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Thu May 5 6:00pm
Alice Covers Up; Carolina Picks a Lily PBS

Alice may miss a pool party; Carolina adopts a puppy that fits in her purse, but has second thoughts when the gang point out it will eventually outgrow the pocketbook.

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Fri May 6 6:00pm
My Mother the Dog; Martha's Must-Have PBS

Martha becomes adept at impersonating Helen's mom; Martha wants a special collar that supposedly makes people give canines food.

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Mon May 9 6:00pm
The Opera Contest; Maestro Martha PBS

The kids create operas for a contest; bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft plot a heist during a charity concert.

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Tue May 10 6:00pm
Best in Show; Truman on the Ball PBS

Carolina enters Fran├žois in a dog show, so Helen enters Martha. Also: Martha and Alice help Truman, who wants to become a hobo because of his softball shortcomings.

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Wed May 11 6:00pm
Martha Gets Spooked; Martha Changes Her Luck PBS

Martha fears a "haunted" house. Then, she thinks others are contracting her bad luck.

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Thu May 12 6:00pm
Martha Runs the Store PBS

Skits and Martha are trapped inside a department store overnight.

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Fri May 13 6:00pm
Itchy Martha; Martha and the Thief of Hearts PBS

Martha must wear a head cone after she picks up ear mites and can't stop scratching; someone's stealing the supplies Martha and her friends need to make valentines.

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Mon May 16 6:00pm
There Goes the Neighborhood; Ice Scream PBS

Martha is upset when Alice and Helen make a fuss about a kitten; Alice can't believe Truman can dislike ice cream without ever having tasted it.

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Tue May 17 6:00pm
Nurse Martha; TD Gets the Scoop PBS

Martha's canine-human speech skills prove a big plus when she becomes a veterinary assistant, until she helps treat a puppy that speaks gibberish. Meanwhile, when Carolina starts a newspaper, TD tries to become an investigative reporter, but ends up a head (more…)

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Wed May 18 6:00pm
TD's Magic; Scaredy Cat PBS

TD's attempt to wow the crowd when he puts on a magic show at his cousin CD's birthday party has unforeseen consequences; the kids and dogs retreat into the Boxwoods' house when a storm hits, where they trade spooky stories until the tall tales are mere ec (more…)

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