Tue Jul 7 6:00pm
Martha Bakes; Martha Makes Scents PBS

To cheer up Helen, who's down in the dumps after not winning an art competition, her mother decides to bake her a cake. But when a flower order takes priority, Martha and Skits step in to finish the job. Then bath-hating Martha asks TD's father to create a (more…)

Wed Jul 8 6:00pm
Martha the Witness; Martha Takes a Stand PBS

Dog-hating Mrs. Demson from up the street changes her tune after Martha is found to be the lone witness to an accident that destroyed her lawn furniture; Dad bans Martha from the house after she refuses to take a bath.

Thu Jul 9 6:00pm
Martha in the White House PBS

The president wants a canine companion, so Martha recommends several of her neighborhood pals. But it's Martha who's summoned to the White House when one of the president's aides learns that she can speak.

Fri Jul 10 6:00pm
The Jakey Express; Martha, Sled Dog PBS

Helen's dad recalls the important part that Martha played on the day that baby Jake was born. Later, Martha is inspired to become a sled dog after hearing a story about a heroic Alaskan sled dog.

Mon Jul 13 6:00pm
Paws and Effect; The Trouble With Teddy PBS

Everyone learns a lesson about littering after Martha gets a shard of glass in her paw; Martha and pals investigate when a neighborhood dog becomes sick.

Tue Jul 14 6:00pm
¿Qué Pasa, Martha?; TD is Talking Dog PBS

Alice prepares for an oral report in Spanish with help from Martha and some Mexican alphabet soup; TD wants to learn animal languages in order to become an animal linguist.

Wed Jul 15 6:00pm
The Opera Contest; Maestro Martha PBS

The kids create operas for a contest; bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft plot a heist during a charity concert.

Thu Jul 16 6:00pm
Martha: Deadline Doggie; It's the Giant Pumpkin, Martha PBS

Martha sniffs out leads for Carolina's paper, but her tips don't pay off as intended; Carolina's quest for a big story to keep her paper afloat leads to very strange one.

Fri Jul 17 6:00pm
TD's Magic; Scaredy Cat PBS

TD's attempt to wow the crowd when he puts on a magic show at his cousin CD's birthday party has unforeseen consequences; the kids and dogs retreat into the Boxwoods' house when a storm hits, where they trade spooky stories until the tall tales are mere ec (more…)

Mon Jul 20 6:00pm
Martha Acts Up; Ronald Is In PBS

Martha is cast in a production of "Alice in Wonderland," but dislikes her part; Ronald diagnoses everyone's problems after reading about psychology.