 1999 Season 7 Episode 28

At the St. Agnes Boarding School in upstate New York, Ryan has stopped by to see his daughter, Sarah. It is already past the little girl's bedtime, but he pleads with the nun to let him just stand by her bed for a little while.
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Melrose Place: Unpleasantville

Mar 08, 1999 Season 7 Episode 27

Lexi has scheduled an early morning psychiatric session with Dr. Visconti. She breezes in wearing her raincoat, and plops down seductively on the couch, unnerving Visconti, somewhat.
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Melrose Place: How Amanda Got Her Groove Back

Mar 01, 1999 Season 7 Episode 26

At the hospital, Amanda lies on a gurney, semi-conscious. Michael is just finishing the examination as Peter rushes up, anxious about her condition. Michael tells him that amazingly she came through the fall with just some cuts and bruises.
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Melrose Place: They Shoot Blanks, Don' They?

Feb 22, 1999 Season 7 Episode 25

Michael and Jane are just waking up. She tempts him to spend the day in bed with her, but Michael explains that he has to see his lawyer about counter suing the hospital over the shoddy way he was treated.
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Melrose Place: Saving Ryans Privates

Feb 15, 1999 Season 7 Episode 24

Michael is in Audrey Williams hotel room. It is evident that a scheme is being planned between Michael and Audrey to counter sue the hospital.
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Melrose Place: Younger Son Also Rises

Feb 08, 1999 Season 7 Episode 23

Jane rushes into the bedroom and finds Michael is not getting dressed for work. She reminds him that he said he had surgery this morning. Michael groans that there has been a slight problem at the hospital, and he has been placed on suspension.
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Melrose Place: Fist Full of Secrets

Jan 25, 1999 Season 7 Episode 22

Eve arrives at the courtyard and finds Peter slumped down on a chair by the pool. She rushes over to him saying that she has been searching every where for him. Peter stares at her, then says that he understands that she killed someone.
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Melrose Place: I Married a Jock Murderer

Jan 18, 1999 Season 7 Episode 21

In the on-call room at the hospital, Michael has drifted off into a quick nap. He dreams that he and Jane live in a lavish home with pool and putting green.
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Melrose Place: Kyle High Club

Jan 11, 1999 Season 7 Episode 20

At the Woodward Agency, Amanda and Jane are working late. They discuss the fact that Amanda and Kyle are trying to have a baby, but so far she isn't pregnant.
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Melrose Place: Usual Santas

Dec 21, 1998 Season 7 Episode 19

Dr. Visconti enters the courtyard, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, and crosses to Peter's door. Peter comes out dressed in an identical Santa outfit, and in a few minutes they are joined by Kyle, Michael and Ryan all in jolly old Saint Nick costumes.
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Melrose Place: Suddenly Sperm

Dec 14, 1998 Season 7 Episode 18

At his beach house, Michael is showing a real estate sales woman around the house. He tells Linda Powell that he is sort of drowning in debt at the present and questions if she feels it will be a quick sale.
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Melrose Place: When Cheerleaders Attack

Nov 30, 1998 Season 7 Episode 17

As Eve and Amanda are dressing for the wedding in the hotel room, Kyle comes in and demands a full explanation of why the two of them are sneaking around, visiting an elderly patient in a nursing home, then lying about the fact.
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Melrose Place: Lethal Wedding 4

Nov 23, 1998 Season 7 Episode 16

In the aftermath of the crash through the roof, that sent Michael and Megan down to Amanda's bedroom below, everyone starts blaming each other.
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Melrose Place: Fiddling On the Roof

Nov 16, 1998 Season 7 Episode 15

Michael places a bouquet of red roses in front of Jane's apartment, and tapes a "Welcome Home" sign to the door. As he steps back to admire his work, George and Katherine Andrews arrive.
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Melrose Place: Suspicion

Nov 09, 1998 Season 7 Episode 14

Kyle and Amanda are asleep in each other's arms on the stage of the upstairs club, covered with tablecloths, where they drifted off into slumber after a passionate encounter.
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Melrose Place: Night the Lights Went Out at Melrose

Nov 02, 1998 Season 7 Episode 13

At her condo Lexi , still hung-over, answers the Knock at the door. When she sees Megan standing there with carry-out coffee and sweet roll, Lexi flies into a rage, condemning her for being a traitor.
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Melrose Place: The Rumor Whisperer

Oct 26, 1998 Season 7 Episode 12

Jane rushes to Megan apartment and knocks, and when Megan answers, she demands to know if Michael is there. Megan tells her that she hasn't seen Michael, and if Jane suspects an affair is going on she is totally wrong.
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Melrose Place: Not Quite All About Eve

Oct 19, 1998 Season 7 Episode 11

At the Upstairs Club, Lexi approaches Amanda saying there is something that she needs to know. Amanda snaps that she doubts that Lexi has anything enlightening to reveal to her.
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Melrose Place: Doctor Jealousy

Sep 28, 1998 Season 7 Episode 10

At the beach house, Michael and Jane are awakened by the alarm clock. Michael turns to her saying how wonderful it is to wake up beside each other.
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Melrose Place: Where the Hookers Grow

Sep 21, 1998 Season 7 Episode 9

The police have arrived to investigate the accidental shooting of Peter by Amanda, in her apartment. She explains that she found the front door ajar and moved in cautiously, then reached for the registered pistol that she keeps in the kitchen.
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Melrose Place: World According to Matt

Sep 14, 1998 Season 7 Episode 8

Jane blocked by a traffic jam telephones Michael at the hospital to advise that she will be very late for their dinner engagement. Michael tells her that he has to cancel out anyway because of a change in schedule in the emergency room.
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Melrose Place: Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 2

Sep 07, 1998 Season 7 Episode 7

Kyle, racing through the rainstorm to the cabin where Amanda is supposedly held, finds a landslide has blocked the roadway. The Highway Patrol advises that he will have to turn back and wait out the storm.
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Melrose Place: Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 1

Aug 31, 1998 Season 7 Episode 6

Kyle arrives after work at Amanda's apartment, and finds her bed has not been slept in. Puzzled as to where she might be, suspicion sends him down to Peter's apartment.
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Melrose Place: As Bad As It Gets

Aug 24, 1998 Season 7 Episode 5

In a continuation of the previous episode, Michael is on the phone talking to Jane who has just arrived back in Los Angeles. Michael panics that Jane might find Taylor living there and hustles her out of sight by telling her she doesn’t look well.
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Melrose Place: Ball N Jane

Aug 17, 1998 Season 7 Episode 4

Lexi has dropped Cooper off at the hospital. On this morning after last night's wedding ceremony. Lexi reminds him of the terms of their marriage according to her father's will.
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Melrose Place: A Match Made in Hell

Aug 10, 1998 Season 7 Episode 3

Megan wakes with a startle from a terrible nightmare that takes place in a wedding chapel. She and Cooper are about to be married when suddenly Lexi is dragged in by guards and forced to witness the ceremony as she begs Cooper to reconsider.
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Melrose Place: Long Way to Tip a Roy

Aug 03, 1998 Season 7 Episode 2

In her semiconscious condition Taylor fantasizes that Michael has rescued her from dying of carbon monoxide fumes in her car, when in fact it is an off duty life guard who finds her and gives her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
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Melrose Place: Divorce Dominican Style

Jul 27, 1998 Season 7 Episode 1

In the Dominican Republic Amanda and Rory have arrived, she intent on a quick divorce from Kyle and Rory equally intent on a quick marriage to Amanda.
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