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Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Season 1 episodes

Planet Leader Season 1, Episode 25

The Hulks battle the Leader on Skaar's home planet. read more

Monsters No More Season 1, Episode 24

The Hulks are accepted as heroes, but before they can enjoy their success the Leader launches a surprise attack that threatens to destroy Vista Verde and Hulk's reputation. read more

The Hunted Season 1, Episode 23

Hulk stumbles onto an island of monsters where he inherits a family that is much more demanding than his own. read more

Inhuman Nature Season 1, Episode 22

The Hulks discover the secret home of the Inhumans, an isolationist race who threaten to destroy mankind. read more

Deathlok Season 1, Episode 21

The Hulks accidentally start an alien invasion that Deathlok was sent to stop. read more

Stranger in a Strange Land Season 1, Episode 20

A-Bomb, an aspiring magician, is tutored by Doctor Strange and must rescue him when he's abducted by the evil Dormammu. read more

For Asgard Season 1, Episode 19

Skaar accidentally triggers Ragnarok and incites the ire of Asgard, but the Hulks try to rescue him and battle Thor. read more

Mission Impossible Man Season 1, Episode 18

The Hulks' biggest fan, Impossible Man, proves to be their biggest problem when he summons the giant dragon Fing Fang to battle them. read more

Abomination Season 1, Episode 17

A villain from Red Hulk's past seeks revenge against the agents and tries to frame the team for destroying Vista Verde. read more

A Thing About Machines Season 1, Episode 16

The Jump Jet seeks revenge for being crashed several times, after the Leader gives it artificial intelligence. read more

Galactus Goes Green Season 1, Episode 15

Galactus comes to Earth looking for a new herald and settles on the under-appreciated She-Hulk. read more

The Venom Inside Season 1, Episode 14

Hulk tries to save Spider-Man when his friends become possessed by Venom and are intent on destroying the superhero. read more

Red Rover Season 1, Episode 13

Red Hulk accidentally drops Devil Dinosaur in Dr. Doom's backyard, which prompts the mad dictator to launch an assault on the Hulks. read more

Into the Negative Zone Season 1, Episode 12

Hulk reluctantly teams up with the Thing to battle his arch nemesis. read more

The Skaar Whisperer Season 1, Episode 11

Skaar gets a lesson in civility from Doc Sampson; the Hulks battle Absorbing Man. read more

Wendigo Apocalypse Season 1, Episode 10

The Hulks must fight their way out of a real live horror movie when the curse of the Wendigo spreads across the team. read more

Of Moles and Men Season 1, Episode 9

Hulk goes underground and becomes savior to the Moloids when he thinks his presence in Vista Verde puts its citizens in danger. read more

Hulks on Ice Season 1, Episode 8

The Hulks join forces with Thor to stop Laufey and his army of frost giants from freezing the world solid. read more

Incredible Shrinking Hulks Season 1, Episode 7

The Hulks are miniaturized by the Leader who intends to shrink every city in the world. read more

Savage Land Season 1, Episode 6

A-Bomb tries to prove himself to an over-protective Hulk and finds an unlikely mentor in Red. But when Sauron and his army of dinosaurs begin to flood Earth with lava, A-Bomb faces a true trial by fire. read more

All About Ego Season 1, Episode 5

The Hulks travel into space to battle Ego the Living Planet who threatens to destroy Earth. read more

The Collector Season 1, Episode 4

Hulk and Spider-Man are the only agents left to save the world from destruction when the Collector captures all of the other superheroes. read more

Hulk-Busted Season 1, Episode 3

The Leader steals Iron Man's Hulkbuster suits to destroy the Agents. read more

Doorway to Destruction Season 1, Episode 2

Conclusion. The Agents invade the Negative Zone to stop the invasion by Annihilus. read more

Doorway to Destruction Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Hulk's pal Rick Jones makes a Web series to show the world that Hulk is a hero, and Big Green gets to prove it when Annihilus invades the Earth. read more

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Premiered: August 11, 2013, on Disney XD
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: The adventures of the Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, A-Bomb and Skaar.


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