Slinky lingerie, rampant lunatics and loves usually gone wrong added up to many a soap fan's favorite campy pleasure. Early ratings were limp until executive producer Aaron Spelling spiced up the proceedings by bringing Heather Locklear and her wicked Amanda to the party, followed by plenty of bed-hopping, backstabbing and cliffhangers to go with the cheesy melodrama. As the show wrapped, Locklear said that `Melrose' gave her a character who `had sex more than anybody I have ever known.'


Guest Stars

Dan Gauthier
Jeff, Jeff Baylor
Stanley Kamel
Amanda's boss, Bruce, Bruce Teller
Keith, Keith Gray
Amanda's father, Mr. Woodward, Palmer Woodward, Woodward
Constance Fielding, Matt's Mother, Mrs. Fielding
Alison's Co-Worker, Chas
Alison's Father, Mr. Parker, Parker
Martin, Rikki's Guru
Kimberly's Mother, Marion Shaw, Mrs. Shaw
Mrs. Carter, Reed's Father, Reed's Mother
Hadley, Judge, Judge Pittman
Patient, Spider
Chad Everett
Lexi's Father, Sterling
Mr. Carter, Reed's Father, Reed's Mother
Kimberly's Demon, Kimberly's Demon Henry
Joe Danworth, Kovacs, Walter Kovaks
Kathy Ireland
Brittany, Brittany Maddocks
Ken Howard
Andrews, George Andrews, Mr. Andrews, Sydney's father
Celia, Celia Morales
David, David Erikson
Rikki, Rikki G
Meredith, Meredith Parker
Billy's Boss, Nancy
Det. Wiley, Det. Wylie
Sarah, Sarah Owens
Bike-Shop Owner, Rusty
Doctor, Larner
Employer, Josh
Boutique customer, Hilda
Kate Reilly, Mrs. Reilly
Loni Anderson
Teri, Terri Carson
Carrie, Terrence's decorator
Joan Campbell, Mrs. Campbell
Tom Schanley
Det. Rawlings, Matt's detective friend, Rawlings
Det. Stevenson
Record-company representative, Zack
Tom Richland
Jane's Attorney
Vince Parezi
Denise Richards
Brandi, Brandi Carson
Fielding, Matt Fielding Sr.
Jackie, Jackie Zambrano
Tom, Tom Reilly
Jake's Ex, Perry Morgan
Larner's Wife, Mrs. Larner
Jim Stone, Stone
Jo's Friend, Karen
Schectman, Scott Schectman
Dr. Miller, Dr. Tom Miller
Sam Anderson
Agent Hill, Hill
Michael's Patient, Perry
Client, Lief
Laurie, Sydney's Friend
Coroner, Lewis' Doctor
Hank, Sarah's Boyfriend
George Carpenter
Ben Stein
Loan Officer
Drew Mackenzie
Carters' Attorney
Kimberly's Psychiatrist
Judge Mike Thomas
Sarah Goldstein
Mrs. Damarr
Erica Connors
Greg Madigan
Sharon Ross
Peter's Attorney
Evie Wainbridge
Rick Danworth
Jennifer Helms
John O'Hurley
John Marshall
Detective Altman
Joel Gretsch
Mitch Sheridan
Sandy's Date
Aaron Baker
Pediatrician's Wife
Malachi Throne
William Campbell
Dr. Anderson
Paul's Wife
Mr. McBride
Robert's Father
Desk Officer
Alan's producer
Robert's Mother
Nurse Dena
Lydia Perkins
Insurance Adjuster
Katherine Andrews
Officer Curtis
Mr. Fielding
Senator Wilcox
Jess's Partner
Building Inspector
Harry's Victim
Parole Officer
Sam Lieberman
Strip-Club Owner
Robyn Marlowe
Vince Connors
Gail Lenvin
Jennifer's Date
Sydney's Lawyer
Father Maldonado
Billy's Date
Alison's Friend
Dr. Ron Taylor
Charlie Harris

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