This Sunday-morning public-affairs institution is network TV's oldest program, but it's certainly no dinosaur as it continues to be a prime forum for newsmakers (domestic and foreign) wanting to make announcements or test political waters. The series, in which guests are questioned by the moderator and a panel of journalists, began its life in prime time in November 1947.

Guest Stars

Joe Biden
17 Episodes (2004-2016)
Ted Cruz
8 Episodes (2012-2016)
Rand Paul
8 Episodes (2010-2016)
Ted Koppel
5 Episodes (2005-2015)
Ben Carson
5 Episodes (2015-2015)
Jeb Bush
5 Episodes (2013-2016)
Jim Webb
5 Episodes (2006-2008)
Ted Koppel
3 Episodes (2005-2015)
Glenn Beck
3 Episodes (2016-2016)
Bill Cosby
2 Episodes (2007-2009)
Rick Perry
2 Episodes (2012-2015)