Thu May 28 6:00pm
The Return of Ralph; Little Bo's Sheep PBS

Ralph, the duck that loves TV, returns to the Lorraine household after the Lorraines get a big-screen TV; Martha and Helen help a border collie herd sheep to a herding festival.

Fri May 29 6:00pm
The Long Rotten Summer; The Case of the Shattered Vase PBS

TD decides to spend summer vacation at the one place where days never end: school. Later, Helen has difficulty getting to sleep after watching a scary movie on TV.

Mon Jun 1 6:00pm
Alice Tells a Story; Pirates and Princesses PBS

Alice recalls how she got Nelson; pirate captain Truman and first mate T.D. search for a ship while Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen all want a castle.

Tue Jun 2 6:00pm
Martha's Sweater; The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur PBS

Grandma Lucille gives Martha a sweater, but Martha doesn't want to wear it; T.D. spots a toy that looks like one he lost.

Wed Jun 3 6:00pm
Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat; Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up PBS

The out-of-shape Bookbots battle a literacy-loathing villain; Martha and Skits meet an elderly dog who claims she was bitten by a ball from outer space.

Thu Jun 4 6:00pm
Martha Speaks; Martha Gives Advice PBS

Martha faces off against a burglar in the opener of this animated series, in which the title character, a dog, gains the power of speech after eating alphabet soup. Then Martha becomes the host of a radio show and offers her advice on various issues. Based (more…)

Fri Jun 5 6:00pm
Martha's Chair; TD the Pack Rat PBS

In the Season 2 opener, Martha gets a new dog bed, but she misses the old chair she used to sleep in; pack rat TD isn't permitted to bring anything else home.

Mon Jun 8 6:00pm
Painting for Peanuts; Martha's No Dummy PBS

To save the zoo from closing, Helen and TD volunteer for an animal-painting class. Unfortunately, it's not what they imagined. Then TD and Martha have difficulty devising an act for a variety show hosted by Granny Flo.

Tue Jun 9 6:00pm
The Martha Show PBS

In the Season 3 opener, Martha and her friends are offered the opportunity to create and star in their own children's TV show.

Wed Jun 10 6:00pm
Skits and Mr. Scruffles; Brave Truman PBS

Skits befriends a newcomer to Wagstaff City; Truman is afraid to try his sled on the steepest hill in town.