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Medium Episode: "Apocalypse...Now?"

Season 5, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Allison is shaken when she has a horrific apocalyptic dream, which is followed by a real earthquake. Obsessed with the belief that the end draws nigh, Allison purchases emergency provisions and seeks wisdom from a survival guru. Meanwhile, Ariel is attracted to an upperclassman who needs help in geometry class.
Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2009

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Season 5, Episode 6
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Aired: 3/9/2009
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Medium Episode Recap: "Apocalypse...Now?" Season 5, Episode 6

Apocalypse, let's hope not! This was a fantastic Medium jam-packed with doom, stuffed to the gills with gloom, involving a huge ick factor and a Camp Rock look-a-like. It just doesn't get any better than this.

It all starts with Joe leaning over a ham radio trying to find his wife, or really, any sign of life - to no avail. Ariel, looking younger and much more innocent with tear-stained eyes, asks whether he's had any luck finding Allison. He tries to be hopeful for his daughter, but leaves her to go in search of sustenance for the girls who have eaten all of the survival bars. All we know is something catastrophic has happened. Then Allison wakes up and an earthquake shakes the house. (I didn't even know they had earthquakes in Phoenix.)

Having your day start with a very bad dream and then topping it off with a nice dose of earthquake is enough to make even the most grounded person a little frantic and Allison is no exception. It gets juicier as she is called in to work to view the murder scene of a family, The Donlins, killed in their own home. There are no bodies to be found, but a good deal of blood. (Dexter would have had a field day!)

As if this isn't enough, and by gum, don't you think it ought to be? Ariel is singled out by the campus stud-muffin, Gavin, for "tutoring". Slap a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses and a chastity ring on him and he could be the fourth Jonas Brother. He says he wants help on the upcoming geometry test, and even asks her out on a date, but we soon come to realize he's just a cheating sack of teenage hunkiness. Unbeknownst to our little Ariel, Gavin has illegally procured a copy of the mid-term and asks for her help. When the teacher hands out the exact same set of problems, she is more hurt than mad. She confronts him, (good for Ariel), but she doesn't tell the teacher about it, (bad for Ariel). One would hope that if she'd gone to the teacher, he would have been understanding since she is such a good student. But that's neither here nor there, because back in Allison's world, there are more delicious visions.

Allison keeps dreaming about a pretty young girl who is in a bunker with a man, Russell, she recognizes from the survival store, (where she goes to buy supplies and goes back and talk guns). The young girl is happy to see him return to the shelter; he's brought provisions. I thought perhaps they were father and daughter, or rather, I hoped they were, but it soon became quite apparent that he was not her father and had very different plans in store. Referring to himself as Adam, and to her as Eve, and alluding to them procreating, gave me spine-chilling nausea. He's just a creepy pedophile. Eventually, she burns down the bunker, accidentally, and finds out that he's been lying to her - there was no apocalypse. But when he sees her, there might as well have been. He slices her throat from ear to ear. I don't know what was grosser, his slimy Garden of Eden speech, or his killing her without a moment's hesitation.

After much ado, and a lot of help from Lee and Manuel, Allison understands the connection between Russell and the Donlins. It becomes clear that he killed the Donlins to take their young daughter and has hidden her away for a fate worse than death, if you ask me. He was on a winning streak, first Zoe, who he'd kept for three years before killing her, and then the Donlin girl. Luckily, the yellow paint led them to her and she was rescued and Russell was taken away in handcuffs.

This episode reminded me of Stephen King's "The Stand". Apocalypse and all.  And Allison's almost hysterical plea to get a gun for the family scared me. Russell was banking on her fear to push her over to the dark side. Thank goodness Joe had the good sense to talk her down, (though I don't think she was convinced when she went to sleep that night).

Bridgette and Marie are caught by Allison for eating the bars from the survival kit, and Bridgette reasons they had to give them a "test run." Sometimes I think she just makes that stuff up on the spot. She will make an excellent lawyer someday! I especially liked seeing Marie with chocolate survival bars all over her face - terribly cute.

Ariel and Allison shared a bonding moment over their gift, which is sometimes more of a curse. But Allison sweetly explained that sometimes it works best when you're not trying to get something from it. Ariel called her mother "smart," (which I'm sure Allison will wish she taped for the future for the comments that are likely to come out of her teenager's mouth in the years to come).

Fun-tastic lines:
"When the apocalypse hits, I may not be able to walk, but there'll be plenty to eat and drink."
"Mark this moment; it's historic. You have officially left the planet."

There's no Medium next week, or at least not a new one, so check back here in two weeks for another whirlwind episode recap.

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Apocalypse, let's hope not! This was a fantastic Medium jam-packed with doom, stuffed to the gills with gloom, involving a huge ick factor and a Camp Rock look-a-like. It just doesn't get any better than this. read more

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