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Jun 30, 2013 Season 43 Episode 18 watch on (Paid)

From PBS and Masterpiece: Lewis and Hathaway are called in to examine the brutal death of a chemistry professor recently released from prison. There may be a connection to the discovery of a murdered Oxford student reported lost for 15 years. As more casualties and suspects emerge, Lewis considers his future on the force. Edward Fox (Ghandi, "Foyle’s War") guest stars.

Falling Darkness

Sep 26, 2010 Season 40 Episode 26

Dr. Hobson finds herself caught up in a decades-old vendetta when one of her university friends is murdered, and another young student is killed in the house Hobson and her friends shared years ago. Obviously unable to act as the pathologist in the case, Hobson instead finds herself and her remaining friends—Dr. Ellen Jacoby and playboy Alec Giles (Rupert Graves, Sherlock)—suspects, and Lewis is forced to subject her to questioning.
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Your Sudden Death Question

Sep 19, 2010 Season 40 Episode 25

Lewis and Hathaway find themselves up against a slick quizmaster (Alan Davies, Jonathan Creek) when the standout competitor at a private quiz weekend is killed before the competition even begins. But is competition the motive, or is it just a convenient cover to settle old scores?
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Dark Matter

Sep 12, 2010 Season 40 Episode 24

Andrew Crompton, Master of Gresham College and amateur astronomer, is found dead only days before Dr. Ella Ransome, Crompton’s wife’s best friend, is also murdered. Are the two crimes connected? Facing a list of suspects that includes everyone from Sir Arnold Raeburn (Robert Hardy, Harry Potter) right down to the head porter, Lewis uncovers infidelity, blackmail, and madness.
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The Dead of Winter

Sep 05, 2010 Season 40 Episode 23

After wrapping up a gruesome case that leaves him shaken, Hathaway finds himself investigating a murder at Crevecoeur Estate, where he spent much of his childhood. Do his old playmates—including his first love— know more than they’re letting on? And was the accidental shooting of Crevecoeur’s Philip Coleman (Nathaniel Parker, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries) really an accident, or was it meant to be a distraction?
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Counter Culture Blues

Aug 29, 2010 Season 40 Episode 22

Lewis is star-struck when he’s sent out on a disturbing the peace call, only to come face to face with The Midnight Addiction, a rock and roll band from the ‘70s on its way to a comeback—thanks to the lead singer’s (Joanna Lumley, Absolutely Fabulous) timely return from the dead.
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