McHale's Navy

1962, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Binghamton at 20 Paces

Apr 05, 1966 Season 4 Episode 29 watch on

Binghamton lands himself on the field of honor opposing a dead-shot nobleman.

The Dart-Gun Wedding

May 12, 1964 Season 2 Episode 35

Binghamton becomes the unwilling flunky of the son of his peacetime boss.
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Carpenter in Command

Apr 28, 1964 Season 2 Episode 33

Mousy Lt. Carpenter turns into a raging lion when he becomes acting commander of Taratupa.
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The McHale Mob

Apr 21, 1964 Season 2 Episode 32

A native chief orders McHale and his men off their luxuriously equipped island.
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Alias P.T. 73

Mar 31, 1964 Season 2 Episode 29

Binghamton discovers McHale's crew was on an island enjoying a luau during an air raid on Taratupa.
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The Return of Big Frenchy

Mar 24, 1964 Season 2 Episode 28

A band of swindlers lands on Taratupa to steal a boatload of valuable supplies away from Binghamton.
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Comrades of P.T. 73

Mar 17, 1964 Season 2 Episode 27

A Russian navy officer, assigned to study PT-boat operations, turns out to be a young woman.
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Stars Over Taratupa

Mar 10, 1964 Season 2 Episode 26

A Hollywood director selects McHale's men as the cast for his documentary.
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Dear Diary

Feb 18, 1964 Season 2 Episode 23

Binghamton finds himself and Parker on board a Japanese airplane bound for Tokyo.
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Urulu's Paradise West

Feb 11, 1964 Season 2 Episode 22

Binghamton catches Gruber and a native chief selling lots on Navy-held Taratupa Island.
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Who'll Buy My Sarongs?

Jan 21, 1964 Season 2 Episode 19

McHale's men compete for the distinction of making the most fetching sarongs for a bazaar.
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The Balloon Goes Up

Jan 14, 1964 Season 2 Episode 18

Binghamtom discovers he is personally responsible for a $140,000 shortage in the base inventory.
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French Leave for McHale

Nov 26, 1963 Season 2 Episode 11

McHale meets up with an old buddy who has McHale and his men thrown in jail.
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Today I am a Man

Oct 29, 1963 Season 2 Episode 7

Girl-shy Parker is assigned to train five beautiful nurses in judo and self-defense.
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Have Kimono, Will Travel

Oct 22, 1963 Season 2 Episode 6

McHale and his crew are forced to pull in at an island densely populated by Japanese troops.
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To Binghamton, With Love

Oct 15, 1963 Season 2 Episode 5

Binghamton orders McHale and his men to give him a testimonial dinner.
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Is There a Doctor in the Hut?

Oct 08, 1963 Season 2 Episode 4

McHale and his men are determined that a glamorous film star visit McHale's Island.
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McHale and His Schweinhunds

Oct 01, 1963 Season 2 Episode 3

Parker blows the end off a valuable island with torpedoes intended for a German U-boat.
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The Binghamton Murder Plot

Sep 24, 1963 Season 2 Episode 2

Binghamton is convinced that McHale and his men are planning his demise.
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