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A comedian takes the world's most extreme vehicles out for test drives.

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A Tank Full Of Love
01:25 — Johnny serenades Lt. Commander Parker in the tank with a 90's rock song.
Pump The Jams
01:02 — Johnny tests out the stereo in the Spyker C8 Laviolette, much to the dismay of its owner, JP.
Rocket Hump
00:40 — Johnny gets comfortable with the inventor of the rocket truck.
School Bus Payback
01:31 — Johnny seeks vengeance for his traumatic school days and destroys a school bus with the HMEE backhoe.
Bombs Away
01:08 — Johnny pushes a small car off a cliff, and its remains get cremated by a falling boulder.
Quadracycle Kick
01:23 — Johnny quizzes the Brimstone Quadracyle creator about his vehicle and then hops into the driver's seat to take it for a spin. Tune in next Thursday at (more…)
Flaming Spear/Wrecking Ball
00:29 — Johnny destroys a small car with some firepower, and then finishes the job with a healthy crunch.
Johnny, Over And Out
00:20 — Johnny tests out trucker lingo using the radio of the jet truck.
Bad-Ass Biker
01:27 — In his attempts to join a biker gang, Johnny rides the world's tallest motorcycle too hard. Tune in next Thursday at 10:30/9:30c to see the disastrous (more…)
Hover And Out
00:57 — Johnny feels the wind in his hair while driving a hovercraft. Tune in to the all new episode next Thursday at 11/10c.
The Sport Copter
00:38 — This sexy plane is made for snuggling; with its two seats and two blades, the Sport Copter is perfect for a pair, and the bright red exterior spices u (more…)
Tank Hostage
01:07 — Johnny handcuffs himself to the S.W.A.T. tank and makes a list of hilarious demands.
Senior Moment
00:31 — Johnny tries out the old-fashioned dentist doorknob trick while in the driver's seat of the Quadracycle.
Hick Tubing
00:37 — Johnny hops in the driver's seat of a swamp buggy to pull some guys in a hollowed-out refrigerator. Tune in to the next all-new episode, premiering Th (more…)
The Quadracycle Is Bananas
00:35 — Johnny kicks up some dirt while trying to perform a dizzying stunt on the Brimstone Quadracycle.
HMEE Backoe, S.W.A.T. Tank
01:13 — The world's fastest backhoe gets up to speeds of 60 mph, and can lift a whopping 4400 pounds, while the S.W.A.T APC has a 270 horsepower turbo V8 dies (more…)
The Log Forwarder
00:34 — This beauty, which hails from Maine, has a crushability of 3000 PSI, a shaft length of 25 feet, and is known to move a bundle of logs with only a sing (more…)
This Little Piggy Went Home
01:29 — Johnny uses the Ocean Pearl to play a prank on some unsuspecting fishermen.
Jet Truck Music Video
00:28 — Johnny rocks out to his own theme song for the Jet Truck.
Lunchtime In The Atom
00:34 — Johnny tries to enjoy his lunch--with little success--while cruising in the passenger seat of the Ariel Atom.
Human Spider
01:20 — Johnny talks to the creator of the Walking Beast about it's construction, and together they try to imitate an 8-legged creature.
The Hyster H1050 HDS Forklift
00:42 — This giant hunk of burning metal can lift up to 105,000 pounds, and likes to take things slow with a maximum speed of 14 mph.
Welcome To the Gang
01:39 — In an attempt to impress members of the biker gang, The Vagos, Johnny uses the Dream Big Bike to show off some rebellious behavior.
Swamp Buggy
00:48 — This southern beauty reaches speeds of 72 mph, has 418 horsepower, and can tow up to two men in a refrigerator.
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  • Premiered: November 4, 2010
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: A comedian takes the world's most extreme vehicles out for test drives. (more)

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