Sassy humor about a hip though decidedly chauvinistic talk-show personality; his girlfriend, with whom he has a very adversarial relationship; and his two best friends, who spend most of their time hanging out at his apartment.

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Guest Stars

David Alan Grier
Justice of the Peace, Pam's Cousin, Preacher, Rev. Love
Jeri Gray
Geri, Gerri, Miss Gerri
J.A. Preston
Dr. Waters, Mr. Waters
Luis Antonio Ramos
Luis, Plumber, Raul
Tracy Morgan
Hustle Man, Pizza/Flower/Tire Man
Buddy Lewis
Man No. 1, Rufus Tufus
John Amos
Tommy's father
Kim Coles
Mark Curry
Ronnie Cochran
Pat Rick
Bill Clinton-lookalike
Roy Fegan
James Earl Jackson