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Everything Comes to a Head Season 3, Episode 22

The murder case involving Walter Paxton (Jason Priestley) continues. Meanwhile, Allison's life turns topsy-turvy when her psychic abilities are revealed to the public. She also works to nab a serial killer. Neve Campbell also guest stars. read more

May 16, 2007: “Everything Will Come to a Head” Season 3, Episode 21

Season finales make me wistful The third part of a trilogy bringing Neve Campbell and Jason Priestley to the Dubois roost wrapped the season up nicely I love when everything comes together and there are no loose ends This show while not quite as fantastic as last weeks still held its own especially when you consider Allisons special talents and the risks she had to take to solve the murder of her friendenemy PD MacColl Everyone got a spot in this show Manny Scanlon and Lynn Scanlon finally got some good scenes as well and he and Lynn are back together Those two are very on again off again Perhaps next season they might even have a subplot of their ownJoe had another decent story line losing his job because of Allisons newly exposed abilities yet still loving his wife at the end of the day What a guy Clone him please Manuel lost his job as well but since Allison had his back Im sure it was only temporary Best Line PDDebra read more

May 9, 2007: "Heads Will Roll" Season 3, Episode 20

Thanks for cutting me some slack getting the Medium blog up Now without further ado I give youOne of the best openings Ive seen on this show One of the best shows this season I still have goosebumpsOne creepily believable performance from Neve Campbell as sneaky underhanded reporter PD MacCollOther great titles for this show would have been Life Needs Your Attention or Stop the Murderer Stop the Murder Where have I heard something like that before Any Heroes fans out there Save the Cheerleader Save the World ring any bellsSo this being May sweeps the folks over at Medium really tried to pack a lot in There was more humor than normal a film noir short and Howie Mandel himself Plus by putting Phoenixs great DA Manuel Devalos on the auction block weve got the perfect setting for a real cliffhanger with next weeks showTo start Joes meeting with his father was hysterical The entire conversati read more

May 2, 2007: “Head Games” Season 3, Episode 19

Show of hands who thought this was another fantastic Medium Yeah me too 90210s Luke Perry nay Jason Priestley my bad showed up as a nasty lying gambler But when his wife Natalie vindictively turned off the game right before a Big 3 pointer I found myself saying Id kill her Those two have a really special marriageI find that its never good when someone whos been threatened is in the shower Psycho Eek eek eek Joe said You always grab your neck when youre dreaming of Natalie Paxton Then we find out the killer has chopped off her head like in The Hills Have Eyes or something Another gruesome image Remember when Allison dreamed inside her dream that she saw Natalies head in the cupboard I swear the writers good as they are are totally into horror movies and this is how they get all the gore out of their systems Very realistic scene with the sisters at the kitchen table Ariel having jinxed Bridgette read more

April 25, 2007: No One to Watch Over Me Season 3, Episode 18

Patricia and Jake came on before the show started to talk about the previous show and to offer their condolences for the victims and families of the Virginia Tech killings last week It was a nice touch and something I wished they hadnt needed to do The opening scene with Allison on her sleigh bed in a snowstorm was utterly reminiscent of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I loved that movie so it made me very excited to see this show however hard it was to watch So when Allison found out there was a missing girl after she had spent the night shivering in bed with Joe I thought Ill bet shes lost somewhere very cold and frozen I pick these things up so quicklyWell cold and frozen as in a freezerJoe went back to work after the terrible hostage crisis with Adam Goldbergs character and found he was unable to cope He thought he was fine but he was still grieving and probably a little bit in denial He spent most of the episode lash read more

