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Melissa & Joey Season 3 episodes

At Last Season 3, Episode 37

In the third-season finale, Joe asks Dani to move in before running this idea by Mel. Elsewhere, Marco and Zander both try to win over Lennox; and Ryder earns an odd credential after enrolling in an online course. read more

Maybe I'm Amazed Season 3, Episode 36

Mel gives Joe shocking news during their wedding, and he must quickly make a decision as a result. Meanwhile, Lennox feels torn between Zander and Marco; and Ryder looks for the perfect opportunity to reveal that he won't be attending college. read more

You're the One That I Want Season 3, Episode 35

Many problems arise during Mel and Joe's wedding weekend, including someone getting injured during Joe's bachelor party; the father of the bride going missing; and the groom seeing the bride in her wedding dress. read more

Uninvited Season 3, Episode 34

Joe's mom visits unexpectedly, which irks Mel, but Joe saves his anger for another unplanned guest: his estranged brother. Elsewhere, Lennox and Ryder aren't on the same page with her plans for his future. read more

Don't Look Back in Anger Season 3, Episode 33

Mel and Joe reflect on their relationship and bend the truth as they try to impress a counselor. read more

Right Time, Right Place Season 3, Episode 32

Mel plans a wedding for her pal, who then has a change of heart about getting married. However, Mel considers keeping the arrangements intact and substituting herself and Joe for the bride and groom. Meanwhile, Lennox helps Ryder spice up his resumé. read more

Accidents Will Happen Season 3, Episode 31

Mel gets unexpected news from her doctor and contemplates about when to share it with Joe. Meanwhile, Ryder forms a diverse study group; and a huge mix-up occurs between Lennox and Zander. read more

More than Roommates Season 3, Episode 30

Joe inherits a hideous chair from his deceased grandmother, much to his delight and Mel's chagrin. Elsewhere, Ryder poses as a college student in an attempt to win over one of Zander's roommates. read more

Born to Run Season 3, Episode 29

Mel prepares for her state-senate election and her dad arrives to assist her, but he winds up doing more harm than good when he unintentionally distributes a risqué photograph to her campaign staff. read more

Catch & Release Season 3, Episode 28

Joe helps his divorced buddy reenter the dating world at a bar, where a single woman shows interest in Joe. Elsewhere, Zander gets two female roommates, which displeases Lennox. read more

I'll Cut You Season 3, Episode 27

A hit-and-run accident involves Joe and Mel's hairdresser, leaving Mel torn about whom to support. Elsewhere, Ryder attempts to win back Stella by staging a big romantic gesture in the middle of her chemistry class. read more

Chaperones Season 3, Episode 26

Mel and Joe chaperone a dance at Ryder's school, but they misbehave and get thrown out. Meanwhile, Ryder plans to end his relationship with Stella, but he changes his mind after he helps her take care of an ill Isabel. read more

My Roof, My Rules Season 3, Episode 25

Lennox's romance with Emerson is exposed, so Mel follows Joe's advice and forbids the relationship, leading Lennox to move out. Elsewhere, Ryder forgets his passport and gets stuck at the Canadian border. read more

To Tell the Truth Season 3, Episode 24

Mel and Joe befriend a married couple, but Mel puts the friendship at risk when she shares a secret Joe told her about the husband. Elsewhere, Zander's failing grades get him booted from art school, so Ryder agrees to let him hide out in the basement. read more

Couples Therapy Season 3, Episode 23

Mel wants to attend couples' therapy with Joe, and he reluctantly agrees, but problems arise when the therapist turns out to be Joe's ex-flame. Elsewhere, Lennox is unsure about dating her teaching assistant after Zander reenters the picture. read more

House Broken Season 3, Episode 22

Mel gets a dog, despite Joe's objections. Elsewhere, Ryder starts babysitting Stella's daughter and spends less time with an increasingly busy Stella. read more

Plus One Season 3, Episode 21

Joe attends a work event with Mel and shares his strong opinions on various issues, leading to some bad press for Mel. Elsewhere, Ryder asks Stella out on a date; and Lennox and Zander discuss their future. read more

Feel the Burn Season 3, Episode 20

Joe kicks Mel out of a fitness class she asked him to teach, and then he fights with a famous chef at a special eight-course dinner Mel won. Elsewhere, Lennox and Zander search for a buyer for their Web series. read more

The New Deal Season 3, Episode 19

Mel sneaks over to Joe's new place to spend time with him, and her antics may get him fired. Elsewhere, Ryder does a news interview, which he thinks paints him in a heroic light, but it instead becomes an unflattering video on the Internet. read more

