Maryoku Yummy Episodes

2010, TV Show

Maryoku Yummy Season 1 episodes

Ha! Ha! Hadagi!; Detective Ooka Season 1, Episode 26

Maryoku steps in when Hadagi's practical jokes go too far; Ooka feels Maryoku has been unjustly accused and comes to her defense. read more

Oodles of Yumdoodles; Rules Paradise Season 1, Episode 25

Ooka borrows Fij Fij's new Yumdoodle bug without permission; too many new rules in Nozomu cause trouble for everyone. read more

Fij Fij the Almighty; It's a Yumderful Life Season 1, Episode 24

Fij Fij's perfectionist streak causes trouble as he runs the Burble Blossom Festival; Maryoku learns to appreciate her life when she gains an understanding of how things could be if she were not a Yummy. read more

Hats Off to Shika; Maryoku and the Huzzle Beanstalk Season 1, Episode 23

Shika feels inadequate without his lucky hat; the Yummies meet a giant Nonki in an adventure reminiscent of "Jack and the Beanstalk." read more

Yumtastic Voyage; Burbleberry Surprise Season 1, Episode 22

Maryoku and Fij Fij go on a journey to save a lost wish; Ooka experiments with a recipe. read more

So Long, Oolong; Cinderoku Season 1, Episode 21

Oolong proves his worth to Nozumu despite Hadagi's opinion; Maryoku and Ooka play out the Cinderella story. read more

Build a Better Swingset; Ooka Times Two Season 1, Episode 20

Tapo Tapo neglects the Wishes' needs in favor of his own; Ooka uses a look-alike robot to do her chores for her and later regrets it. read more

Don't Get Your Blooms in a Twist; Dream a Little Dream Season 1, Episode 19

Shika accidentally picks Maryoku's flowers; Maryoku wishes her friends Sweet Dreams to alleviate the stress of a difficult day. read more

Ooka's Day Off; Flip, Flop and Float Season 1, Episode 18

Ooka learns to appreciate helping others; Maryoku ignores her health to help her friends. read more

Faster Than a Speeding Ooka; Mixing It Up Season 1, Episode 17

Ooka learns a lesson about the needs of the wishes; Bob tries to do too much and neglects his primary task of delivering the wishes. read more

Bored Games; Mother of an Invention Season 1, Episode 16

Maryoku livens up Game Night by helping Shika relax; Nonki and Yuzu's invention goes awry. read more

Scatterday; The Golden Flower Season 1, Episode 15

Fij Fij is given a dog-Yummy, but isn't ready for the responsibility; Maryoku sets out to confirm the legend of the Golden Flower of Fun. read more

Hiccles; Opposite Day Season 1, Episode 14

Oooka has to do everyone's chores; a wish makes everyone different. read more

All the Colors of the Rainbow; No Rule Like an Old Rule Season 1, Episode 13

Maryoku teaches her friends about acceptance; the Yummies break Shika's rules and later learn why rules exist. read more

The Ninth Wish; The Best, Best Friend Season 1, Episode 12

Shika has strong reactions to a ninth wish; Ooka and Fij Fij compete to be Maryoku's best friend. read more

A Day Without Maryoku; Rise and Shine, Ooka Season 1, Episode 11

Tapo Tapo demonstrates life without Maryoku; Ooka is tired after staying up too late. read more

The Yorglesclubber; Someone Better Season 1, Episode 10

Maryoku reassures the Wishes after Ooka and Fij Fij frighten them with scary monster stories; Fij Fij thinks he needs to change to be Maryoku's friend. read more

Promises, Promises; The Muddle Puddle Season 1, Episode 9

Ooka allows an ungranted wish to leave Nozomu forever; a muddle-puddle storm touches Maryoku; Fij Fij and Ooka plan a picnic. read more

Under Pressure; Wishling Rivalry Season 1, Episode 8

Ooka is a bad influence on Maryoku; Fudan feels jealous of a new Wish that commands Maryoku's attention. read more

Lost and Confound; Doggone Dog Season 1, Episode 7

Maryoku looks for Shika's rulebook after it goes missing while in her posession; Fudan pet sits for Fiji and finds that it's not all fun and games. read more

Wishy Washy; Do You Know the Muffin, Man? Season 1, Episode 6

Maryoku helps a stinky Wish get cleaned up; Jeppy eats all of Omoshi's muffins and blames it on a pretend monster. read more

Fij Fij and the Fib Fib; Now You're Cooking! Season 1, Episode 5

Fij Fij is followed by Nozomu's wishes after he steals a Yurble Burble Berry; Maryoku and Omoshi switch jobs. read more

Sound Advice; Stealing Wishes Season 1, Episode 4

Hadagi and Ooka write motivational songs; Shika accuses Maryoku of theft. read more

Shika's Wish; Ookas Just Wanna Have Fun Season 1, Episode 3

Shika's wish for Maryoku to follow rules comes true; Maryoku demonstrates that doing chores can be fun. read more

No Left Feet; Ready, Set, Glow! Season 1, Episode 2

Fij Fij is nervous about Maryoku's plans for a dance; Hadaji hopes to earn praise by winning a Wishketball competition. read more

Wishless in Nozomu; The Biggest Wish Season 1, Episode 1

Maryoku fulfills children's fantasies with help from her Yummy friends. In the opener, one wish remains in Nozomu when a wish delivery does not arrive; Hadagi volunteers to handle a big wish. read more

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Premiered: October 11, 2010, on The Hub
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Premise: Maryoku and her Yummy friends make children's wishes come true.

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