Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force

2008, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Ex

May 26, 2011 Season 3 Episode 22 watch on

Supervisor Tommy Kilbride, Deportation Officer Dennis Carroll, and the ICE team are working a brand new illegal reentry case.

Hot and Cold

May 26, 2011 Season 3 Episode 21

Senior Officer Vinny Senzamici and Officer Jesus Dumeng start off the day by nabbing a parole violator who raped a nine-year old. Without missing a beat, they jump right into another case.
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May 19, 2011 Season 3 Episode 20

In the Syracuse office, Supervisor Joe Ciciarelli and his team are working the case of a dangerous and elusive fugitive, a man who once robbed a Burger King with a sawed-off shotgun.
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Apr 14, 2011 Season 3 Episode 10

With the help of Chief Lenny DePaul, Senior Parole Officer Vinny Senzamici and his team make it their priority to find a level three sex offender who is on the run after violating his parole.
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Punto Com

Mar 31, 2011 Season 3 Episode 5

It's a busy day for ICE Supervisor Agent Tommy Kilbride. After capturing a dangerous PCP dealer, he's already searching for a fugitive known as "Punto Com" ("Dot Com" in Spanish).
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