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Latest Episode: Lights, Camera, Cosmo

May 26, 2013 Season 2 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

In the season finale, Dani is excited to be featured in "Cosmopolitan" magazine! But when she decides on a cooking shoot, will her big family be helpful or helpless? Then, Kevin and Dani begin their house hunt--but they're in for a surprise at their first home tour! Will the awkward encounter deter their plans to move? As Dani works on her shoot and her home life, will she be able to balance being a career woman and a wife? Mikey works to pursue his passion, but could it land him all the way back in Los Angeles? It's an episode of change for the Deleasa family that you won't want to miss!

Los Jonas Hermanos

May 19, 2013 Season 2 Episode 5

With Dani still scrambling to catch up with the tour in Santiago, Chile, the boys hit the bar for Ladies' Night. But the single guys are thwarted again when it turns out to be a total sausage fest. Then, Dani finally reunites with her hubby, but is challenged with getting back into touring mode after two years away from life on the road. Meanwhile, her brother Mikey battles some serious stage fright as he prepares for the biggest concert of his life. Can some advice from Kevin help him take control of an arena full of screaming fans, or will he crumble under the pressure? See him face his biggest obstacle as a musician!
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May 12, 2013 Season 2 Episode 4

It's a sad farewell as Kevin leaves for a tour of South America while Dani stays behind to pursue an opportunity with "Cosmopolitan" magazine. The Jonas Brothers have a grueling travel schedule ahead, and it'll be two weeks and six cities before the married couple can reunite. Can Kevin and Dani handle the time apart? Plus, the single guys are desperate to hit the club and meet some Latin ladies-- but their rabid fanbase has kept the band on lockdown. They can't even grab lunch without a massive crowd forming! Things get even more complicated when weather threatens Dani's travel plans. See if the lovebirds will have to put their reunion plans on ice.
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The New Dani

May 05, 2013 Season 2 Episode 3

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity falls in Dani's lap when she's asked to write a column for "Cosmopolitan" magazine. However, she wants to put her best foot forward--but it seems like only she is standing in her own way. Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers make Mikey an incredible offer that he can't refuse.
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Pom Poms and Circumstance

Apr 28, 2013 Season 2 Episode 2

Kevin leaves Dani to preside over a crowded home for a trip to New Orleans! The Jonas Brothers are filming a music video for their new song "Pom Poms." But shortly after the cameras start rolling, a family friend shows up with a ton of spicy crawfish. Soon enough, Kevin regrets gorging on the southern specialty and finds himself glued to the tour bus toilet. Will he be able to suck it up and finish the shoot, or will he be a NOLA no-show? Meanwhile, Dina is having a hard time letting her sister move to New York City. Maybe a sibling date to Dani's first solo photo shoot is just the ticket? Watch the Jersey girl come into her own.
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Escape to New York

Apr 21, 2013 Season 2 Episode 1

In the season premiere, as the commute into New York City begins to weigh on Kevin, he gives serious thought to moving to The Big Apple. To help convince Dani, he plans a special getaway out of the Jersey suburbs--complete with a stroll through Central Park and a tour of three gorgeous apartments. Just when Dani is nearly on board, a salon day with her siblings has her back on the fence. Meanwhile, Dani's parents move in with the newlywed couple while their home is under construction. See how she and Kevin handle their suddenly cramped quarters. Plus, Mikey drops a bombshell over family dinner.
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