McCloud 1970 | TV Show Watchlist


Popular fish-out-of-water cop show about a New Mexico lawman assigned to a Manhattan precinct. There's a healthy dose of matchstick-chewing and down-home phrases (`There ye go'), but McCloud is one sharp country slicker who teaches his city counterparts a thing or two about nailing bad guys. `McCloud' originally aired under the umbrella title `Four in One,' which also featured `Night Gallery,' `The Psychiatrist' and `San Francisco International Airport.'


Guest Stars

Neville Brand
Burl Connors, Mackie, Shultke
Nina Foch
Sgt. Dameron
3 Episodes (1970-1970)
Ricardo Montalban
3 Episodes (1970-1970)
Richard Dawson
3 Episodes (1970-1970)
Jaclyn Smith
Jackie, Margaret
Patrick O'Neal
Alex Demarest, Arthur Yerby
Stefanie Powers
Jackie, Samantha
A Martinez
Larry Moreno
Jessica Walter
Jessica Wright
Ed Ames
Abel Hollister
Don Ho
Al Moana