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Apr 23, 2006 Season 7 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Malcolm organizes the outcast kids at school for an anti-prom; Reese is transformed into the perfect prom date... for a price; and Dewey holds Hal's wallet hostage for the attention he was denied as a child.


Apr 29, 2001 Season 2 Episode 22

The younger boys try to convince Lois to let them have a mini-bike; Hal attends a father-son weekend at Marlin Academy.
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Malcolm vs. Reese

Apr 22, 2001 Season 2 Episode 21

Francis forces Malcolm and Reese compete to "earn" a coveted ticket to a wrestling match; Dewey loses Craig's cat while Craig is away at a comic book convention.
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Tutoring Reese

Mar 11, 2001 Season 2 Episode 19

Malcolm tries to help Reese bring his grades up; Francis is exiled to a friend's house after defying Lois' order to patch the roof.
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Reese Cooks

Mar 04, 2001 Season 2 Episode 18

Reese discovers a talent for cooking; Malcolm tries to convince a Krelboyne classmate not to have a party; Francis is forced to write a term paper.
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Feb 25, 2001 Season 2 Episode 17

Malcolm is hospitalized for an appendectomy; Francis stages a hunger strike at Marlin Academy.
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Traffic Ticket

Feb 18, 2001 Season 2 Episode 16

Lois disputes a cop's claim she was driving recklessly, and orders Francis to pay off $750 in parking tickets he racked up under her name.
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Feb 11, 2001 Season 2 Episode 15

Lois' disapproving parents visit; Francis goes to Mardi Gras but gets stopped by food poisoning.
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Hal Quits

Feb 04, 2001 Season 2 Episode 14

Hal quits his job to become an artist; Francis suffers through a week of inventory work at Lucky Aide; and Malcolm begins to wonder about his own career future.
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New Neighbors

Jan 21, 2001 Season 2 Episode 13

New neighbors, who turn out to be even more awful than Malcolm's family, move in next door; the Marlin Academy cadets prepare for a visit from Oliver North.
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Krelboyne Girl

Jan 14, 2001 Season 2 Episode 12

Malcolm experiences his first crush as a confusing mix of love and hate; Francis tries to avoid discipline for his latest prank; Dewey overreacts to Lois' lecture about the hazards of dirty teddy bears.
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Old Mrs. Old

Jan 07, 2001 Season 2 Episode 11

Malcolm gets in trouble with an elderly neighbor; Francis' slacker friend enrolls at Marlin Academy; Dewey trades his backpack for a purse.
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The Bully

Dec 17, 2000 Season 2 Episode 10

When Reese gives up his position as school bully, Malcolm suffers at the hands of his successors; Francis dreads his upcoming birthday at Marlin Academy.
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High School Play

Dec 10, 2000 Season 2 Episode 9

Malcolm's friendships suffer when he becomes the suddenly popular star of a high school play; Hal and Dewey build their very own Utopia from plastic blocks.
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Nov 29, 2000 Season 2 Episode 8

Malcolm gets into therapy to get out of class; Francis cleans up on laundry duty; Dewey turns out to be a skittles prodigy; and Hal and Lois attempt to clean out an over-stuffed closet.
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Nov 26, 2000 Season 2 Episode 7

While Hal and the boys are besieged by bats after Hal brings home an antique armoire; Lois gets robbed at work.
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Nov 22, 2000 Season 2 Episode 6

Malcolm and Reese compete with Dewey for a cute baby-sitter's attention, while Hal and Lois attend a convention where Hal can't resist fighting with an old rival.
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Vacation / Casino

Nov 19, 2000 Season 2 Episode 5

When the family takes a vacation to a casino, Hal gets banned from gambling and takes Malcolm and Reese on an ill-fated trek into the desert; Lois and Dewey win a free day of spa pampering; and Francis spends a lonely weekend at home with Craig.
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Dinner Out

Nov 15, 2000 Season 2 Episode 4

Malcolm's family goes out to dinner with the straight-laced Kenarbans, while Francis makes the mistake of inviting local girls to a party at Marlin Academy.
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Lois' Birthday

Nov 12, 2000 Season 2 Episode 3

When the boys demolish Lois' meager hopes for a happy birthday, she runs away from home.
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Halloween Approximately

Nov 08, 2000 Season 2 Episode 2

Malcolm and his brothers build the ultimate stealth weapon, while Hal and Lois battle a speeding car that terrorizes their neighborhood.
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Traffic Jam

Nov 05, 2000 Season 2 Episode 1

Stranded in a traffic jam, Malcolm meets his match in an intriguing young girl; Reese attempts to break into an ice cream truck; and Lois tries to control the uncontrollable chaos.
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