April 11, 2007: 1-900-Lucky Season 3, Episode 17

The show opened with a scene from Debbie Does Dallas a movie about cheerleaders Actually its a much deeper story than that Get it OK its nearly 1 am here in the smokey little hamlet of Los Angeles and Im knackered a new word I learned from my friend upon her return from merry olde England So try to just laugh at my jokes out of kindness if nothing else This show marked the return of Allisons TV brother Michael and her real live brother David Arquette who directed the ep Ryan Hurst played Michael and I always like when hes around because hes a great character and you never know what will happen when your siblings appear out of nowhere Another reason I loved this ep Cindy Pickett Yes she does look a lot like Markie Post remember Night Court I have loved Cindy since way back when she was on Guiding Light in the mid 50s OK not really that far back but a long time ago Most people know her as Ferris Bueller14 read more

April 4, 2007: Joe Day Afternoon Season 3, Episode 16

This was a completely riveting show I was literally on the edge of my seat I am still having heart palpitationsThe show starred the fantastic Adam Goldberg who was incredibly intense in the role of Bruce a dying man who has lost his job and finds he has few options to protect his family once he is gone Dazed and Confused wasnt the first thing I saw Adam Goldberg in but it was the movie that I think of whenever I see him Besides The Hebrew Hammer which was hysterical to say the least Adam is a gifted comedic actor so it was really satisfying to see him in Medium playing a very unfunny character The show opened with Allison speaking of dread and its many manifestations My favorite lines from that wereDread gnaws at youDread is worrying about something you cant do anything about Ive had that horrifying feeling and it is not something you can easily shake This is going to be an intense show Double dream opening Al has a dream read more

March 28, 2007: Whatever Possessed You Season 3, Episode 15

Within seconds of Medium starting I had two nearly opposing thoughts Is that really Mimi Kennedy and Are we about to be subjected to the small-screen version of The Exorcism of Emily Rose Luckily it was Mimi I always loved her on Dharma and Greg as Dharmas wacky hippie mother And not for nothing but The Exorcism of Emily Rose was pretty good I watched it last year after I started blogging Dexter since Jennifer Carpenter who played Dexters sister Debbie starred as Emily Rose in the movie Another fantastic effort from the writers who apparently were feeling that a little twist was in order I knew something was awry when Alison and Devalos went to talk to the very attractive woman who was supposedly Colleens therapist She was a little too Katherine Heigl to be a psychiatrist I thought that Michael was married to Mimi Kennedy even after the blonde bombshell doctor showed up It wasnt until Allison went to the hospital to bring read more

March 7, 2007: “The Boy Next Door” Season 3, Episode 14

Ooh that was such a good Medium We get to finally hear the story of how Allison and Joe met Ariel is nonplussed that their chance meeting happened at a place called Fat Bobbys But the truth of the matter was that their paths had crossed three years earlier at a science fair Thats not as uncommon as one might think When I dated my first boyfriend he took me to a concert where the guy I dated after him was playing in the headlining band I didnt meet boyfriend No 2 that night but had taken a picture of the band and when we started going out many years later I found that picture and just couldnt believe the coincidence Bridge gets excited thinking about how they might have met years early and she could really be 11 But of course we all know had Al and Joe met three years early and gotten pregnant they would have had an entirely different set of children And we love Ariel Bridgette and little MariePeri Gilpin of Frasier fame showed up as young read more

February 28, 2007: “We Had a Dream” Season 3, Episode 13

Eric Stoltz makes a stunning guest re-appearance as the creepy Creepsville serial killer Sonny Troyer He and Allison share the same dreams about the girls he is going to murder and it gets a little scarier when he takes her out of the dream world and makes her the subject of his dreamsReally telling lines 149 Allison to the Department of Homeland Security Id rather not talk about how I know a plane is going to crash 10 days before it happens This is not going to work in her favor149 Allison on Allison Osama Ben Allison149 Sonny Troyer to Allison How are your dreams Allison Dubois If that wasnt creepy as all get out well then I dont know what is149 The dead-girl-in-Phoenixs roommate to the SWAT team I know Im not supposed to smoke on the roof Dont shoot me149 How dead is he149 Real dead Thoughts and admissions149 They dare to doub read more

