M*A*S*H 1972 | TV Show Watchlist


A beloved, multi-Emmy-winning series about Army surgeons cutting up amid the Korean War. 'War is hell. So is TV,' said Larry Gelbart, who developed the series for TV from the 1970 Robert Altman film. ' 'M*A*S*H' and the medium,' Gelbart added, 'were made for each other.' For 11 years (10 in the Top 20), the show deftly blended sharp, thoughtful humor with moving scenes of dedicated, stressed doctors trying to save lives---while clinging to their own sanity---in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

Active Cast

Alan Alda Capt. Benjamin Franklin `Hawkeye' Pierce
Loretta Swit Maj. Margaret `Hot Lips' Houlihan
William Christopher Father Francis Mulcahy
Allan Arbus Dr. Sidney Freedman

Former Cast

Wayne Rogers Capt. John `Trapper John' McIntyre
McLean Stevenson Lt. Col. Henry Blake
Gary Burghoff Cpl. Walter `Radar' O'Reilly
Jamie Farr Cpl. Maxwell Klinger
Harry Morgan Col. Sherman Potter
Mike Farrell Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt
David Ogden Stiers Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III
Timothy Brown Spearchucker Jones
Herb Voland Gen. Brandon Clayton
Enid Kent Nurse Bigelow
G.W. Bailey Sgt. Luther Rizzo