Man With A Plan

  • 2016
  • TV Show
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A contractor becomes a stay-at-home dad after his wife goes back to work.

Man With A Plan - Dirty Dolls
02:47 — Adam and Andi try to explain the birds and bees using dolls.
Man With A Plan - The Sandwich in the Bathroom
01:38 — Don convinces Adam to take blame of an awkward situation.
Man With A Plan -The Get Out of Jail Free Card
02:21 — Adam and Don reflect on their recent discovery of taking blame for one-another.
Man With A Plan - The One I Trust
02:28 — Adam realizes his dad loves him more then he thought.
Man With A Plan - A Reason To Live
02:19 — Adam agrees to go to the doctor if his dad and brother join him.
Man With A Plan - Burning House
03:34 — Lowell and his wife beg Andi and Adam to stay.
Man With A Plan - The 'It' Couple
02:45 — Adam and Andi reach out to Lowell and his wife, but realize someone has beat them to the punch.
Man With A Plan - Left In The Pantry
02:08 — Adam and Andi try to figure out work and school.
Man With A Plan - Sweaty Murphy
04:23 — Andi figures out that Marcy was the one who gave her a really hurtful nickname in high school.
Man With A Plan - Super Jazzed
03:02 — Lowell offers his technical expertise on Don and Adam's presentation.
Man With A Plan - Don't Mess With Kate's Parents
02:56 — Adam and Andi make sure Kate's new love interest knows who he's messing with.
Man With A Plan - Real Life Parenting With Matt LeBlanc
02:54 — Matt LeBlanc tackles a new challenge-parenthood-in the new CBS comedy Man With A Plan. Hear from LeBlanc, his costar Liza Snyder, and Executive Produc (more…)
Man With A Plan - Memories Are Enough
02:17 — Adam reassures Andi that their wedding memories will last forever with or without her wedding dress.
Man With A Plan - The Man with the Steelers Ticket
02:27 — Adam is in trouble when he is forced to take his wife to the game when his brother already accepted the proposal to go.
Man With A Plan - A Big Gesture
03:36 — Adam and Marcy come up with the only gesture big enough to set things right with Andi and Don.
Man With A Plan - How The Table Has Turned
01:51 — Adam and Andi get arrested and Kate is the one teaching them a lesson.
Man With A Plan - Like It Was Yesterday
02:59 — Adam's parents drop by for a visit and propose to stay a tad bit longer than expected.
Man With A Plan - Classroom Parent
02:30 — Adam "volunteers" at his daughter's school.
Man With A Plan - Currying Favor
02:46 — Adam and Andi try to show their appreciation for their daughter's teacher.
Man With A Plan - A Christmas Miracle
01:47 — Adam brings the Christmas spirit just in time for his family.
Man With A Plan - Word Of The Day
03:05 — Andi translates between Don and Adam so they don't actually have to share their feelings.
Man With A Plan - Maniacs
01:50 — Adam's parents get to see Emme's school and meet Mrs. Rodriguez.
Man With A Plan - Getting Back The Dress
03:48 — Adam and Don ask Lowell to keep Andi from finding out that they may have donated her wedding dress as they try to retrieve it.
Man With A Plan - Proud Dad
02:26 — Adam has a talk with Katie.
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