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Latest Episode: Generation of Vipers

Jul 15, 2012 Season 42 Episode 18 watch on (Paid)

Lewis believes a subversive media blog holds the clues to a violent murder—despite Dr. Hobson’s opinion that the victim’s death was a suicide. Did lonely Miranda Thornton really kill herself when her online dating profile was leaked to, or was her death actually part of an intricate revenge plot?

Pt. 5

Nov 22, 2009 Season 39 Episode 45

Part 5 of 5. The investigation of a multi-vehicle road accident unravels the shocking secrets of the complete strangers involved, revealing smuggling, murder, international intrigue, and betrayal. A remarkable cast led by Douglas Henshall (Primeval) and Kate Ashfield (Shaun of the Dead) portray the stories of the victims, survivors, and rescuers, who all share a single defining moment. (The original UK version)
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Pt. 2

Nov 08, 2009 Season 39 Episode 33

Part 2 of 2. A 13-year-old girl vanishes from an English village, and the mystery deepens 45 years later when a journalist arrives to make a film about it. What she finds shatters the lives of all involved. Juliet Stevenson (Truly Madly Deeply) and Greg Wise (Madame Bovary) star in this psychological thriller based on the novel by best-selling author Val McDermid. (The original UK version)
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Allegory of Love

Oct 04, 2009 Season 39 Episode 28

Literary whimsy becomes murderous reality with the death of a Czech barmaid. The scene of the crime yields two puzzling clues: a bloodstained note and a broken antique mirror. To find the killer, Lewis and Hathaway must uncover the hidden connections between the victim and a prominent Oxford professor, a literary society and a book by Oxford's hottest new author.
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