Episode Guide

Creative Applique

November 20, 2005

Casing Buttonholes

November 16, 2005

French Sewing by Serger

Heirloom Sewing for Women

Lace Portrait Collar

Lace Diamonds

Quilt Assembly and Heirloom Party Dress

Tucks and Pintucks

Lace Circles

Lace Bows

Shadow Appliqué

Wedding Show

Heirloom Sewing for Special Occasions

Lace Hearts

Australian Windowpane and Shadow Diamonds

Lace Scallops

Madeira Appliqué

Heirloom Crazy Patch

Crazy Patch

Baby Show

Shark's Teeth

Advanced Lace Shapes

Shaped Pintucks

Straight Puffing

Beginning French Sewing by Machine

Celtic Lace Design

Shaped Puffing

Machine Appliqué