Independence Day Season 3, Episode 18

Mel suggests a slow approach to her and Joe's new romance, and Joe obliges, but soon she has second thoughts about this sluggish pace. Elsewhere, Lennox and Zander work together on a comic-book project. read more

A Decent Proposal Season 3, Episode 17

Joe rushes home to Mel to share his feelings with her, but he's crushed to find Austin there. Meanwhile, Lennox conspires to get Joe and Mel together; and Ryder gets ill from food he prepared by himself. read more

A New Kind of Family Christmas Season 3, Episode 16

The kids' mom visits the family for Christmas while she's on a furlough from prison, and Joe's blatant ill will toward her doesn't faze her. read more

What Happens in Jersey... Season 3, Episode 15

Conclusion. Mel's feelings for Joe become confused as she continues to masquerade as his ex-wife during a family gathering in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Joe's nephew Marco shows a romantic interest in Lennox; and Ryder is asked to do a favor for the Longos. read more

What Happens in Jersey... Season 3, Episode 14

Part 1 of 2. To make his dying grandmother happy for her birthday, Joe has Mel masquerade as his ex-wife while visiting family in New Jersey; at the same time, Joe's nephew Marco shows a romantic interest in Lennox; and Ryder is asked to do a favor for the Longos. read more

Teach Your Children Season 3, Episode 13

Joe dates the mom of one of the students he tutors and earns a colorful reputation because of it. Elsewhere, Mel is displeased with Lennox's plan to skip college and drive across the country in a motor home. read more

Bad Influence Season 3, Episode 12

Joe and Ryder mistakenly sell an old video of Mel's at a garage sale, and Mel is desperate to get it back. Elsewhere, Lennox's pen pal looks forward to meeting her now that he's out of prison. Series star Joey Lawrence directed the episode. read more

Fast Times Season 3, Episode 11

Mel tries to get her new romance to progress quickly. Elsewhere, Lennox encounters problems at her internship. read more

Family Feud Season 3, Episode 10

Mel and Joe cohost a local morning show and win over viewers, but their candor about Lennox's and Ryder's lives upsets the teens. read more

Something Happened Season 3, Episode 9

Lennox's romance with Zander intensifies, and Mel tries to be laid back about it, while Joe gets angry with Zander. Elsewhere, Ryder plays up his undeserved rebel reputation to impress his girlfriend, but this approach backfires with her parents. read more

The Unfriending Season 3, Episode 8

Joe persuades Mel to end her friendship with a clingy pal, whom he then starts secretly dating. Elsewhere, Lennox becomes wildly competitive over test scores; and Ryder's buddies no longer want to be his friend on social-media sites. read more

The Unkindest Cut Season 3, Episode 7

Mel and Austin disagree about having kids, so Joe has Mel bond with their neighbor's baby to remind her of her dream of being a mom. Meanwhile, Joe's latest girlfriend isn't interested in forming a deep connection with him; and Lennox struggles to write a college-entrance essay. read more

The Truth Hurts Season 3, Episode 6

Mel and Austin's weekend adventure gets ruined thanks to Joe. Meanwhile, Ryder gets a classmate when Joe introduces him to a fellow homeschooled student, but problems soon arise between them. read more

Oh Brother Season 3, Episode 5

Mel begins dating an old pal from childhood, and Joe worries that Mel and her beau may be related and not know it. Elsewhere, Lennox learns that one of her blog sponsors engages in unfair labor practices. read more

Can't Hardly Wait Season 3, Episode 4

Joe dates his chiropractor following a back injury, and he doesn't want to rush their new romance. Elsewhere, Ryder and Zander team up to work on a graphic novel, but the project hits a sour note when Lennox becomes their editor. read more

Inside Job Season 3, Episode 3

Mel gets Joe a government job, but problems arise when Joe is caught in another financial scandal, putting Mel's career on the line. Elsewhere, Lennox must kiss an attractive classmate when she stars in the school play. read more

Toxic Parents Season 3, Episode 2

Mel and Joe realize their new flames are connected: They're a divorced couple. Elsewhere, Lennox is displeased when her boyfriend orders her not to get a tattoo; and Ryder misses being in school. read more

Works for Me Season 3, Episode 1

In the third-season opener, Joe pursues another job opportunity, which alarms Mel and compels her to create scenarios that demonstrate how much her family need him. Meanwhile, Lennox suspects her artistic boyfriend has a new muse; and Ryder goes on a class trip. read more

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