McHale's Navy

1962, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Wally for Congress

Apr 12, 1966 Season 4 Episode 30 watch on

Binghamton's moment of planned heroism intended to impress a politician is ruined by a GI patrol.

A Star Falls On Taratupa

May 18, 1965 Season 3 Episode 35

A publicity-hungry movie star succeeds in being marooned on an island with McHale and his men.
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Birth Of A Salesman

May 11, 1965 Season 3 Episode 34

Binghamton conducts a forced sale of insurance in order to impress an insurance tycoon.
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All Ahead, Empty

Apr 27, 1965 Season 3 Episode 32

Automation threatens to break up McHale's old gang.
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Rumble on Taratupa

Apr 20, 1965 Season 3 Episode 31

McHale's men are framed on a bootlegging charge and clapped in the brig.
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Hello, McHale? Colonna!

Apr 13, 1965 Season 3 Episode 30

A famous World War II troubadour promises to come to Taratupa and put on a show.
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Will the Real Admiral Please Stand Up?

Apr 06, 1965 Season 3 Episode 29

A shah refuses to sign an oil rights agreement unless his friend Parker is made an admiral.
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Chuckie Cottontail

Mar 23, 1965 Season 3 Episode 27

Parker's Easter Bunny costume has the Japanese thinking the Americans are using forest demons.
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Send This Ensign To Camp

Mar 09, 1965 Season 3 Episode 25

After he is hit on the head, Parker thinks he is 10-years-old.
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The Seven Faces Of Ensign Parker

Feb 23, 1965 Season 3 Episode 23

McHale sets out to spring Parker from the brig where he is being held on larceny charges.
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All Chiefs And No Indians

Feb 09, 1965 Season 3 Episode 21

Binghamton arranges for CPO examinations for McHale's men.
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The Late Captain Binghamton

Jan 26, 1965 Season 3 Episode 19

Binghamton finds out that he has only 48 hours to live after McHale's men touch up one of his X-rays.
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The Stool Parrot

Jan 05, 1965 Season 3 Episode 16

McHale's men are unaware their pet parrot is blabbing their secret plans to Binghamton.
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Christy Goes Traveling

Dec 15, 1964 Season 3 Episode 13

McHale's men put Christy in a sack and mail him home to see his baby daughter.
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The Great Eclipse

Dec 01, 1964 Season 3 Episode 11

Binghamton sends McHale and his men to sign a peace treaty with a tribe of headhunters.
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Senator Parker, Suh!

Nov 17, 1964 Season 3 Episode 9

Parker pretends to be a senator's nephew in order to get a promotion.
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Will The Alligator Take The Stand?

Oct 27, 1964 Season 3 Episode 7

A court-martial board tries Parker for the theft of Binghamton's wallet.
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McHale's Floating Harem

Oct 13, 1964 Season 3 Episode 5

McHale and his men rescue a visiting sultan and his three daughters.
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Lester, The Skipper

Sep 22, 1964 Season 3 Episode 2

Gruber gets himself in hot water when he tells his girlfriend he is a lieutenant commander.
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