Wed Nov 25 6:00pm
Martha's Thanksgiving PBS

Martha searches for her mother and siblings.

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Thu Nov 26 6:00pm
Nurse Martha; TD Gets the Scoop PBS

Martha's canine-human speech skills prove a big plus when she becomes a veterinary assistant, until she helps treat a puppy that speaks gibberish. Meanwhile, when Carolina starts a newspaper, TD tries to become an investigative reporter, but ends up a head (more…)

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Fri Nov 27 6:00pm
Alice Twinkle Toes; Martha Fails the Course PBS

Alice is afraid to express an interest in ballet because of Ronald, who she thinks will tease her; Martha's attempt to become an agility dog flops.

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Mon Nov 30 6:00pm
Martha Sings; TD Makes the Band PBS

Martha seems to have contracted a strange illness: she can't stop singing. Then TD sets out to write a tune to get a song about Shecky the Sea Lion out of his head.

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Tue Dec 1 6:00pm
Skits Under the Weather; Martha the Weather Dog PBS

Skits' dislike of thunder leads him to try to outrace a storm; Wagstaff City's meteorologist wants Martha to be her weather dog and predict the weather, but Martha's prognostication skills aren't very good.

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Wed Dec 2 6:00pm
Alice Tells a Story; Pirates and Princesses PBS

Alice recalls how she got Nelson; pirate captain Truman and first mate T.D. search for a ship while Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen all want a castle.

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Thu Dec 3 6:00pm
Martha in the Doghouse; Martha Models PBS

Martha's need for quiet during her naptime leads Helen and friends to build her a doghouse; Carolina and Helen design outfits for Martha and Skits to wear in Wagstaff City's dog-costume parade.

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Fri Dec 4 6:00pm
TD and the Steak Tree; TD and Martha Gopher Broke PBS

Weaselgraft and Pablum con TD into buying a "steak tree" that, he discovers, sprouts flowers instead of sirloins; Martha joins TD and TD's dad in trying to stop a gopher from eating all of the crops at CK's farm.

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Mon Dec 7 6:00pm
Martha's Holiday Surprise; We're Powerless PBS

With a blizzard closing in, Martha and Skits set out to rescue Mittens the cat and her kittens, who are stuck in an alley; a blackout interrupts a video game being played by Helen, T.D. and Truman.

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Tue Dec 8 6:00pm
Virtually Martha; Martha vs. Robot PBS

Martha is transported inside Alice's computer after she taps the wrong button; then Martha competes with a robotic mutt that Alice's folks bought.

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