February 21, 2007: "Second Opinion" Season 3, Episode 12

It took me several minutes to realize that the guy in the glasses was Joe at which point I thought Oh my god Joe looks so old and beleaguered Marie is sick and dying It was a good thing Allison woke up What a horrible dream to open up on I hate the dreams that are so sad you burst into tears as soon as you wake up or worse when you wake up already crying This was a much more somber show than last weeks But once we got going this one turned out to be a little predictable since I figured it out kind of easily and I never figure these things out But again I like how the two stories intertwined until everything was revealed I love that the steamy hot Scanlon had his own story line And when the deputy mayor said she would stay and be there for him I knew he was dreaming Scanlon at an AA meeting did we know he was an addict Wasnt he drinking wine with his lady friend at the restaurant when he was going to give her his key It was also g read more

Apocalypse, Push Season 3, Episode 11

Arliss Howard reprises his role as Texas Ranger Kenneth Push, who returns to Allison's life when he experiences unnerving visions about a Phoenix-based slaying. Meanwhile, Joe tells a little white lie---and suffers the consequences. read more

Very Merry Maggie Season 3, Episode 10

Allison has unsettling visions about a father abusing his young son (Bryce Robinson), who in turn seeks comfort in a talking doll that may be delivering sinister messages to the child. Meanwhile, health issues rattle Joe as he takes on a looming project deadline. Roxanne Hart, Diane Venora. Arliss Howard directed the episode. read more

Better Off Dead Season 3, Episode 9

A peculiar new friendship between two ghosts comes to the fore in Allison's visions. But one of the spirits unexpectedly turns down Allison's attempts to unmask the person who killed him. read more

The Whole Truth Season 3, Episode 8

As Devalos combs for clues in the death of a distinguished congressman, Allison begins having perplexing images of a youngster trapped in a well. read more

Mother's Little Helper Season 3, Episode 7

After a dress-shop owner and her daughter are murdered, Allison and Ariel have disturbing dreams about the crime---but their visions have differing viewpoints that pin the crime on two separate suspects. read more

Profiles in Terror Season 3, Episode 6

While working on a case involving a possible serial killer, Allison locks horns with a celebrated FBI criminal profiler when her visions differ from his findings. Meanwhile, Joe worries when Marie begins exhibiting bizarre behavior. read more

Ghost in the Machine Season 3, Episode 5

Joe receives a camcorder for his birthday, and Allison begins to view disturbing images through it that may be connected to a murder. read more

Blood Relation Season 3, Episode 4

When Allison's archenemy---a ghostly serial killer from the 1800s named Dr. Charles Walker (Mark Sheppard)---begins haunting her dreams again, Allison worries that he'll return to Earth to continue his murderous rampage. Her fears are soon validated when she chances upon a young man who bears a striking resemblance to the doctor. read more

Be Kind, Rewind Season 3, Episode 3

It's a nightmarish “Groundhog Day” of sorts for Allison when she relives the same ominous day over and over again via her dreams. But the repetitive daily loop begins to reveal significant details about a looming hostage crisis. Elsewhere, Joe pines for more affection from Allison, and Ariel runs afoul of a school bully. read more

Four Dreams Season 3, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Allison's thrill-seeking ex-flame (Thomas Jane, Patricia Arquette's real-life husband) dies. Still pining for Allison, his spirit takes up residence at her home, much to Joe's chagrin. Meanwhile, daughter Bridgette begins having cartoonlike dreams. Van Partible, creator of the series “Johnny Bravo,” provides the animation. read more

Four Dreams Season 3, Episode 2

Conclusion. Allison's late ex-flame (Thomas Jane, Patricia Arquette's real-life husband) continues to be a ghostly visitor at her home. Meanwhile, Bridgette's cartoonlike dreams become more and more menacing. read more

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Premise: A crime-solving wife and mother of three has visions and sees dead people. Inspired by real-life medium Allison DuBois. Canceled by NBC after a five-season run on the network, the supernatural drama rematerialized on CBS in fall 2009.



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