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Medium Episode: "How to Make a Killing in Big Business"

Season 5, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Part 2 of 3. Allison resigns at the DA's office when she's lured by a fellow psychic (Tracy Pollan) to work at a formidable corporation. She basks in the opulent corporate lifestyle, but she's haunted by visions of a serial killer's murderous fury in Phoenix. Meanwhile, the territorial company bigwig (David Morse) forbids Allison from sharing her dreams with Devalos and Scanlon. And Ariel begins taking pills, hoping they'll block out her visions of a ghost.
Original Air Date: May 4, 2009
Guest Cast David Morse: Mr. Lydecker Tracy Pollan: Caitlyn Lynch
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Season 5, Episode 14
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Aired: 5/11/2009
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Medium Episode Recap: "How to Make a Killing in Big Business, Part 3" Season 5, Episode 14

Since Heroes had its season finale two weeks ago, NBC has been filling the empty hour with extra Mediums. And I for one couldn't be happier. First, the conclusion of last week's two-parter in which Allison's new boss' son is on a killing spree, and Mr. Lydecker is trying to squash the truth from getting out.

In the last meeting Allison had with Mr. Lydecker, he stressed that he now owned her dreams, visions, and impressions, and that he would sue her within an inch of her life if she so much as mentioned them to her husband. Unfortunately, this threat was enough to scare her into being complicit for a time in his cover up of Justin's misdeeds.

Caitlyn confronts Allison on her way to Devalos' office and reiterates how hard the hand of Lydecker will come down on her should she go to the police. Not only does Lydecker think he is above the law, but Caitlyn seems to think she is above both the law and Lydecker.

Detective Auerbach was hired by Lydecker to clean up after his murderous, serial-killing son, and we see the lengths to which Mr. Lydecker will go to protect his son and his company's reputation. When faced with those decisions, it's not hard to believe that he would rather have his son chemically castrated, (ouch!) than to let him go to jail. Thank God, Allison isn't on that wavelength.

As the little acorn, Justin certainly hasn't fallen far from the big oak tree. He boasts that he likes to "julienne pretty, young girls and take their eyes as souvenirs." His father's true colors come out when he throws his son against the wall, though I thought he should have killed Justin then. But alas, that's a challenge for any Dad — which ends up being a very bad decision for Lydecker, as his next visit to his son's hideaway turns grisly.

Ariel continues to be haunted by Stacy Lee and have dreams and visions about her substitute teacher. She decides not to take the anti-anxiety meds that her parents got her and instead, roll with the haunting punches. It takes her to a very dark place and she begins to see even more of what is in store for Miss Snowden. I felt so badly for Ariel that she is seeing such horrible things. Fortunately for all concerned, she tells her mother about the final dream she had and the time and day when the teacher's murder is intended to take place. Allison takes that info to the police and Justin is apprehended.

It is a thing of beauty when Allison and the DA show up at Caitlyn's office and tell her that she is in a heap of trouble. Manuel lets her know they have lots of evidence including cell phone messages, text messages, and Justin's testimony, that she helped pave the way for Justin to kill his Dad. Once her back was against the wall, in a last ditch effort to control the situation, she tells Allison she is calling HR to have her terminated. I loved that Al told her she was grateful for that! It will be sad to see Tracy Pollan go — I thought she was terrific in this role.

Miguel Sandoval directed this episode and wrapped it all up very nice and tidy. Sadly, Scanlon was nowhere to be seen, leading one to believe that perhaps there is some in-fighting going on between the two of them on set. Sheer jealousy?

In the second half of our two-hour Medium marathon, Jeffrey Tambor stars as Todd Emory who wakens from a coma believing he is Allison. A little Freaky Friday action for you! I loved the music they played each time Jeffrey Tambor was walking to their house. (Was that from Freaky Friday?)

I'm certain that this was really just a show created to show off Marie's cuteness as a peapod. "I'm a peapod. I'm a part of the vegetable group." Ridiculous. The whole show was a nice, light follow-up to that three-parter we just made it through.

Allison falls into a coma so that Todd Emory can let her know what his wife has done. It takes some convincing to make Joe understand that this shoe-less, balding guy in a hospital gown is Allison, but it was nice to see Joe take the leap of faith and believe it.

When Todd was taking one of Allison's famous candle-lit baths and invited Joe into the bathroom, I split a gut. Also, when Joe took out the IV and Todd says, "Thanks, hun," beautiful reaction from Joe. Watching Jeffery as Allison really cracked me up. He did a great job.

Todd/Allison says that Ariel, "makes me very proud," when she screams at him to not come near her and her sisters, and lays down the law of the Dubois house. Joe looked mortified.

Bridgette was back to her old tricks regaling Marie with horror stories of peapods past. And then she got to share her joy at going for pancakes on a school day, "Just when you think there's no such thing as miracles."

Best line: "She's leaving and she's taking her hair with her!"

Then a catfight! Meow.

Next week, Anjelica Huston AND Rumer Willis.

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Since Heroes had its season finale two weeks ago, NBC has been filling the empty hour with extra Mediums. And I for one couldn't be happier. First, the conclusion of last week's two-parter in which Allison's new boss' son is on a killing spree, and Mr. Lydecker is trying to squash the truth from getting out. read more

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