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Shell-Shocked & Scrambled Trailer
00:20 — The Top 18 cooks compete in a mystery-box challenge that includes preparing shellfish, which is followed by an elimination round that entails creating (more…)
Feeding The Lifeguards Trailer
00:20 — The Top 19 cooks compete in the first team challenge of the season, which involves preparing fresh fish on the beach for 101 lifeguards, who cast thei (more…)
Preview: The Best Scrambled Eggs from "Shell-Shocked & Scrambled"
00:25 — Learn how to make the best and worst scrambled eggs in an all-new episode this WED at 8/7c on FOX!
The Judges Arrive On ATVs
00:40 — Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Aarón Sánchez arrive on ATVs.
Jason Has Issues With The Fryer And Sends Out Soggy Eggplant
01:02 — Gordon Ramsay asks why the red team is sending out soggy eggplant to their guests.
The Life Guards Arrive From The Sea And The Land
01:04 — Gordon Ramsay welcomes the lifeguards and tells them to get ready for food!
5 Things to Watch Today -- June 21, 2017
00:56 — Fargo, Little Big Shots and more
Sneak Peek
00:55 — This year’s home cooks are all about the win – and the Judges have raised the bar higher than ever!
Mark Disrespects Gordon Ramsay from "Top 20 Compete"
00:32 — Mark gives Heather some advice that insults Gordon.
Yachecia And Dino Are Ready To Cook! from "Top 20 Compete"
01:14 — The top 20 chefs arrive in the MasterChef kitchen and they are ready to start cooking!
America's Grocery Bag Trailer
00:20 — The Top 20 chefs compete in the first mystery-box challenge of the season, which involves preparing a dish using a dozen popular ingredients found on (more…)
Christina Tosi Introduces The Cupcake Battle from "Top 22 Compete"
01:17 — Newton makes a coffee flavored chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and Tom makes a chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream filling.
Taylor And Cate Describe Their Salmon Dishes from "Top 22 Compete"
01:16 — Taylor and Cate are tasked with creating unique salmon dishes from scratch.
Battle For A White Apron, Pt. 2 Trailer
00:26 — In the conclusion of the Season 8 premiere, nine aprons remain as the remaining chefs compete for a spot in the Top 20.
MasterChef, Season 8
Throughout Season Eight, Chefs Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi will be joined by Chef Aarón Sánchez, in the search for America’s best home cook. MAST (more…)
Battle For A White Apron, Pt. 1 Trailer
01:24 — Forty home cooks travel to Los Angeles and face off against each other with the goal of earning a place in the Top 20 in Part 1 of the Season 8 premie (more…)
Battling For The Golden Title from "Top 30 Compete"
01:12 — The contestants go from being home cooks to cooking in five star restaurants.
A Simple Yet Memorable Taco from "Top 30 Compete"
01:24 — The contestants have to create the most memorable taco they can.
Family Drama Trailer
01:07 — In the first half of a combined episode, chef Richard Blais is the guest judge, and four of the five remaining contestants have five minutes to pick 2 (more…)
Sneak Peek
01:00 — This year’s home cooks are all about the win – and the Judges have raised the bar higher than ever!
The Greatest Prize of All
00:53 — This year’s home cooks are all about the winning and the judges have raised the bar higher than ever!
The Grand Finale Of MASTERCHEF Season 7 from "Finale Part 1"
01:45 — The finale for season 17 is underway!
David Gets A Surprise Visit from "Finale Part 1"
01:15 — Gordon and Christine visit David at his home and ask what he has planned for the final competition.
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