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Apr 23, 2006 Season 7 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Malcolm organizes the outcast kids at school for an anti-prom; Reese is transformed into the perfect prom date... for a price; and Dewey holds Hal's wallet hostage for the attention he was denied as a child.

Reese Joins the Army: Part 2

May 23, 2004 Season 5 Episode 22

During a simulated battle, Reese's team of soldiers ends up getting captured because Reese has trained himself not to think; and in court, the evidence against Hal continues to mount.
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Reese Joins the Army: Part 1

May 16, 2004 Season 5 Episode 21

Reese joins the army after Malcolm causes his girlfriend to break up with him; and Hal is placed under house arrest when he refuses to cooperate with agents investigating his company.
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Victor's Other Family

May 09, 2004 Season 5 Episode 20

Lois drives to Canada to meet with her sister, Roberta, and her family; Ida vows to spend all her money to get Victor's pension; and a temporarily blinded Hal participates in a 5K race with Dewey.
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Dewey's Special Class

May 02, 2004 Season 5 Episode 18

Malcolm tries to keep Dewey from scoring high on an I.Q. test so he doesn't end up with the Krelboyne's, but the scheme backfires and Dewey is diagnosed as mentally disturbed; and Hal and Craig practice their dance moves using an arcade game.
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Polly in the Middle

Apr 25, 2004 Season 5 Episode 17

Polly begins dating Abe and Craig; Malcolm refuses to believe in the power of Dewey's lucky shirt; the ranch hands make fun of Francis; and Lois takes the kids to a baseball convention.
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Malcolm Visits College

Mar 28, 2004 Season 5 Episode 16

Lois accompanies Malcolm to his first college visit, where she clashes with a resident advisor; Reese pretends he's a drug user to woo a pretty narcotics officer; Francis and Otto open their own childcare center.
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Reese's Apartment

Mar 21, 2004 Season 5 Episode 15

When Hal and Lois kick Reese out of the house, he ends up renting an apartment; and Malcolm helps a dumb jock write a personal essay so he can get into college.
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Malcolm Dates a Family

Mar 14, 2004 Season 5 Episode 14

Lois has a dispute with Hal and the boys' favorite restaurant; Malcolm clicks with his girlfriend's family... to the point where he forgets about his girlfriend; and Francis gets an assistant who tends to his every whim.
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Lois' Sister

Feb 22, 2004 Season 5 Episode 13

Lois's sister Susan comes for a visit and begins lavishing the kids with expensive gifts, including a classic Mustang convertible; and Francis and a scout troop get lost in a remote area of the ranch.
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Feb 15, 2004 Season 5 Episode 12

Malcolm volunteers for the company's softball team, only to realize that Lois is the coach; Francis sets out to prove he's not lazy; and Hal interviews for a job at a company that might be recruiting secret agents.
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Ida's Boyfriend

Feb 08, 2004 Season 5 Episode 11

Ida announces that she's getting married to a man who lives in Hong Kong; Malcolm gets his tongue pierced; Dewey pretends Reese doesn't exist; and Otto hires actors to stage a murder-mystery weekend at the ranch.
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Hot Tub

Jan 25, 2004 Season 5 Episode 10

Lois and Hal clash after Hal purchases a hot tub; Malcolm gets his driver's permit, only to get mixed up in a dispute between Polly and her ex-boyfriend; and Reese steals Dewey's friend.
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Dirty Magazine

Jan 11, 2004 Season 5 Episode 9

When Malcolm becomes editor of the high school literary magazine, the principal instructs him to censor a well-written story; Lois encourages Hal to flirt with a new supervisor so he can keep his job; Francis teaches Otto how to waltz.
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Christmas Trees

Dec 14, 2003 Season 5 Episode 7

As Christmas approaches... a layoff at work prompts Hal to make money selling Christmas trees; Francis and Piama's peaceful holiday comes to a crashing end when Otto's German relatives show up at the ranch.
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Malcolm's Job

Dec 07, 2003 Season 5 Episode 6

Lois gets Malcolm a job at the store, exposing Lois's well-kept secret; Hal and some other fathers start betting on babies; and sick of the way his brothers treat him, Dewey travels to the farm to visit Francis.
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Malcolm Films Reese

Nov 30, 2003 Season 5 Episode 5

Malcolm's teacher forces him to secretly record Reese as he divulges his innermost secrets; Francis strikes back after a critic writes a scathing review about the hotel; Dewey starts his own novelty act at an outdoor mall.
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Goodbye Kitty

Nov 16, 2003 Season 5 Episode 3

Stevie goes into shock when he's told Kitty divorced Abe; Reese gets caught up in the hot-and-heavy entries in a diary, unaware it belongs to Lois; Otto and Francis have to put down an old horse; Dewey finds he likes the taste of baby food.
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Watching the Baby

Nov 09, 2003 Season 5 Episode 2

When an exhausted Lois falls asleep, Hal goes out for diapers, only to be branded a shoplifter; three beautiful girls use Malcolm, Reese, and Stevie to embarrass their prom dates; Dewey tells the baby a fantastic tale to keep him from crying.
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