McCloud 1970 | TV Show Watchlist


Popular fish-out-of-water cop show about a New Mexico lawman assigned to a Manhattan precinct. There's a healthy dose of matchstick-chewing and down-home phrases (`There ye go'), but McCloud is one sharp country slicker who teaches his city counterparts a thing or two about nailing bad guys. `McCloud' originally aired under the umbrella title `Four in One,' which also featured `Night Gallery,' `The Psychiatrist' and `San Francisco International Airport.'


Guest Stars

Burl Connors, Mackie, Shultke
Sgt. Dameron
3 Episodes (1970-1970)
Ricardo Montalban
3 Episodes (1970-1970)
Richard Dawson
3 Episodes (1970-1970)
Jaclyn Smith
Jackie, Margaret
Diane/Jennie, Mildred
Bristol, Donnely
Alex Demarest, Arthur Yerby
Stefanie Powers
Jackie, Samantha
Henderson, Marty
A Martinez
Larry Moreno
Louise Blanchard
Bubba White
Rene Jauvert
Brian Stone
Frank Gordon
Richard Dane
Jessica Walter
Jessica Wright
Karen Chandler
Lynne O'Connell
Peggy Hamilton
Rosalie Hudgins
Chief Matheson
Charles Hollenbeck
Harry McNair
Abel Hollister
Jimmy Roy Taylor
Don Ho
Al Moana
Carol Huntington