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2005, TV Show

Medium Episode: "Drowned World"

Season 4, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: In the fourth-season finale, Allison takes on a haunted-house case that turns violent. Meanwhile, the true motives of Joe's business associate (Kelly Preston) come to light, and the DA race between Devalos and Tom Van Dyke (John Prosky) heats up.
Original Air Date: May 12, 2008
Guest Cast Miranda Carabello: Marie DuBois John Prosky: Tom Van Dyke Kelly Preston: Meghan Doyle
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Season 4, Episode 16
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Aired: 5/12/2008
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Drowned World Season 4, Episode 16

What a show! The Medium season finale opened with Joe throwing the $2,200 cashmere robe at Meghan, and then asking for his idea back, and then he shot her. Unfortunately, he woke up. Too bad, that conniving "bottom-feeder" deserved that. When he actually did see Meghan, a.k.a, "your favorite neighborhood she-devil," he was understandably ticked off at her. He told her he had shown the robe to Allison and she was none too happy about it. "It's a robe. It's cashmere. It's a luxury item." Meghan offered to call Al and straighten everything out. But Joe wouldn't let her. He said he intended to dissolve the business. Meghan reminded him she owned him. He responded by packing his things and walking out of the office. Meghan came after him, asking where he thought he was going, "I'm taking my morals and I'm going home." It looked like Joe was out of an idea and a job and the potential of an awful lot of money. However, Meghan offered him a pretty attractive dissolution deal to the tune of $250,000. (Take it and run!) Allison, being all-seeing, knew that it meant Meghan was assuming she'd make a heck of a lot more off Joe's idea than that. Later, the truth came out that Meghan had intentionally manipulated Joe to get his idea. When her husband showed up at the restaurant, she admitted to staging the whole make-out session, "I needed to make you uncomfortable, I needed to make you sell your share of the business." And then she sold it and managed to get a cool $2 mil for the plan. "Oh, my God. It's the end of the world as we know it," Scanlon proclaimed to Lynn. Who'd have seen it coming, Devalos and Van Dyke yukking it up. "Cavorting with that weasel," is how Scanlon put it. Sadly, Van Dyke announced to Devalos that he had prostrate cancer, and as much as we didn't like the new DA, it's hard to be mad at someone when he's dying. He gave Devalos his job back, which meant Allison was getting her job back. Van Dyke even requested a special meeting with Allison. He begged a favor, though he knew he had no right to ask after how he'd treated her in the past. Allison agreed to look for Van Dyke once he'd died and pass along any message to his family, letting them know he was OK. That scene was really beautiful and compassionate. I can't believe that old fart made me cry, but he did. The case this week was about Charles and Kelly Winters. Or rather the alleged haunted house in which they lived. Whenever Charles would go out of town, Kelly would hear water in the walls and a baby crying and thought she was going crazy. In another terribly disturbing turn, a woman who lived in that house some 20 years earlier had drowned her infant son and it would only be a matter of time before she tried to kill her young daughter as well. Allison let them know about the dream she had revealing the death of the infant. When Kelly ended up dead in an apparent suicide, all fingers pointed at Charles. A noise machine was found in his attic that could have been set on a timer to make water sounds when he was not in the house. There was also a handwritten note from Kelly left in Al's mailbox. Allison told Charles. "Your wife believed you meant to do her harm." Still, Charles couldn't understand why they should sell the house, even though his wife couldn't handle living there. But when he saw her lying dead in the bathtub, he mournfully commented, "She was so still." What I didn't understand was how Kelly didn't remember the running water and crying baby from her past. She was old enough when it happened to remember. That Natalie was one creepy mommy. When she heard little Kelly sniffling in the closet and grabbed her out, even as little Kelly screamed, "Don't do this. I'll do anything you want!" I almost lost it. I guess she could have just blocked it out. Trauma like that could be easier to erase from one's memory. Sam Winters showed up with a lawyer and said, "She was an odd girl, you know." But even before that I saw it coming; Charles' father was also Kelly's father. Kelly picked Charles out in a bar. She knew who Charles was "a means to an end." She wanted to be nearer to her father, even though he had abandoned her and left her with that monster of a mother. Sam did not recognize her when he saw her as an adult. But he knew when Charles told him about her hearing the baby crying. He told Al, Devalos and Scanlon that Natalie had drowned Jonathan to punish him for leaving her. Although he helped Natalie conjure up a story about the infant's death being an accident, he seemed remorseful that he left Kelly with her. And admitted it would have been the end of his life as he knew it with Charles' rich mother. Need I say it? What a weak man. (Couldn't help myself.) I'm still a little unsure of why Kelly left the note implicating Charles. Was it to protect her father? Or to set him up? Joe received a fateful call from Terry Cavanaugh. Looks like the Dubois family is getting their act together again!!! What PD McCall/Debra tore asunder, Meghan Doyle brought back full circle, well, with Terry's help. The final scene, finally the kids! Bridgette made me laugh, as always, with her, "Don't they know they have kids? That's it. I'm quitting this family." Little Marie was agreeing right along with her. Joe and Allison don't make it out of the car because they were busy celebrating their near millionaire status! And with a lot of panting and moaning, season 4 came to a close. Until next season, you'll just have to manage with the Medium clips in our Online Video Guide. show less
What a show The Medium season finale opened with Joe throwing the 2200 cashmere robe at Meghan and then asking for his idea back and then he shot her Unfortunately he woke up Too bad that conniving bottom-feeder deserved thatWhen he actually did see Meghan aka your favorite neighborhood she-devil he was understandably ticked off at her He told her he had shown the robe to Allison and she was none too happy about it Its a robe Its cashmere Its a luxury item Meghan offered to call Al and straighten everything out But Joe wouldnt let her He said he intended to dissolve the business Meghan reminded him she owned him He responded by packing his things and walking out of the office Meghan came after him asking where he thought he was going Im taking my morals and Im going homeIt looked like Joe was out of an idea and a job and the potential of an awful lot of money However Meg read more

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Premise: A crime-solving wife and mother of three has visions and sees dead people. Inspired by real-life medium Allison DuBois. Canceled by NBC after a five-season run on the network, the supernatural drama rematerialized on CBS in fall 2009.


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